Thursday, August 3, 2017

Vol. 204: Tired Mottoes

            Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

A recent dispatch from Theona Donther, who lives life on the front lines against the Tyrannical reach of the 1%. She has risked life and limb to get this to us, before it's too late.

The tip toe step while the dragons sleep in their corrupt corners of inequities and greed grows tiresome when it is fueled by prescription drugs that only require additional concoctions to balance the worn out equation. There is something amiss in our shining city on a hill. There are warning signs from Lady Liberty to stay away, we don't want any more of your huddled masses starving for a fresh start; we can barely give that to our own they say, and they preach it louder and louder with a manufactured megaphone each passing day. Meanwhile the gentrification goes on unabated while we segregate through backdoor legislation disguised as a modern day slave trader nation, but that can be said for any free-trader draped in neo-liberalism; pretty soon everyone will figure out that there is nothing free about free-trade. To knowingly make these arguments they will slander you with titles of socialist or un-American if you perceive that there could be more done to help those that need it the most and ironically, the clenched hands that grip their sweaty soiled dollar bills call themselves compassionate conservatives. Their tired mottoes are, "Do whatever you like when you have suffered fools for long enough, it is time to get big government out of your way, but there are limits to what you can do with your body and your mind."

Ladies and gentlemen, trust not in the belief that we are all created equal because you will not see it in our behaviors. So we trudge on through the chaos, the horrors of manufactured consent and drive ourselves crazy wrapped up in the notion that with only some inspired rhetoric from a never descending savior, all of our ills will be washed clean in the rivers of our spoils. Instead, the laundry must be dried in machines that can be promoted as energy efficient because no one has the time to let them hang from lines in the hot air we breathe. Grab your pitchforks, extend those fingers at your neighbors, if you see something-say something and trust in the Lord. The salvation that waits will wait a little while longer as we kick the cans of our better promises further down the road. The climate is warming along with our tempers. Discard the refuse hidden from the gaze of strangers and expose yourself to the skin of our conceit. We have disillusioned ourselves since time began that our better angels will comprehend all that we can hope to achieve. The ism's of humanity have run roughshod over the land and will continue until the wick no longer burns a light luminous enough for us to see ourselves in the shadows of dirt we've been living in. But all is not lost nor ever will be, because we are blessed as a species with the ability others do not have, and that is the greatest gift of all, we can make believe.

Tell your Friends....Spread the Outrage!
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