Thursday, August 8, 2013

Vol. 175: "The World is not my Home, I'm just Passing Through......" Tom Waits

Ladies and gentlemen, the wind keeps on blowing, the world keeps on spinning and I continue to observe, legs sometime poured in concrete in awe inspiring amazement of it all. Each green new leaf that wanders its way onto my path continues to enlighten and enliven me; I witness further signs that truth and consciousness are awakening in this quickening of a chaotic universe we inhabit. All of this and more at times batters my wearied mind, numb from the salutations and conflagrations of potent worry and doubt I struggle on; sidelined no longer, we all must struggle on and remain ever vigilant, ever aware of the dangers and immense sunrise possibilities that linger around every street corner or waving fields of golden wheat.

Ladies and gentlemen, with each new edition, with each passing breath in an ever growing pollution immersed world, the global commons of the Internet is where the Global Outrage flourishes and continues to fight against tyrannical rule. The summer is fading fast and with it the old guard, the old standards, the old ways of thinking. That this is all taking place has already been written in the book of intuition behind your closed eyelids. You feel the intensity of deja-vu, knowing that what is happening has happened before and is therefore, somehow inevitable.

Whatever you can think of is possible, because if it were not possible, it couldn't be thought of. Have I just blown your mind?

Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations, you are now one step closer to the realization of your true potential. Star children, tired parents, arise and become the bright beacons of light our distant ancestors dreamed us to be.

We once built pyramids, let us build something more than the next smart phone. We are all potential bursts of energy. We are not to be consumed by the products they sell us.

We are more than numbers on spreadsheets or instruments of investments. We are sunflowers.

Awaken and hear the nearly forgotten call of your inner-selves. Trust your gut instinct. It is the only thing that is keen to the awareness of the earth's movements and the cycles of development.

Ladies and gentlemen, become once again hip to the realm of possibilities that you once believed when you were children. However, before you believe that you can send checks, cash and whatever attempt you may have to buy yourselves out of this confounding, disturbing mess and into the Promised Land; this won't stop the Outrage from happening. This can't stop the water from flowing; but, it can help to further our existence and the continued struggle against all that is evil in this world; the tyranny of evil men.

In year of our lord 1912, in the United States of America, one of the world's largest corporations' was headquartered in Gary, Indiana. That corporation was U.S. Steel. What was once a booming industrial mecca of hope and middle-class idealism is now nothing more than an empty shell of a ghetto that bleeds poverty into the surrounding towns. The automobile industry in America was once headquartered in Detroit, Michigan.

Notice the comparison when industry packs it in and towns are left to fight amongst the rubble. Change is inevitable, no matter how much you want your country back.

Detroit is $18billion in debt and has filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in the country's history. The United States of Surveillance is $16trillion!!! In debt and in denial; it's too bad Detroit can't just print their own currency, because that seems to be the catch all solution for the geniuses in Washington.

psy·cho·path  (sk-pth)
A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.
Could you say that this sometimes, more than most, defines the actions and behavior of our beloved government that has become the United States of Surveillance?

"Too bad I don't look like George Clooney, the media would love me."
Ladies and gentlemen, the military tribunal trial of PFC Bradley Manning went on without much fanfare, flashbulbs or utterances from the mainstream corporate owned media octopus. The young geeky looking man made Julian Assange a household name amongst informed and concerned households. But then again, this comes as no surprise to this educated man.  Edward Snowden is just Bradley Manning 2.0, and Snowden has President Obama behaving like a popular high-school chick who's not going to attend the party if you know who is attending. "Scrap the Summit in Moscow, I've got to do my hair."
"I can't believe you made out with him?!"
I have to believe that somewhere, somehow, some of you are saying "who cares?" If it doesn't fall into my back yard or land in front of me in traffic, or doesn't concern my child's after-school activities schedule, what value is it to me? All he did was help to expose and uncover the many atrocities our beloved United States of Surveillance was committing in the name of nation building; all the while we've got a nation here at home that needs rebuilding, before we all get foreclosed on or crushed under the crumbling debris of our decaying infrastructure. Just continue watching the bouncing ball.

Instead, each one of you may be thinking that I will simply continue on as before. Distracted, like a sheep led up the hills and down to the valleys below; ride the roller coaster, follow the Dow Jones, the S&P; too bad most of us aren't seeing the returns on all of those all-time highs; pity how that happens.

60% of young Americans 18-29 support Edward Snowden's leaks. Only 36% of Americans 65 or older are in support. The tide is turning.

Ladies and gentlemen, the birth of the royal baby HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was deemed more important than the trial of Bradley Manning, and he may well be. But, somewhere John Brown is turning in his grave. For all I can guess, he may be the future King of England or the Anti-Christ, it's all perspective, it's all depending on where you're coming from. Read the book, The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea to get a better idea of where my addled mind is coming from, if you have the time. He was born on a full moon, 7/22= 11.  A new beginning; do your own research, look into it. Nothing is coincidence.

In an historic game changing event, a Netflix online only series, House of Cards, made television history with 9 deserved Emmy nominations. The first time ever an online only series was nominated. The rugs are being pulled. The automobile is just being introduced and the horse and carriage of old television patterns are being replaced, set aside, except for the boneshaker hipster dufus riders of Portlandia and neighborhoods near you. Go listen to Vampire Weekend as you pedal through traffic. As a sign of the times, character development is once again vitally important in content, not just the newest haircut of the moment. This is the new golden age of television. No wonder were obese, because I for one can't stop watching Breaking Bad.

But remember, that this is all just temporary; we are just only passing through. So lighten up people, lighten up.
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