Friday, November 16, 2012

Vol. 160: Will Wonders Never Cease??

     World War III may well have started on 9/11/01. But did you know, exactly ten years to the day, before that never to be forgotten date that started the War on Terror, is when then President George H. W. Bush gave his "New World Order" address to Congress. Maybe, it's all just coincidence?? Or is it?
     On 9/11/01 four hijacked planes by 18-19 men of Saudi Arabian origin, armed with box-cutters, commanded from a man in a cave, crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon (of which, all anyone has ever seen of a plane hitting, is just 4 frames of grainy film) and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Immediately, the United States Military apparatus and intelligentsia stated that it must have been their one time ally against the Soviets, Osama Bin Laden. They couldn't stop it, but yet they knew immediately who did it. This from the same powers that took 8 years to get the supposed mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed to confess in Guantanamo. I thought terrorists loved taking credit for what they did? That's why they made suicide tapes, right?
     What followed was perhaps blue-printed long ago. The Patriot Act was immediately passed and enforced. Only two U.S Senators voted against it and one of them ended up dead in a plane crash one year later, Paul Wellstone. Was that a message sent to detractors? We then invaded Afghanistan to get rid of the Taliban, the same organization funded by the United States military to oppose the Soviets when they were our cold-war enemy, and then we invaded Iraq to rid Saddam Hussein of WMD's that we most probably gave him to fight Iran. We know what has happened since.
     Now, after the Arab Spring and the rapid spread of chaotic forms of Democracy rampant throughout the Middle East, the breaking point may have just been reached. The Israeli Defense Forces assassinated the military leader of Hamas (considered a terrorist organization by Israel/ but if you are a Palestinian you would think otherwise) and Hamas responded with a statement that Israel may have just "opened the gates of hell." Israel has called up 75,000 troops for a possible ground offensive into Gaza. Stay tuned for more developments, but it all plays eerily into the 12/21/12 end date? With much knowledge, comes much suffering. Ignorance is bliss. But then, why are so many Americans on anti-depressants?

     On Tuesday, November 13th a total solar eclipse took place, mostly visible from the coasts of Australia, but we as Americans have been experiencing an eclipse of a different sort, and that's been in the form of the media coverage of the ever intriguing, ever deepening webs of interwoven emails and correspondences in the feet beneath the desks of now former CIA Director David Petraeus, the once golden-boy of the military establishment who has been brought low by his inability to keep his hands to himself, and off of his biographer Paula Broadwell.  As a result, the FBI has also searched the Charlotte, North Carolina home of Ms. Broadwell. The mess just seems to spread like a toxic spill out of a BP oil rig. Apparently the US General Commander of troops in Afghanistan John Allen is involved in all of this as a result of email correspondence that he had developed with a Florida socialite by the name of Jill Kelley.

Like a bad story out of high school, Ms. Broadwell got wind of emails sent by Jill Kelley to CIA Director David Petraeus, and like a lover scorned, sent harassing emails to Ms. Kelley, all of which set off a chain reaction that has kept the media spinning their wheels ever since trying to play catch up.
     Will wonders never cease? The head of the CIA couldn't keep a secret. You can't make this stuff up. The former commander of the "surge" in Iraq and Afghanistan has had a extra-marital affair end his career. Bill Clinton knows how that feels, but then again, he's got Hillary and his daughter Chelsea to pick up where he left off. But oh, how the mighty are brought so low, and so quickly.
     This all leads to the million dollar question, and that is, "When did the White House know?" In all probability they did know, long before election day came and went. I know that the CIA director's personal life has no real bearing on politics, but you have to imagine it would have played a factor in the results of the Presidential election. Another central issue at the heart of the matter is also that concerning the terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11/12, and what possible prior knowledge of an imminent attack was shelved?? So, if they can go through the emails of the director of the CIA, I have to imagine, mine as well as any of yours is fair game as well; that is the most scary and pressing issue at heart. Now ask yourself, do we live in a National Security State? Please see Mr. George Orwell for further questions.
     As a result of the aforementioned messes, little attention was paid by the American media establishment over the mass protests in the European Union over austerity measures and rising unemployment numbers. Instead we get dire concerns over "5-hour Energy" drinks, because that is some scary scary stuff!!! And only two states passed legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana on November 6th; Washington and Colorado?? When was the last time someone died as a result of an overdose of marijuana? That's right, never. Good thing the FDA allows numerous supplies of energy drinks readily available to the masses. But that's not the only interesting thing coming out of the air in Colorado. There have been numerous sightings of UFOs over the Denver area in the last couple of weeks, and all occurring between the hours of noon and one in the afternoon. But none sighted in the late hours of the evening when the munchies usually strike? Interesting. Maybe the legalization has already taken effect?? Or has it?

7 Men that Rule 1/5th of the World's population
     Another world changing event has been taking place over the last couple of weeks, and that has been the 10 year regime change rotation of the new heads of the Chinese Communist Party. All one needed to see was the number of press correspondents at the unveiling on Thursday, noon Bejing time, November 15th to see how important China's role in the world has become. There was what looked to be a thousand members of the press crowded into rows a long rectangular shape airplane hangar, seven rows deep to cover the spectacle.

     Has anyone noticed that there are quite a number of high level officials and CEO's resigning or leaving office unexpectedly, or is it just me? Where are they going and why are they so eager to leave? Do they know something that we don't? Or is just the normal happenings of year end changes?
     The man who gets weasel of the week is former Connecticut Light and Power's CEO who couldn't stand the pressure after Hurricane Sandy and resigned. Maybe he too, wanted to have his "life back" like BP's Tony Hayward? Proof once again that most of these weasels only get to where they are by things other than common sense and decency.
     Finally, for all of those in the GOP who have found their foundations shaken to the core, take this song to heart. There is still the fiscal battle to fight. And for those of you worried about the possible end of the world; in order for one thing to begin, something else must end. Growth in an economy cannot go on forever. Sooner or later, everything has its limits.


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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vol. 159: The Mornings After

     Wipe the sleep from your eyes and the realisation that you may have woken up, next to someone you wish you hadn't. I of course am speaking of the results from Election night. The Ohio States of America election gave us the results some of us longed for. For others, the results from last Tuesday's election may be causing nightmares. There may be many more sleepless nights to come. In the end, it took an election to tell us that we don't really have too popular of a President.  Somewhere, George W. Bush is grinning like a son of a...............

     Who would've thought Obama would win because of the economy? Or was it Hurricane Sandy? Or was it the lack of a genuine Romney? Or was it all that "legitimate rape" going around. There isn't much Bird Flu this year. How do you explain it?  It almost felt like 2004 all over again. Flip the parties over and replace John Kerry with Mitt Romney and it was as if there wasn't an actual opponent. Just a cardboard cutout that looked Presidential. His arms moved, he smiled and he walked around. What happened? Que the song "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen. 
     Then again, Obama must have stronger blood-ties to the British Royal family than Mitt Romney. They don't get to these positions based on good public speaking. George W. Bush and Mark Dayton could tell you that.  The GOP leaders must be scratching their tired bald greying heads and asking themselves, "How did we not win this thing? Somebody, anybody, put a pillow over Chris Christie's head?! How did we let that Fred Flintstone of a Governor give a bear-hug to Obama?! And that close to the election?!? Can you believe four more years of an African-American telling us what to do?!"
To those angry at the results, you have another four years of trying everything possible to get nothing done, and to those grinning from ear to ear, the Obama re-election won't mean a thing if Congress continues its path of worthlessness. But hey, at least we have someone to drive the car off the Fiscal Cliff. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

     I actually thought there was the slimmest of chances that the election could have been postponed due to the State of Emergency that became Perfect Storm Sandy. They had to postpone/cancel the NYC Marathon after what would've been a public relations nightmare. Now the poor, angry, and often times caricatured rude people of New York and New Jersey have to deal with a Nor'easter, and that's not a bunch of drunks on a pedal pub either.

     But, instead, we woke up on Wednesday morning to the beautiful chance of marijuana finally being legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington; but, that's of course before the Federal Government steps in, and what may have to result in a case reaching corrupt steps of the Supreme Court; ie., Citizens United. So, here we go again. The lawyers will be the ones getting richer, but thank God, the "hanging-chad," didn't rear his ugly head.  Fortunately, the never ending tour of campaign season has come to an end and so we get a brief respite of one and half years, until the next one starts all-over again. You hear that Koch brothers, start saving your money. You may actually get to buy the next one.

     So, ladies and gentlemen, on a final note, the Revolution is coming. Mark it on your calendars and start preparing your bomb shelters. On November 13th, 2012 the continuing birth pangs are going to become more noticeable. There is definitely something stirring in the air, and no, it's not the sweet smelling air coming in from Colorado and Washington; we couldn't be so lucky. The upheaval, the riots, the turbulence of tumult is twisting and tightening its grip faster than the United States heading towards the Fiscal Cliff. Or faster than my little man Kanaan coming towards you in Northern Wisconsin. We've been warned. Everything that's happening is happening all over again.

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