Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vol. 187: Unsettled Debts in Time for Easter

     We have recently and quickly filtered through the shiny plastic lifestyles of celebrity gossip magazines and the glossy unreality of reality television shows to find ourselves in the midst of a never ending Holy War against mindless savages lost in the barbarity of the Middle Ages only to have woken up on a brilliantly sunny Tuesday morning in September fighting a Crusade against intolerance, ignorance and misinformation. But I ask, and this may be troublesome to many, but do we somehow have only ourselves to blame? As a result of our global reach for new energy markets have we clumsily puzzled our way through the first dim lights of the Internet, the real estate market's boom and bust, the stock market crash and along for the ride, pop music's relatively slow death, only to be confronted with the knowledge that we are no closer to the truth of our purpose on this rotating planet than the next new shiny gadget is going to fill the void of our often times' empty lives filling out busted brackets, sneering at close neighbors we despise?

     We push on; in the face of oncoming construction work and the unwanted detours of our lives' we struggle to find the strength in the early morning hours of a horrendous twenty four hour news cycle way of life to come face to face to with our death struggle against aging and our ever expanding waistlines. Diets of faith and exercise in their economical tabernacles must be undertaken and in the process of our fears they are continuously selling and we are continuously buying new ways to slow the inevitable, to stretch our minds in the threat of dementia's rattle and disconnect from the rising temperatures that dot the colored map of globalization, each one adding to the piling amounts of debt to know that hope Springs' eternal with each politician's personal server that is never to be searched; instead we are told only to trust, have faith and promise for the next election cycle, things will be better, we just have to believe in them. They always have our best interests at heart. We just have to believe. 

     Sadly, despite the so-called "progress" of the Civil Rights era, black men still swing from trees in the south, authority often times oversteps its' insatiable bounds and the confederate flag still waves its dirty hand stubbornly in the wind; all of which is compounded with the scary truth that little children sometimes never find their way home from school.  We are like a rare species on the verge of extinction as many place our hope in the unknown, the unseen, but are told that climate change is only a myth to some and others only an unneeded agenda. All the while the Middle East continues to rage out of control at the siren calls of mullahs' afraid at the fact that their way of life is slipping through their Koran holding fingers, so they blast away at the West and scream to Allah for their fortunes to hold sway while people are blown to bits while at prayer to the same God; yet still some wonder, why is it always away on business? 

     On the eve of our traditional date with Easter, I am undeterred by the relentless onslaught of paranoia welling up from Israel because I don't have to live with the constant threat of death on a bus ride to work; I ask are we steps closer to the return of his son or was he ever here to begin with? 
Questions abound and answers that may never be given rest in the ether of the universe, I yet find hope in the fact that it probably doesn't even matter; for the fact is, in our current day and age, there is little time given or reward to those that contemplate these situations; the solace is having the freedom to let these thoughts spill out of my waking mind without threat of persecution; oh wait, we still have Guantanamo open; so sorry, got to run. 

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