Monday, March 7, 2016

Vol. 196: It's Your Party...........

Vol.196: It's Your Party......

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"My God, what have we done??"
Their scorched carcasses were scattered in every direction as if picked up by a large carnivore and tossed like shredded toys; instead of strands of fuzz, bloodied limbs and pieces of scalp hung from tree branches. The scene was shrouded by the moans of bystanders and the screams of grown men and women rising to towards the heavens. 
"What have we done!!!"
The smell of burnt plastic and feces invaded their nostrils. Pieces of dollar bills fluttered in the wind like confetti.  
"Please, please, please help us."
"Somebody do something!"
"Medic! Medic!"
The spinning sirens of emergency vehicles and police cars piled up in jagged lines surrounded by hurried fire trucks as television cameras remained rolling. 
The clock at the bottom of the screen read 9:33pm as the ticker scrolled from left to right. 
Young children with their mouths hanging open held the hands of strangers. Candy wrappers and empty gas station coffee cups like shrapnel littered the ground. 
It was there they stood at the edge of the crater as they peered down into its cavernous center. A group of adults who shuffled to the site pointed at the carved out earth, kicking clumps of dirt and grass out of the way of their shaky steps, doing their best to balance themselves amidst the small puddles of blood they saw everywhere. 
"This is where it happened. Right down there."
"Tell me, tell me what happened."
"Who saw it? Who saw what happened here?"
"We all saw it happen. Christ, it was live on television every single day. Hell, they said biggest audience ever."
"Please somebody tell me, I'm losing my patience over here." 
"Take a breath and relax." 
"It's hard for me to explain. You might be too young to understand."
"Please, I want to know. We need to know what happened?"
"My God. This is unbelievable."
"Alright, I will give it a try. That right there, that is where the remains of the Republican party lay," a grey haired man stated, as he wiped away the tears from the corner of his tired eyes. He was comforted by the hands of a disheveled woman who rubbed his shoulders. The two of them teetered on the breeze from the stench of the echoes of his gregarious boasts. His long stray locks of bleached blond hair were scattered to the wind, taunting in his achievement as clumps of it hung from empty tree limbs as if flags of his bombastic victory. 
A couple of southern professor looking types fell to their knees and threw their hands to the skies, wailing in pain. 
"He was a grenade and he destroyed everything we held dear."
"Why oh why didn't one of them jump on it? If only one of them would of sacrificed themselves for the greater good of the party, none of this would of happened. Why didn't they do anything?"
"Hubris. Ignorance. Pride? I'm not quite sure anymore honey."
"I don't think anyone took him seriously. He was supposed to be just a passing fad. But, you have to realize, the attention spans of the American public wouldn't have lasted as long as they did, under normal circumstances."
"The media, the media is to blame. The liberal media has been loving every second of it too, haven't they?"
"What will we do? Now who's going to stop the Whore of Babylon from ascending to the throne?"
"I don't know. I simply don't know."
"Well, maybe there is comfort in the good book? Maybe all of this is supposed to happen. Trust in the Lord, I guess?"
No one said another word, but simply bowed their heads and one by one, left the scene in disbelief. 

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