Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..........vol.138
In just two days and two years from now, the world as we know it, just may end. That's right, December 22nd, 2012. 
It seems to me that it is quite possible the birth pangs have already begun contracting.  There have been mssive mudslides in California, 20 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada's, tragically cold weather across Europe and Great Britain; and all of this after a year of Earthquakes in Haiti, Volcanoes in Indonesia, floods in Pakistan and India, again, and so, this past year 250k people have died from natural disasters, which is minuscule when compared to those that die worldwide from cigarettes, and yet we are more concerned as to whether homosexuals can openly serve in the military?? 250,000 people, that is the largest yearly total for deaths caused by natural disasters in a generation, and that's not all we have to worry about.  North Korea continues to display how unstable they are by firing missiles and artillery shells in South Korean islands while China sits by and says basically "we don't want to have to deal with them, they're crazy," Iran is leaving the world no alternative except invasion if they continue on the path toward nuclear power, we are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, which sucks up more of governments tax payer taken money, and for what? Terrorists will just raise their arms and give up if we stay there long enough and spend enough American lives and treasure? Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank,thus enraging the Arab world, and the United States is visibly financially bankrupt, along with Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Greece.  But still, the gap between the richest 1% in the world that controls 90% of our wealth and that of the growing smaller by the day percentage of those who can consider themselves middle class and the increasingly growing numbers of lower class poverty stricken members of the global community who can't find clean drinking water or an education that is provided by a Madrassah continues to grow.  Across the United States and the world, pensions are being slashed, our social security safety net is considered to be on the chopping block, and we still don't have a decent health care system. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs is still doing business and appointing Treasury Secretaries and henchmen into the Obama administration along with Bank of America, while a man name Julian Assange who received classified government information from someone, some believe to be Bradley Manning who is already in solitary confinement on a US military base in Virginia for his criminal act,  releases it onto his WikiLeaks website in the guise of "Freedom of Information" is considered to be a terrorist destabilizing our government and governments around the world, who is then wanted for rape in Switzerland, accused by two young ladies who objected to having sex with him without a condom, and government's anywhere have never done anything nefarious that would consider these two women to possibly be on the payroll of  a certain government's intelligence agency? But it's okay for the LA Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Le Monde and other newspaper sources to print the same material and go unscathed.  Something has to give, and yet I look onto the students rioting in England and Greece with a cynical belief that it would take quite a lot more for that to occur in America, because that would mean becoming angry instead of complacent, educated instead of walking around in a pharmaceutically enhanced stupor treating the unhappiness of your private parts inability to provide happiness to your spouse, and instead get up get active and get involved.  But I do remain optimistic that the end isn't near, because if it is, all of the time I will have currently spent on my book will have been for naught, and so I remain naively hopeful.
"A mystery wrapped inside a riddle, inside an Enigma.  Even the shooters don't know, don't you get it?" David Ferrie portrayed by Oscar winning actor, Joe Pesci-----the film, Oliver Stone's masterpiece.... JFK
Happy Holidays, warm seasons' greetings, Merry Christmas, post Chanukah and pre-Kwanzaa. Drag out the aluminum pole from the attic, celebrate Festivus and prepare yourself for the feats of strength.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Short and Sweet

The Global Musings of an Educated Man....................vol.137
With the fall semester close to being over, there will be more time in the coming weeks for me to pursue my passion of creative writing and critical thinking. So I will leave you with just a taste of what is sure to come.
How long will it be, before we find on our nightly news channels that the leader of WikiLeaks Julian Assange turns up dead in a single car accident on a lone dirt road, or dies in a commercial plane crash or is shot by a crazed lone gunman? He's got more targets on him than a Osama Bin Laden right now, and he's got a major U.S. bank in his crosshairs next. I'm just saying. The man's a dead man.
Happy Holidays and remember, the 17th annual Old Spaghetti Factory Holiday get-together, Saturday the 11th, 6:30pm cst. Viva la tradicion'!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Because you may not know.......

The Global Musings of an Educated Man...................vol.136
We can't afford to fund our schools, health care, social security, but we can do this???? What are we getting out of this?



·      US soldiers' deaths under Bush [2001-2008] in Afghanistan: 630[i]


·      US soldiers' deaths under Obama [2009-Oct. 2010] in Afghanistan: 693[ii]


·      Total US soldiers' deaths in Afghanistan: 1,323[iii]


·      Total US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan: 5,748[iv]


·      Total US contractor deaths from 09.01.01 through 09.30.10 30: 2,400[v]


·      Total US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan: 8,530[vi]


·      Total US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: 40,464[vii]


·      Total US contractors wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: 44,152[viii]


·      Total US military suicides during 2001-2009: 1,985[ix]




·       Direct costs/month in Iraq: $12.5 billion[x]


·       Direct costs/month in Afghanistan $16 billion[xi]


·       Total direct cost, Iraq:  $737.5 billion[xii]


·       Total direct cost, Afghanistan: $354.4 billion[xiii]


·       Total projected direct and indirect costs, Iraq: $3 trillion+[xiv]


·       Total projected direct and indirect costs, Afghanistan: $1 trillion+[xv]



Published by Tom Hayden, The Peace Exchange Bulletin is a reader-supported journal, critically following the Pentagon's Long War in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, as well as the failed U.S. wars on drugs and gangs, and U.S. military responses to nationalism and poverty around the world.


Monday, October 11, 2010

I have some questions to ask you.

The Global Musings of an Educated Man....................vol.135





              Where are the catchphrases for today's society? Where are the "Squeal like a pig boy!", "You're gonna need a bigger boat," "Make'em an offer they can't refuse," "Use the Force", and "Is it safe?" Where is the shock and awe in what was once considered a maverick industry? Where's the beef? Where is the weird, the scary, the off-the wall? "Are you talking to me?" In fact, where has our society's Travis Bickles driven off to? What happened to creative cinema, creative writing, and the counter-culture that could stir things up from the working class all the way to the upper class? Where is the earth shattering inability to accept the status quo? Instead we've seen our society's focus dropped from a tall building and shatter into a million pieces, unable to focus our concentration on anyone or anything for longer than the fifteen minutes of fame they so preciously desire. We get celebrity game shows that hold no meaning other than to sell us a product every ten minutes. We may be the last generation that actually holds books in their hands to read. The scary thing is that although there will no longer be the need to burn books, they'll simply hit the delete button instead. We get sixty minute football games with two hours of commercials. But no one seems to notice, no one seems to care. We are most the time unknowingly and unwittingly pawns in the game constructed on Madison Avenue so that we consume more and think less. The alcohol industry floods the market, distilling sex, fame, fortune and fantasy, all in a twelve ounce bottle. But perhaps we should be thankful; at least they're still made in America.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Food for thought.

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.......vol.134
As the weeks have progressed since the economic collapse began falling like dominoes in the late fall of 2007, we have heard over and over again that it is going to be a long, slow and tough road to recovery. I agreed with that philosophy for some time, but have recently begun to wonder, why was it so easy and so fast to bailout the banks that got us into this mess, and yet for companies that have returned to massive profits, have never resumed hiring new workers? Is there no such thing as Research and Development these days? Which brings me to my point today, and that is the fact that we are going through the largest redistribution of wealth since the Industrial Revolution. We live in a Global Economy. The World is Flat and we need to adjust. So, without telling it straight to our faces, our elected officials continue to walk the high wire act of choice vocabulary words in place of the honest truth. For instance, since 1973, the U.S. Economy has tripled in size, yet the average workers' salary has decreased from $32,135 (adjusted for inflation to 2007 dollars) to $31,528, according to the New York Times. For example, "wages amd salaries now make up the lowest share of the nation's gross domestic product since the government began recording the data in 1947, while corporate profits have climbed to their highest share since the 1960's." What gives? I implore all of you to read Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine for further education into the matter. We are being dumbed down with awe-inspiring technical skill by psychotic scientific reptile brained mass murderers masquerading as proponents of peace. 
I will leave with an excerpt from Ismael Hossein-Zadeh, who writes for the Web Based News Site, Counterpunch, as some food for thought. Because if you thought the main stream media was going to give it you straight, your further from the truth than I thought.
"The kleptocratic rulers in the US, EU, and other debt-burdened countries know exactly what they are doing: to let the recession drag on, to take advantage of the crushing recession in order to extract "enough" concessions from the working people until welfare states are dismantled and labor costs in the more developed capitalist countries are made competitive with those of the less-developed countries. This explains why despite new signs of further global economic contraction, the reigning governments in these countries (whether they are nominally headed by Socialist, Social-Democratic, Labor, Democratic, Conservative or other parties) are maintaining their coordinated abstention from expansive or stimulating fiscal policies while continuing their brutal spending cuts on health, education, wages, pensions, and the like.
This is not to say that these governments do not want to have economic growth or job-creation--they do---but that they want them on their own (Neoliberal) terms, that is, through Neoliberal policies that would create jobs that would pay wages on a par with those of workers in less-developed countries. In other words, they prefer the kind of lopsided economic growth whose fruits would be reaped mostly by the wealthy--the so-called trickle-down or supply-side economic growth. As writer/reporter Patrick O'Connor points out, "In the US, Europe and other advanced capitalist economies, the aim is permanently reducing the living standards of working people."
Now cheer up, the stock market was positive today.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And now, a word from our sponsor............................

The Global Musings of an Educated Man......vol.133
On this last evening in August, 2010, our president, Barack Obama gave a speech to the American Public. I wondered, was anybody watching this tonight? Does the American Public even care anymore? Have we noticed that he just announced the end to U.S. Military Combat Operations in Iraq?  Did you notice that there will still be 50,000 U.S. troops remaining behind in Iraq as a "transitional force?" After 7 1/2 years, 4,500 dead U.S. soldiers and estimated to be 150,000+ dead Iraqis, the time to "turn the page" is here. Someone, que the Bob Seger song of the same name. As I watched, disappointed in the fact that the U.S. troops will only be moved to nearby Afghanistan to continue fighting a war that will never end, "the war on terror," I was pleasantly surprised that 9/11 was only mentioned once, but I know that we must remain ever vigilant against that shadowy group of evil-doers lurking behind every corner in the middle east, Al-Qaieda.  President Obama wishes for "lasting peace and long term prosperity" for Iraqis and so do I, but I find it very ironic, that after 7 1/2 years of the exact opposite, combat operations can be considered to be over. However, there is no government to take the reins in Iraq. What we are going to be left with is another vacuum to be filled with corrupt officials and bureaucracy. President Obama said that all U.S. military will be out of Iraq by the end of next year, but can you really believe it? He hasn't closed Guantanamo, he said that when he immediately took office he would pull the troops out of Iraq and that he would get out of Afghanistan as well. After spending 1 Trillion dollars in fighting endless wars these past 7 1/2 years, he is setting us up for disappointment once again. His slogan of "hope and change" still rings in my ears as empty promises from just another empty suit in Washington. He mentioned that we must help the Iraqis to "secure the dream." I only wish that it doesn't ring true like the deceased genius comedian George Carlin once said, "The American Dream, you have to be asleep to believe it." 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's about time

The Global Musings of an Educated Man............vol.132
The clock is ticking. The well has been capped and the bells are tolling for the end of Tony Hayward, soon to be former CEO of British Petroleum who only "wants his life back." Poor poor Tony. After news has come out in the last two weeks that BP may have in fact been behind the release of the only man charged in the Pan Am  flight 103 that was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 that killed 270 people, the man was returned to Libya in exchange for better access to oil reserves in that country, there has got be a point where we as citizens will take no more of this lechery. We expect deception like this from spy novels, or elected politicians, not business executives. The free-market has principles that were founded in manners and good will and the competition to do what thou wilt in order to gain ever larger profits for the common shareholder.  Slave wages under the netting of Free Trade. Slaves were paid too and they were given Sundays off to rest, we get Saturdays as well. Back in line.
Goldman Sachs, that investment firm of the highest regard was only guilty of selling bundled sub prime mortgages held as securities, where they then would bet against what they had just previously sold, is the fox guarding the hen house. It's like a European banking dynasty in the 1800's, the Rothschilds, funding both sides of the American Civil War. But, they paid their debt, they paid their fines and nothing has changed. Did anyone even notice that last week, the Obama administration was able to pass a Financial Reform Bill that in it simplest form only created another bureaucratic agency to watch over multitudes of firms??  No, really, oh, caught up in the Shirley Sherrod thing, right. You have to love the internet and it's spreading of truth, but given the other options, I would take this over China's or Iran's stranglehold on the internet, any day of the week.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ssshhhh.....keep quiet and keep to yourself.

The Global Musings of an Educated Man........vol.131
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Last night I watched a film, via Netflix, Drag Me to Hell and I must say, I was thoroughly entertained. If not for the simple fact that it was a breath of fresh air amidst the stagnant horror films that have graced the cine-plexes in recent years. It was a 'B' horror film type that seemed to have come from the era of the 70's, but was made in present day by Sam Raimi, director of the SpiderMan franchise movies and the cult favorites The Evil Dead. I must say it's title may be very relevant to the times and what is currently happening in present day Greece. When was the last time you can remember, a country going through a fiscal crisis of this magnitude? Argentina in the late 90's early 00's? There is fear spreading like the supposed end all 'flu virus' that is going to awaken and bring the dead back to life and reek havoc on our simple yet privileged existence. Spain may be next they say, and then Portugal, and then Italy and then Ireland. The collapse of the European Union and their currency is at stake the pundits say. Or is it all a way to move us closer towards a one-world currency? Will it result in the United States being able to profit from Europe's mistakes or will it spread to China where fear of inflation is starting to spread like volcanic ash over the U.K?
We saw the NYPD and the FBI come together on Monday night to capture a Pakistani born militant who was intent on turning Times Square into what is normally found in parts of Jerusalem. Are we only steps away from suicide bombers boarding buses in the United States? Is Arizona correct in asking for identification from what are suspected to be illegal immigrants, or is it too eerily like Nazi Germany asking that Jews wear armbands for identification purposes? We seemed to be suffering from the all too dangerous fear of the other. Fear of the unknown.  Isolationism is spreading. We want to build a wall and lock the country down from all outsiders, from anyone who thinks or acts differently or looks different. The powers that be are going to be playing on those feelings to make profit and further their agenda, I guarantee you that. Oh, and we have nice oil slick growing down in the Gulf of Mexico.
Drag me to hell? Seems that's where were headed, doesn't it?

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do Yourself a Favor....

The Global Musings of an Educated Man...........vol.130
Four words.
Mumford and Sons.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

That felt good......

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.....vol.129
According to the US Geological Survey, there have been 22 earthquakes this year so far, of a magnitude of 6.0 or higher. 22!!!Today a 6.9-6.5 earthquake has struck off of the coast of Taiwan. Are you freaking kidding me?
A volcano has recently erupted and caused billions of dollars in economic turmoil due to it's troublesome ash floating over Europe causing delays in air travel that is now backlogged 5 days. But we shouldn't be worried, right?
This has nothing to do with the correlation of December 21st, 2012? Or does it? Maybe it is time to start hunkering down and building up some rations. I know I need to get glasses before it hits the fan. Cause when it does, I'm not going to be able to find saline solution or disinfectant around anywhere. No joke.
6 Banks in the United States control 60% of the nations GDP. 60%!!!! Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase. All that the financial crisis of the last two years has done, is create a monopoly of wealth concentrated into fewer and fewer hands.
We are in the midst of a ever expanding Oligarchy which is quite simply put, political power derived from economic influence.
Banks are spending a million dollars a day to lobby against any kind of reform against Wall Street, and the only thing the tea-partiers seem to care about is that the government is getting too big, letting in too many foreigners illegally and that they are reaching into my health care??? Are we serious?
Pay attention people. Health care is great so that we are going to cover those that can't cover themselves, but seriously, the real crooks are the ones that seem to still be writing the rules around Washington. The person they are most afraid of is an informed and active citizen. So get up and get educated.
If corporations want to be able to contribute limitless amounts to campaigns and be considered citizens by the Supreme Court, then they too should be held responsible like citizens to the 3 strike rule. How many corporations would be still around if they had to serve the time for the crimes they have committed against innocent citizens??? They shouldn't be able to hoard season tickets to sporting and entertainment events and then write them off as a business expense, and then be allowed to contribute any amount they wish to make sure the Congressmen or women vote the way they want. They can't have it both ways. Joe the Plumber and Susie Six Pack don't get it that way.
And another thing....the internet should also remain neutral. Verizon, Comcast and AT&T shouldn't be allowed to term it "information service" and thus have it not fall under the regulations of the FCC. If they do get their way, the speed of your internet access will be based on how much money you spend. Life in the fast lane. Not equal for all.
Justice sometimes means, Just-Us.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..............vol.128
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I just wanted to extend a happy anniversary commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the Iraq war and the fact that we have spent 787 billion dollars over the past seven years to help out the Iraqi, Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni peoples find their way to democracy and freedom. Not to mention the extra 100 billion we spend every year in Afghanistan to allow the opium warlords to extend their reach with the help of the Taliban to further drive the price of heroin up on a global scale, and also the access that our participation provides for us to the oil pipeline in the Caspian sea, because as former ambassador to Afghanistan for UnoCal, we can be safe in knowing that President Karzai has our back. I truly want to extend my deepest hearfelt thanks and understanding to all of the military service men and women who have volunteered and faithfully executed their beliefs in serving our country and the families of those service men and women as well, and I hope that they will never have to pay a dime for excellent health care coverage, ever, and will always be treated with the utmost respect they so readily deserve. But I am always left wondering, if we were never to have abandoned Afghanistan in 2003 to invade Iraq, where could we use those dollars now?

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Is there anybody out there? Nod if you can hear me, is there anyone home?" Pink Floyd, The Wall

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.............vol. 127
Is there anything in your life that is transcendent? Is there something that gives your life meaning? Can science and religion exist at the same time and space? Sure they can. They are both flip sides of the same coin, the search for truth.
I was lucky enough to catch Bill Moyer's Journal last night on PBS, where his guest was NYU President John Sexton, and they were discussing the class that Dr. Sexton teaches, "Baseball as a Path to GOD." The title immediately grabbed my attention, and I began to wish where do I sign up? It is the vehicle for finding something, anything, in our daily lives that gives us meaning as a people, a person, a wife, a husband, a mother or father, son or daughter, friend or neighbor. It is asking us to "think strange." Some of us may be more advanced than others at that. I'm just saying. Sorry, had to get that in there. Other than the obvious answer of children giving your life meaning, what else is there? What do we as a general public, or myself as a person, give myself and ourselves meaning in this attention deficit disordered, immediate gratification world of today? In the past for America, there was Baseball, and for some there still is, that each spring rewards us with glimpses of what might be, but as Bill Moyers asked, "How do you respond to Mark Mcgwire, admitting that he took steroids to break the home run record?" Dr. Sexton's response was perfect...."There have always been bad Popes."
Dr. Sexton posed questions to ask of ourselves such as "Am I living a useful life?"
He educated me to the fact that our political discussions have "fallen into a discourse by slogan" or sound bites if you will. There is no substance, no nuances that people can wrap their heads around. Instead, we as a people "listen in feedback loops" only listening to what we want to hear, simply reinforcing our own beliefs, and not forcing us to "think strange." For 8 years we had a president that would not change his mind on anything, and did we then adapt that quality of his for our own, or have we been sliding down the slippery slope for so long, that it just seems natural to never hear another side of a discussion. To never admit that we might be wrong or be headed in the wrong direction. That there might be a different path to take to get to the final destination we are all headed.
Are we too far on either the right or the political left to reach any common ground? How long will we go on getting nothing done of any substance because of it? Instead we are left with the fact that "there is no marketplace of respect" in today's political discourse. We've given birth to a "society of distrust and cynicism" and unfortunately a lot of our elected officials have done nothing to deserve any respect, and I admit I can be rather distrustful and cynical when it comes to the government, but I still believe that there are more than two answers to a problem. There are more than two viewpoints held so firmly by the two major political parties in this great country of ours. So as a solution, we need to set up ourselves for "making new memories." We need to more often than never at all, take ourselves out of our comfort zones. We need to stretch our minds more and begin to "think strange."
On a personal note of accomplishment, a monologue-rant of mine has been selected to be performed by the Metro State University theater group at the end of the month in their "Theater Du-Jour" performances, and if interested in attending please contact me and I can try to get you RSVP'd for seats, there is no charge, just donations if so moved. My monologue will not be longer than 4minutes, to not demand too much of anyone's attention, but, it's another step on this beautiful path.
Much peace and happiness.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

You can truly never go back home again

The Global Musings of an Educated Man…….vol.126


The air was filled with anticipation and the fog of inebriation. The ice house was filled to the brim, overflowing with smells of caught fish, bodily outtakes the sounds of laughter and a black and white monitor of fish cruising the lake floor searching for food, like single men looking for future wives at the clubs on Friday and Saturday night. The weekend brought us back together again in his family's cabin on Lake Clitherall in northwestern Minnesota for the continuation of a tradition that has been around since the early 90's.  A time and place for men to revert back to childhood adolescent behaviors and some things their parents should never discover. There are always leftover remnants of magazines, cover to cover, lodged under sofa cushions, spilt spitters and the greasy grime that lingers on the white counter in the kitchen. No women are allowed Super Bowl weekend. There are no compromises. Nothing is done half way.  Full tilt for 80 or so hours. Phrases that abound are as wide as the guest list's commonalities and differences when it comes to rarely discussed relevant political and spiritual conversations. Sometimes it's best to keep my mouth shut. Instead it's the rehashing of old stories, old memories and the nostalgia for yesteryear.

"Are those real?"

"At least I'm not wearing a gay shirt…"


And last but not least everyone's favorite bar stool hunter of big game and timely pork-chops that lead to quiet drives back to the cabin in from town in the early morning hours……

"Ketchikan!!!!" Built to withstand the heaviest loads.

Whether or not some of the good times of this year were remembered or not is anyone's guess, but what is certain is there is a change in the way that we make it up to 2 or 3 in the morning. Fighting tooth and nail to never let go of the wonders of yesteryear, we always have the next get together to look forward to…..and we'd have to ask our gracious host to when that will be. Until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for those Miller Lites.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sarah Palin’s radical speech

From Obama as Hitler to Sarah Palin's radical speech, Wingnuts author John Avlon reports all weekend from Nashville. Click here for more on John Avlon's new book.

BS Top - Avlon Tea Party Palin Ed Reinke / AP Photo

Sarah Palin's rousing speech looked more like a State of the Union address—and the crowd loved every word. But, John Avlon reports, it wasn't enough to steer the group's uncertain future.

The National Tea Party Convention ended with a Palin for President rally.

This was always slated to be the weekend's main event, with a $100,000 prize purse. But the organizers still hadn't seen a copy of the speech as the crowd streamed into the banquet ballroom. What they got was less a Tea Party manifesto than Sarah Palin's State of the Union speech—an address to a domestic spending protest group which spent its first 15 minutes focused on foreign policy.

It didn't matter. With plenty of anti-Obama red meat and Palin's patented folksy-sarcasm, this crowd was rapturous about just being in her presence. She remains the Queen of the Conservative Populists.

The Tea Partiers, munching on a decidedly non‑populist steak and shrimp dinner, were geared up. Seated at my table were two Revolutionary War re‑enactors in full regalia as well as an aspiring Republican congressional candidate from Oklahoma and an independent-conservative Senate candidate from Arkansas. When the time came time for toasts with our water glasses "Death to tyrants" was chosen.


Sarah Palin’s radical speech

From Obama as Hitler to Sarah Palin's radical speech, Wingnuts author John Avlon reports all weekend from Nashville. Click here for more on John Avlon's new book.

BS Top - Avlon Tea Party Palin Ed Reinke / AP Photo

Sarah Palin's rousing speech looked more like a State of the Union address—and the crowd loved every word. But, John Avlon reports, it wasn't enough to steer the group's uncertain future.

The National Tea Party Convention ended with a Palin for President rally.

This was always slated to be the weekend's main event, with a $100,000 prize purse. But the organizers still hadn't seen a copy of the speech as the crowd streamed into the banquet ballroom. What they got was less a Tea Party manifesto than Sarah Palin's State of the Union speech—an address to a domestic spending protest group which spent its first 15 minutes focused on foreign policy.

It didn't matter. With plenty of anti-Obama red meat and Palin's patented folksy-sarcasm, this crowd was rapturous about just being in her presence. She remains the Queen of the Conservative Populists.

The Tea Partiers, munching on a decidedly non‑populist steak and shrimp dinner, were geared up. Seated at my table were two Revolutionary War re‑enactors in full regalia as well as an aspiring Republican congressional candidate from Oklahoma and an independent-conservative Senate candidate from Arkansas. When the time came time for toasts with our water glasses "Death to tyrants" was chosen.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Article II, Section 3

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..........vol.125
It was a historic night. The crowd was assembled. The usual suspects were there with their blue and red ties, ready to applaud at a moments notice and the others were to sit on their hands and make tired faces for the t.v. cameras. Obama, the chosen one, who was going to rebuild the country from the ashes like a phoenix rising into the sun, pleaded his case to the public that more time needs to be given. We have to be patient.
I was wondering how many times he would say "let me be clear", but it didn't happen. Instead he rolled into a populist message, like Presidents of the past, promising things that seem unattainable.
Two parties, both flip sides of the same coin working together? Good luck. But still I have hope.
"Change has not come fast enough" he stated and to our impatient public I can agree, for who has time to wait around these days for anything. We need things done now, and fast. As if we somehow know the end may be near.
He was supposed to part the Missisippi or free us from bondage or come down from a mountain top declaring that Yehovah had shown him the way, but instead he's just another politician, who can give really good speeches. The common enemy in the land of Obamica are "big banks" too big to fail but definitely in need of our handouts. "I thought I'd get an applause on that"....his demeanor was the most candid of any State of the Union that I have witnessed in my young life, and Slick Willy was pretty damn good if you can recall, that's Bill Clinton to you folks in the cheap seats. I was glad that there wasn't any mention of any "Axis of Evil" lurking in the aisles or telling us to buy up ducktape to ward against a bio-attack.
"I do not allow 2nd place for the United States of America" got everyone riled up and fully aroused.....the drums were sounding, que the porn music as their tongues wagged......but then he went on and on and started to loose me, but forever the optimist, Obama got me believing in him once again. In the end it was another great speech from one of the best speakers we have had as President......but actions speak louder than words and I, like the rest of this country, am waiting for something to be done in the cesspool that is our nations capital. But I do believe that our tomorrows can be better than our yesterdays.
On a sidenote and I may ruffle some feathers, but here goes, if you're anti-gay, why wouldn't you want gay men and women to serve in the military. With any luck they'd be taking a bullet for the country they loved and the enemy would simply be doing something that you wanted to do yourself in the first place. Do ask don't tell? By all means go right ahead, Afghanistan and Iraq are thata way.
I'm just saying. It's no big deal.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blame it on Obama?

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.............vol.124

A rude awakening was awakened by the hour of the morning and the silence of the White House was brought down with a scream, "My God! what has happened in the land of Kennedy?!!" For yes, how ironic is the fates and twists of the almighty to tease us with carrots and kick us with sticks in the presence of universal healthcare no more are we, downtrodden are the masses of Democrats distancing themselves like lepers to Roman soldiers, we have no cross to bear any longer just a bad economy, and the Vikings are they getting stronger?  For the old lion's seat to go to a Republican is like Saturday Night Live not being funny. Which is the truth, no longer worth the ordeal to watch on a Saturday night when found on the couch and nothing else on because you have no cable and your Netflix has yet to arrive, a book will be stretched forth or maybe a rinsing of the mouth. We've had earthquakes and aftershock s and the Haitians are running mad, and can you blame them. Just ask the victims of Katrina if we are going to help them. And maybe just maybe, now is not the time for a health care debate, for we have no more money, just a larger pile of made up dollars that never seem to go anywhere that is needed, i.e.; Main Street. But I bid you all a fond hello and see you scratching your heads, but I will warn you now, that I have been reading Finnegans Wake and there in lies the answer. Until next time, the aftershocks will be reverberating, so go safely to your warm beds.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

At least it'll be warmer......

The Global Musings of an Educated Man...................vol.123

Happy New Year 2010…….good morning ladies and gentlemen I hope that all is well out there for you and yours, but can I ask you this, where are the flying cars?? I was sure as a kid that they would be here by now; then again, we can't even make it back to the moon. We'll never find Bin Laden. I will begin by stating that this is going to be filled with more random thoughts stretched forth from the ether and grabbed from the nether regions of my brain as it deals with this ever expanding vortex of a universe. You've been warned.

            The push for real climate change began in Copenhagen, Denmark in mid December where 192 countries were involved and nothing was finalized or agreed upon, except that Obama is a very busy man and can't be at everyplace all of the time, or can he? The "media elites" once thought he could catch bullets with his teeth and part the clouds to bring in more rays of hope to our recession dreary lives but that hasn't happened has it? But, then again, W left us with quite the mess didn't he? Or maybe it was Greenspan? Or maybe it was us? Oh, sorry, it's all Obama's fault.  Instead we have Democrats huddled behind closed doors now and shutting out C-Span as they "debate" far from the public's eyes and ears about what to do about the future of health care in America. More transparency, my…... proving my theory that both parties are just flip sides of the same coin, flipping us off!!   Did you see that Democratic Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut has announced his retirement? Saving his face and his keester, because as a leading member of the finance committee supposedly put in charge to change things and regulate the financial industry so as we don't have a repeat of the bubble of the past, got out while the getting was good, because you can't take money from the Wall Street companies and then be expected as voted in by the voters in your district to change things anymore, without the chickens coming home to roost, cue Reverend Wright.

            As a meager low level part time team member within the produce department of a shall not be named department store franchise that spends more on it's marketing then on it's employees, think red and white with a bullseye, aimed at the consumer, sorry, guests, the lack of holiday spirit permeated the building and grocery aisles every day I was there. It was oppressive and stifling as the mist of anger and impatience was overwhelming at every turn down every check out lane. But I digress, it was Christmas, oh, sorry, the Holidays, They some time get you down, like "rainy days and Mondays", I don't want to offend any one out there. But here goes, this may really get some people going, and I'm just spit-balling here, I'm not saying that I believe it, but it's just the hamster in it's wheel in my brain, that maybe just maybe, the Bible was created to impose a One World Government, because think about it, if as in the book of Revelations states that we have to submit to a One World Government before the second coming of the man from Nazareth will arrive and save the day, and dealing with all of the rapture hoohah and putting up with the beast rising out of the holy sea (Anti-Christ), but what if, what if he never was here to begin with, the man from Nazareth, gasp…..I know it's just a thought, but what we would all be waiting for would never arrive, and we'd be stuck in a heavily securitized and monitored, full body scanners One World Government run by a fascist leader promising hope and change. I asked myself, why was there a push from Paganism (many Gods) hard to control the people many many years ago to a Monotheistic approach (easier to unite and control the people)??? Then again, Islam vs. Christianity, is it just to divide and conquer the masses?? Anyhow, just some random, blasphemous thoughts, better get my sunscreen ready, it's going to be a hot one in the after life, for all eternity, I kid I kid. Chew on that.

            Now get back in line, go to work, be thankful you have a job, shut up and take the mark. Happy New Year!!


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