Monday, June 5, 2017

Vol. 203: Just a Little More

                Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

The more things change it seems the more things stay the same. Each day we wake up to startling revelations from inside the White House. Each evening we are left shaking our heads in disbelief, asking ourselves, "How did we get here? How do we turn this thing around and do we even want to anymore?" 

As to everything else in life, there are no clear answers. There is only cause and effect and even then it now appears to be surreal. It is through this prism that chaos in the lack of common sense hurtles us onward through the void. Logic and decency left the station years ago. 

Remember When they put a Noose around Obama's neck???
We are left holding the bag, which should no longer be plastic, because we are becoming more responsible as our world becomes more reprehensible; but we won't let go of the plastic. It is our way of life. The debt that we continue to accrue is larger than ever before and we'll never pay it back, whether it is financially, environmentally or morally.  Don't you believe it for a second even when are politicians mention it. We are content to let the machine print more money. Let the empty gasoline can be kicked further on down the road. There is no turning back. There is no off-ramp, there are no U-turns, there is only forward and dear God, don't ever look back. History is where it should be, in the rear view mirror as we try to outrun the blast radius.  
The Republican Party Christmas Card????

We are the laughing stock of the world. We are maniacs toting guns everywhere we go, because we are everywhere, whether you like it or not. We as a nation overcome our fears by enforcing the threat of on-going violence upon others. Our giant, obese and oversized footprints are on every continent. We are incontinent. The stench of our refuse is overpowering as it grows larger, stretching the boundaries of our disgust as the vultures continue to circle overhead. We push leaders aside to get a better photo-op. We make the Pope look sad.
The Pope with the Anti-Christ and his brood

The post-traumatic stress of our ever present condition will not wear off for quite some time. There is no quiet room large enough to listen to our gut instincts'. There is no grief counseling available that can cure our entire country, especially when there are those that continue to embrace the madness with open arms while at the same time they wish to close our borders, in the name of security and fairness. Somebody please go tell the Native Americans.
He was Right

There are not enough pharmaceuticals to ease our worried minds, but don't let that stop them from trying. 
Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. 

We subscribe to the belief that superhero movies of the summer will save us. They will distract us until the next wave of radioactive disinformation hits us squarely in the face. At least in those imagined scenarios we know who will win when we know quite well in reality, we are far from ever receiving the laurels for our good behavior. There is no medal ceremony. Every day is a new communion. Every day we swallow a little bit more. 


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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vol. 202: LIFE as we Know It

              Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

As we shuttle through space and time, we are confronted with the bleak horrors of reality; no more so than in our current state of futile politics. Each side rages against the other through the slipstream of a continuous news cycle, battling for importance in a world of diminishing relevance. Each one of us, dancing amidst soundbites and our decreasing attention spans. All of this as a space probe traveling millions of miles through the emptiness of space, through the dark void bringing back traces of life to an international space station, as we as a country have invited the all soul-destroying presence of his existence into our living rooms and finally, surreally into our White House.

Like a comet leaving a trail of Cheetos-dust in its' wake, his vile behavior has forced upon us earthlings the reckoning that we now confront. All of it as if torn directly from the pages of a Book of Revelation authored by a science-fiction writer.

In the film LIFE, the opening scene is an ambitious continuous shot detailing our surroundings of where we are to see the horror of the next hour and half unfold. Eerily, it's not unlike the next four years will become as we wait to see what demented theory he tweets at five in the morning from his seat atop his golden toilet, which many of us once called America. In the film, the blob is given the harmless name of Calvin by sweet little children, but when provoked and prodded by simple devices of the astronauts own creation, he is nothing like it seems, becoming bigger and deadlier with each passing moment. The slimy creature grows and morphs into an all-encompassing problem that the space crew has trouble handling; and so does our Donald, Cheetos-dust hair cut and all, unimaginably becoming smarter than we have given him credit for.

The hope of the international space station crew is to send the slimy creature out into the vastness of space where it can do no harm to the people of earth. It would be left to vanish in the desolate darkness forever and ever. Although the process of impeachment will be mentioned soon enough, sadly we do not have that option; we know that he won't go quietly and it will be far from easy, but smile to think of it, in space, no one could hear him screaming.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vol.201: The Puppet Dances and the World Winces

Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

The country has been micro dosed with the latest lab created psychedelic and we're all experiencing the mind altering effects of a not so great trip into the void. There is no fluorescent green cosmic snake to ride through the eternal ether, there is no door of perception to close on the monsters under the bed. Everything is surreal.

In order to cope, we pinch ourselves to make sure we aren't dreaming or suffering from opiate withdrawal. The dawn of a new era has begun and I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief. 
The truth is, as a result of the past election many of us will continue to walk in a daze of confusion and anger for many more months to come; that is if we are allowed to walk the war-zone streets of the carnage ravaged depraved cities we live in without being stopped and frisked for our national ID card? If the answers aren't acceptable to the questions posed, we may be put up against the wall, to live out the rest of our days in a CIA black site without hope of extradition or a fair trial.

We have a narcissistic child in the position of leader of the free world. Maybe if we remove the wind swept toupee there is a 666 etched into his scalp? The only cynical consolation if one can call it that at all to this horrible tragic nightmare is that there are people behind the spoiled brat pulling the strings that are actually in control. The puppet dances and the world winces. 

Alternative facts linger in the consciousness of America as we witness the birth pangs of a dictator. The Doomsday clock moved 2 minutes closer to midnight and there are 8 people on the planet that own as much wealth as half of the world. You Think I'm Kidding? 
The slow footsteps to oligarchy drudge through the winter of our discontent and the Superbowl is only days away. Ladies and gentlemen, God help us all.

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vol. 200: It almost seems Fitting

                Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

I bet he's not thinking, "Right on, brother."

Where do we go from here? What do we tell our children? Why on Earth hadn't anyone seen this coming? Or did they and they didn't want to let us in on the big reveal? Either way, and this is extraordinarily hard to stomach for some, is that we are getting what we may have subconsciously needed in order for the move forward to actually continue; despite all signs pointing to the contrary.

Hard to swallow, huh?

It was hammered into us for years. It was the over consumption of media prophecies and poll results. Whether you like it or not, the truth is she was the candidate of neutral; staying in the same spot, saying the same things and offering no enthusiasm or hope for a better world. He is the exact opposite; unpredictable, unlikable, unthinkable and more often than not, unbelievable. But he is what we have, and we are going to have to live with it; for at least the next four years.

What are we going to do about it? Are we going to put our heads in the sand, because what little snow is left will be gone by then? Are we going to abandon all sense of decency and revert back to the ways that catered to them controlling us? I hope not.

He stands for something, and he never stood a chance.

The real threat to the power structure was discarded and cast off by the DNC in the primaries. He had the movement, the populism, the message and the fact that there is nothing that can scar or tar his image working in his favor; all of it combined and made him someone that they couldn't control so instead of an assassination that would have turned him into a martyr, they used the media to cover-up the fact that his primary campaign was rigged against him and now only wait to see if he just won't die of old age in the process. It's all so very nice and tidy for the elites. Nothing to investigate further. Just to continue playing the hand that they deal themselves. They've counted the cards, they've raised the stakes and they control the once again I ask, where do we go from here?

To Work! To the library! To Church! To school! To the outdoors! To the coffee shops and meeting places! To discuss, plan and act to put forward an agenda that continues to move us forward. It is evolution, not devolution. People need to abandon the xenophobic racism, the sexist philosophies, the complacency of our modern world and we need to act to build a better one. We need to pay more attention and we need to hit them where it counts and that is the pocket book.

Protests don't work. Stopping traffic is not the answer. The only thing the power structure and the elites care about is money and awareness. In the process we must find a way to make sure that everyone, everywhere is cared for, loved and respected; not feared, shunned or scapegoated. The only way they continue to win and maintain control over us is by dividing us into our pre-arranged camps. We are much better and bigger than Us vs. Them. We are the power, we are the people in control; but only if we act and realize that believing the lie that they continue to tell us is nothing more than the leash that drags us around. Having a choice every four years between two people bought and sold is not freedom.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are better than this. We are made of star dust. We are capable of so much more. We only have to trust our gut instincts and know that this happened because we let it happen, but we will not take it anymore. We must always remember the 8th of November. We are finally waking up and we are Outraged!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vol.199: Binge on the American Dream

                Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

We Americans have seen everything imaginable. From the use of nuclear weapons, terrorist attacks on our homeland (maybe an inside job) to the inclusion of slavery into the birth of our nation. Whether it to believe in the sad reality and the results of the horrors of the modern world we have become binge consumers of the big screen; as a result our lifestyles have adapted to the televisions which raise our children and lure us into a sedated existence, unless of course what we are watching has some intelligent educational value or excellent writing. This election cycle has been no different. We have been entertained as we learned that the Democratic Party had rigged it's primaries in favor of what may turn out to be the Anti-Christ, and yet nothing happened. Ladies and gentlemen, the trail of bodies that the Clintons leave in their coincidental wake is astounding. The latest is Seth Rich, ie; see Vince Foster. Do the research.     

Then there is the wavy haired, say it once and mean it, get criticized for it and deny it, lord of debt, the Donald. With his insinuation of violence toward his opponent becoming a new low, which seems to be a bar that he only seemingly lowers, week after week; but yet, nothing happens. The pundits spouse their prognostications and the news never changes. We have never seen or heard stranger things being uttered from candidates running for the highest office in the land. Ladies and gentlemen, once they are to become the President of the most powerful country in the world, we as a nation will have watched first hand truly, the making of a murderer. Drones that hover over foreign countries dropping laser guided bombs upon terrorists will one day find a home, miles above us, watching our every step that could be our last, with the push of a button. 

And then there is the man with the golden touch sitting over in the largest land mass with unlimited powers, unlimited natural resources and the look of a snake resting upon his face, Vladimir Putin. Whether it is getting appreciative gestures from Trump or being dragged out as the scapegoat for illegal hacks of uncovering illegal rigging of United States presidential democratic primaries, he plays the game like a Bond villain; the only thing missing is a fluffy white cat. 
"I see everything everywhere all the time."

Meanwhile women and children throughout the state of Florida and the island of Puerto Rico continue to be stung by the reluctance of our Congress to come back early from their summer vacations and actually do something of value for the suffering that they are under due to the media's latest catchphrase, Zika. 

Oh, but fear not ladies and gentlemen; we have the Olympics to care about. Never mind the hovels that make up Rio, let us bask in our first world ability to treat all of it as an extended holiday where we continually pat ourselves on the back. Just another distraction from the realities that if binged upon will only upset our fragile illusions as we choose instead to continue to live in a world of make believe, the American Dream. 

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Friday, July 1, 2016

Vol.198: Burn the Witch

                  Spread the Outrage. Spread the Truth.

Precariat: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In sociology and economics, the precariat is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. Unlike the proletariat class of industrial workers in the 20th century who lacked their own means of production and hence sold their labour to live, members of the Precariat are only partially involved in labour and must undertake extensive "unremunerated activities that are essential if they are to retain access to jobs and to decent earnings". Specifically, it is the condition of lack of job security, including intermittent employment or underemployment and the resultant precarious existence.[1]The emergence of this class has been ascribed to the entrenchment of neoliberal capitalism.[2][3]

Civilizations come and civilizations go. It's just a fact; it's simple really. There comes a time when a breaking point has been reached and there is nothing left to save; nobody can do anything about it, it just is.

Are we seeing the slow decay of time's neo-capitalistic noose around the neck of Europe? Are we seeing the inevitable results of a financial downturn not seen since the Great Depression and the natural pull back into a nationalistic frame of mind? How else does anyone explain the popularity of Donald Trump? The Brexit? Scapegoats are everywhere and anything can be sacrificed for the greater good, whether it be migrants, laws, morals, the environment. Nothing is off limits if it makes you feel better.

The precarious nature of the current state of existence for the world's most populous worker is just another sign that the water is beginning to boil and the frog in the pot is representative of the 1%. Sooner or later, the barbarians will storm the gates, unless of course we continue to be sedated with thoughtless pastimes, than nothing will happen. The linear quality of time will move forward without the slightest bump, except for the rising of temperatures.

It is an accepted fact that the companies we work for may pronounce in human relations friendly terms during new employee orientations that they hold nothing but our best interests at heart, but we know better; it is the shareholders they are concerned for; profits and nothing more. Everything and everyone is expendable and until the world's labor rises up to form a worldwide labor union, the scattered remains of production will continue to be moved across the board where the labor is the cheapest.

The work-life balance is that for many of us, we are going to have to work for the rest of our lives.

It is with this dread and storm cloud covered sky that she comes riding on her Benghazi broomstick. The unnatural laughter rising in pitch as her political smile widens. Her held high and her private server in the far corners of all of our minds. According to her spell that she has cast, it is her turn. Like a child's board game instead of a democratically elected process, it is her entitlement, it is her turn to wear the mantle. Unlike her husband, little is known of her sex-life, but she just may be the Book of Revelation's Whore of Babylon. She has chosen the paths of least resistance to get to where she is, standing on the threshold of greatness, and maybe, just maybe, years from now the truth will come out, that the whole thing was rigged. So, I for one will continue to feel the Bern and demand like our nation of pitchforks, all of us knowing better than the other, to the Burn the Witch!!! Burn the Witch!!!

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Vol. 197: What if I told You......

            An original "something in the works........"

            An elderly gentleman with shiny silver hair, dressed in a crisp dark suit sat on the park bench watching pigeons scrounge for crumbs from middle class employees on their lunch break. A well polished mahogany cane rested at his left side and a large red rose was pinned against his right breast as he sat with his well manicured hands in a pose of silent prayer. His lips moved but uttered no sound as he watched strangers pass by, catching the bright red rose out of the corner of their eyes; he smiled. The clouds appeared to be threatening rain. The city hall’s clock tower chimed noon. The elderly gentleman checked his gold watch that was attached to his left breast pocket and motioned his left hand in a wave. The nearby pigeons acquiesced and flew away toward the large elm trees that surrounded the small stone circle of the park.
            A younger man approached wearing a new cream colored suit, tailored to accentuate his youth and appreciation for physical fitness. His bright green eyes displayed eagerness as he saw the older man sitting on the park bench.
            “Stephen, I am glad you came to join me. I have been watching your progress at the firm over these past couple months and I’m impressed with what I have seen,” the gentleman said with a slight British accent.
            “Mr. Hermes, please, you are too kind,” the young man blushed.
            “Here, have a seat next to me. I was hoping we could have a chat this afternoon. There is no need to worry. I’ve spoken to the other partners and they are aware and most comfortable with giving you some time away from the desk,” he patted the empty space on the bench next to him, noticing the hesitation in the young man’s gesture.
            “Really, after all that the markets have been through the past couple of days?”
            “The markets will be there when you get back. Please, have a seat.”
            Stephen sat down next to the old man and out of the corner of his eye noticed a man wearing what looked to be a standard government issued dark suit on the park bench adjacent, staring at them. Stephen brushed it away from his mind and thought nothing more of it. He took a long sip from his overpriced cup of coffee and sat down.
            “Stephen, how long have you been with the firm? Six months, right?”
            “Yes, it will be six months in July. Why do you ask?”
            “Do you plan on staying with us and making a name for yourself at the firm, or are you like so many of these millenials today? Are you going to jump ship the first chance you get at making more money?”
            Stephen hadn’t been expecting this to be the conversation when he received the email earlier that morning. The subject line was something about a “bright future.”
            “Well, yes Mr. Hermes, I do plan on staying with the firm as long as possible. That’s of course if my work is up to their standards.”
            “Stephen, my dear boy, I don’t think that will be an issue. But truly, I didn’t want to talk to you about the firm’s position in the market or your ‘career’ with us. What I’m interested in to know is …how well can you keep a secret?”
            “Well, I guess.”
            “Well, I was hoping for something better than just ‘well’ my dear boy.”
            “I mean, I was in the brotherhood at college. But I guess you and the other partners already know that. So, yes, absolutely I can keep a secret.”
            “Good, that’s very good Stephen,” Mr. Hermes replied as he patted the bright red rose pinned to his right breast. “The reason being Stephen, is that there is something I need to tell you; something of the utmost importance. Something that will undoubtedly take up a great deal of your time away from the firm’s ‘official’ business, but what will help us maintain our position in the global markets for years to come.”
            “I don’t follow you sir. Pardon my hesitation but, if it’s not ‘official’ business, how can it be sanctioned by the firm and not only that, how can it benefit the firm’s position in the market?”
            “My dear boy, we are not talking about anything illegal in any shape or form. What I am talking about is something of such importance that the fate of the world as we know it, depends upon its safe keeping. What if I told you that there is a book that exists. A book so old, so rare and so powerful that he or she that has it and knows of it’s true purpose, well, he or she can, it’s fair to say, make dreams come true, or nightmares, depending on the color of the work.”
            “Mr. Hermes, sir, excuse me, but are you sure you’re feeling well?”
            “Please Stephen, what I’m trying to tell you is important. I need to tell you this and I need to know that I can trust you. Do you see that man over there, the one with the cheap suit and note pad?”
            “Yes, why?”
            “He’s been watching me for quite some time.”
            “Today? I noticed him when I got here, why?”
            “Not just today Stephen, for years.”
            “Years. He is part of a secret group of men and women whose only agenda is to take possession of the book. They think I have it and they have been watching me for years, trying to ascertain its location.”
            “Mr. Hermes, I think you need to see a doctor. I honestly don’t think you’re thinking clearly.”
            “Why would I lie? I’m an old man in search of someone that I can pass this information on to. Someone that I can trust with my life. With all of our lives. Stephen, I know of the book’s location and I need for you to get it for me. Can you do that for me? Will you do that for me?”
            “Mr. Hermes, please, I think you need to lie down for a spell.”
            “Spell, precisely. Watch this. I’ll buy us a little more privacy and for your sake, maybe a little trust.” Mr. Hermes grabbed his cane, motioned it back and forth and muttered something in a low voice. The man in the cheap suit fell over on his side in an instant and began immediately snoring. “Now, what were you saying?”

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