Friday, December 22, 2006

We must remain ever vigilant

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.........vol.45
"Whenever you fall, pick something up." Oswald Avery
I have a question for everyone out there today. Did anyone other than myself get to see the great song and dance that our Vice President, The Count, albeit an evil one from Sesame Street, Dick Cheney put on last Sunday morning on Meet the Press with Tim Russert? The smirk, the dodging of questions, Iraq & Iran, and the classics' "staying the course" means "eliminating Al-Qaeda in Iraq" which he did admit had nothing to do with Iraq before we invaded, forgetting to mentinon that after they presented the idea that they did, nice, and you would have to admit that we are better off today than dealing with a government that is pursuing weapons of mass destruction, wouldn't you? and no, I'm not talking about the United States, because we would never do such a thing, oh that little thing in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, that had to be done, the Japanese would've taken over the world, they are quite resilient and Tim Russert asking "Where is the buffer zone with Iran?" and you could almost sense the little pool of blood that was forming and dripping from his lower lip onto the table as he was thinking, grinning to himself, how nice it would be to invade Iran and create more chaos and misery for those America hating Muslims. Ohhhh to think of it. How nice it all would be. Bliss I tell ya Georgie Boy, pure neo-con Bliss.....and all that oil too, lapping it up. Delicious. The world will definitely hate us then. Oh and the gas prices, through the roof. You think BP Amoco and Exxon Mobil are making money now, you just wait I tell ya. Like taking candy from a baby, or putting a TV in front of an American, hell I'm guilty of that one. And, you can bet, when good ol' Georgie boy goes in front of the UN on September 19th, he'll be trumpeting the card of having to take out Iran, ala Iraq style. 
But don't forget 9/11, we must never forget 9/11, remember, we are 9/11.
Yes, folks that day of infamy. 9/11, the day that has ushered in an Orwellian way of life has come and gone and now has become a money making tool for movie producers, a campaign to ever enforce and echo the never ending war on terrorism, and finally, a tool for how the Republicans and the Democrats utilize the deaths of 3,000 innocent Americans. Isn't that what we should be concerned about? Not catching Bin Laden, who is more likely a CIA operative, not port security or border security or the loss of civil liberties at every turn in the road, and not being held in a secret prison for any amount of time deemed necessary by the federal government without being charged or being allowed to speak to an attorney and the ever looming threat of non-military weapons being used for domestic crowd control endorsed by the head of the Air Force and the re-defining of what should or should not be considered torture by this administration and being told to live in constant fear, but simply how can we best use the tragedy of 9/11 to get elected or re-elected in November, that's important.
"If we could save ourselves, we wouldn't need a savior." Max Lucado
"Hope is like a road in the country; there wasn't ever a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Liu Yutang

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