Monday, December 20, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..........vol.138
In just two days and two years from now, the world as we know it, just may end. That's right, December 22nd, 2012. 
It seems to me that it is quite possible the birth pangs have already begun contracting.  There have been mssive mudslides in California, 20 feet of snow in the Sierra Nevada's, tragically cold weather across Europe and Great Britain; and all of this after a year of Earthquakes in Haiti, Volcanoes in Indonesia, floods in Pakistan and India, again, and so, this past year 250k people have died from natural disasters, which is minuscule when compared to those that die worldwide from cigarettes, and yet we are more concerned as to whether homosexuals can openly serve in the military?? 250,000 people, that is the largest yearly total for deaths caused by natural disasters in a generation, and that's not all we have to worry about.  North Korea continues to display how unstable they are by firing missiles and artillery shells in South Korean islands while China sits by and says basically "we don't want to have to deal with them, they're crazy," Iran is leaving the world no alternative except invasion if they continue on the path toward nuclear power, we are still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, which sucks up more of governments tax payer taken money, and for what? Terrorists will just raise their arms and give up if we stay there long enough and spend enough American lives and treasure? Israel continues to build settlements in the West Bank,thus enraging the Arab world, and the United States is visibly financially bankrupt, along with Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Greece.  But still, the gap between the richest 1% in the world that controls 90% of our wealth and that of the growing smaller by the day percentage of those who can consider themselves middle class and the increasingly growing numbers of lower class poverty stricken members of the global community who can't find clean drinking water or an education that is provided by a Madrassah continues to grow.  Across the United States and the world, pensions are being slashed, our social security safety net is considered to be on the chopping block, and we still don't have a decent health care system. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs is still doing business and appointing Treasury Secretaries and henchmen into the Obama administration along with Bank of America, while a man name Julian Assange who received classified government information from someone, some believe to be Bradley Manning who is already in solitary confinement on a US military base in Virginia for his criminal act,  releases it onto his WikiLeaks website in the guise of "Freedom of Information" is considered to be a terrorist destabilizing our government and governments around the world, who is then wanted for rape in Switzerland, accused by two young ladies who objected to having sex with him without a condom, and government's anywhere have never done anything nefarious that would consider these two women to possibly be on the payroll of  a certain government's intelligence agency? But it's okay for the LA Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Le Monde and other newspaper sources to print the same material and go unscathed.  Something has to give, and yet I look onto the students rioting in England and Greece with a cynical belief that it would take quite a lot more for that to occur in America, because that would mean becoming angry instead of complacent, educated instead of walking around in a pharmaceutically enhanced stupor treating the unhappiness of your private parts inability to provide happiness to your spouse, and instead get up get active and get involved.  But I do remain optimistic that the end isn't near, because if it is, all of the time I will have currently spent on my book will have been for naught, and so I remain naively hopeful.
"A mystery wrapped inside a riddle, inside an Enigma.  Even the shooters don't know, don't you get it?" David Ferrie portrayed by Oscar winning actor, Joe Pesci-----the film, Oliver Stone's masterpiece.... JFK
Happy Holidays, warm seasons' greetings, Merry Christmas, post Chanukah and pre-Kwanzaa. Drag out the aluminum pole from the attic, celebrate Festivus and prepare yourself for the feats of strength.

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