Monday, April 27, 2015

Vol.188: Atlanta teachers go to jail, Wall Street bankers go to the Hamptons

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     Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Good morning to you as you begin wiping away the eye boogers, swiping the cobwebs from the early morning alarm clock surprise, stretching limbs and brain cells to the light of the rising sun for we are unfortunately finding ourselves aware that the awful fact is reminding us with each news cycle or believed important televised and broadcast media stumble social faux pas, that the Presidential election cycle is underway. It is more than a year away from now and we have begun the mind-numbing process of electing through corporate donations who our President will be after all of the advertising and debates good ol' Koch money can buy. But before you do that, do us all a favor and remind yourselves, we need to amend the Constitution and eliminate the ruling of Citizens United. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. For if there is any simple truth to be gleaned from the horror of the newest election cycle, it is that Corporations are not People!!!

     Another horrifying fact coming out of the front lines of the global war against the Goblins of the New World Order is that there is news out of reputable sources that are reporting that the World Bank has foreclosed on the hopes of 3rd world countries through their "involuntary resettlement" plans.
Can this really be a surprise to any of us in the know?Huffington Post News Story   
Through the years 2004-2013, the bank of ill repute has displaced and forced 3.4 million people out of their homes under the ominous umbrella of the International Finance Corporation, we are finding some truth to the conspiracy that a global cabal of bankers actually does rule the world. FOLLOW THE MONEY

Atlanta school teachers are going to jail for falsifying test scores in order to save their jobs and secure bonuses, while up on Wall Street not one person has been charged or done any jail time relating to the financial crisis of 07'-08' that brought us to the brink.
Atlanta Teachers

     If we follow the money close enough, we can almost smell the stench coming from that of a pretty blonde female reporter from ESPN making mistaken career decisions to berate underpaid and under-educated parking lot attendants. In the age of Big Brother surveillance watching everything, we have become the pitchforks that hold everyone else accountable. We are the hypocrites that cite our own imperfection as reason to make others' suffer for theirs.

     Meanwhile a Turkey Flu spreads across the heartland at pace faster than drunk white men at a NASCAR event and has made the biological, evolutionary Darwinian jump to chickens. Farms and farmers everywhere are scrambling to pick up the pieces, sweep up the foul messes and connect the dots. Is this how the Zombie Apocalypse begins? Will a Subway store become the ground floor for patient zero? I can already see through the smoke of overturned semis jack knifed on the jammed interstate, wheels spinning and Jared stumbling down a strip mall sidewalk, mumbling the words,"Eat fresh...............brains."

     Until next time, keep spreading the outrage, spreading the truth; but always look over shoulder, someone or something, may be following you.

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