Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vol. 162: Only Days Away; Newtown could be Anytown

     Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, this is once again Thelonius Ronscpiacy from the outer fringes of an infiltrated society. With the Earth ready to be in direct alignment with the center of the Milky Way galaxy on 12/21/2012 in a once every 26,000 year event, people the world over will be readying themselves in preparation for either the end of the world, or simply the entering into the Age of Aquarius. Whether this will mean the end of civilization as we know it or just another step towards the imposition of a One World Government where everybody will be chipped with a tracking device other than the one we carry in our hands; the latest cellular phone that many of us had to stand in line for hours to purchase. No, we're not crazy. So, for those of you who wish to do some last minute shopping here is a link to a list of things one will need in order to survive the ever-looming Apocalypse or inevitable Fiscal Cliff. http://www.survivetheapocalypse.net/2010/05/18/100-items-to-disappear-first-after-the-apocalypse/

     Thoughts of Outrage:

"Do my eyes yell 'crazy'?"
          1. A week ago there was a mass shooting at a mall in Clackamas, Oregon and of course last Friday, December 14th, 20 school children, between the ages of 6 & 7, and 6 adults at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, were killed by yet another mentally disturbed 20 year old white adult male who apparently never said a word during the entire time of his demonic possession. It was another senseless, cowardly, and evil act of violence that has left its horrible stain on the lives of Americans. The shooter's mom was supposedly a gun enthusiast (according to the left-leaning media; but that doesn't mean there are a number of school shootings in places like Montana or Wyoming), and was the first of the shooter's targets......as she rested in her bed she was shot multiple times. The shooter then destroyed his computer and hard drive by dropping heavy objects upon it, before he drove to the school to continue to his psychotic rampage; which has led this oftentimes deranged author to speculate, why? Was there evidence of MK-Ultra mind control experiments on his computer? Was it another Manchurian Candidate? And where did that black and white grainy crazy eyes photo of him come from? That can't be a yearbook photo, he was home schooled. According to police reports, the shooter planned on doing much worse with more than 100's of rounds of ammunition that went unused. What has become apparent in this day and age is that there is an inherent need for more attention to be given to combat and treat mental illness as well as to continually look for the warning signs and eliminate the causes if and when at all possible. One thing is clear; we cannot regulate our way out of the horrible cesspool we find ourselves dealing with, and as a result of what seemingly has become normalcy, the horrible massacre has brought with it, is yet another orgiastic feast by all things media (I am no better), thrusting surviving children in front of cameras to answer questions from reporters with microphones as appendages. Which leads to more unsettling questions; are these mass shootings, more than 65 have occurred in the U.S. since Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot in Arizona in 2009, are these mass shootings a result of the relaxation of cultural norms at the expense of the collective of society? Are individuals being granted too much freedom to do and say whatever they want, and they feel they are justified in their right to do so? Sounds almost Luciferian doesn't it? Someone go dig up the bones of John Milton, he's got some questions I'd like him to answer.

          2.  If Leonardo DaVinci had been born in the 1940's and had been a folk singer, he'd be Bob Dylan. If God were a running back, he'd be Adrian Peterson.
          3. Raising the taxes on the top 2% of earners is just a nod to the growing displeasure of the overwhelming class disparity in pay.  The instinctual backlash towards those who have, from those who have not. Sadly, I don't see either side working with each other in Washington, and therefore, a Fiscal Cliff deal will not be made. Instead, both sides will once again point their fingers at each other; Boehner vs. Obama, Mcconnell "the human turtle" vs. Pelosi, and the United States will ironically melt into the sea along with the Fox News denying evidence of climate change melting polar ice in the Arctic.
          4.The United States government has issued another stern warning toward Syria if they were to use chemical weapons on their own people. Syria's scared response was to fire a scud missile at their opposition. Stern warnings work so well. Just take a look at North Korea. Firing rockets into the air like unchaperoned young boys around the 4th of July. Someone is liable to blow a finger off. Or possibly a dangerous explosion in the cab of an Bengal Blue 88' Ford Ranger.......forcing the passenger to then dive out the cab door and into the ditch. It's in the works?
          5. Only the inconsistent Minnesota Vikings can have Adrian Peterson rush for over 200 yards against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau and lose by 9, and then the following week win ugly at home against the Bears; and these guys are getting a new stadium? I'll support it if they land Johnny Football at QB; because in the opinion of this author, Christian isn't gonna save this organization from the lions of the NFL.
    6. How surreal of an experience was it, watching the 3 remaining living members of one of the greatest rock'n'roll bands of all time, Led Zeppelin, on David Letterman 2 weeks ago? It was as if someone dipped my fingers in Timothy Leary quality LSD as I felt the tightening of my stomach from eating too many magic mushrooms, reminiscent of feeding groupies to sharks in Holiday Inn swimming pools. The warm smell of teenage basement gatherings. Then, Jim from The Office had to follow Led Zeppelin. Somewhere in either Heaven or Hell, Jimi Hendrix was laughing about the Monterey Pop Festival of 1967. Pete Townsend is laughing at the irony as well; that and the fact that he's still alive. But really, the title of his autobiography is Who I am?? Then again, it made no sense to this author until his lovely better half pointed it out to him. That's right, he was in the band The Who. Too many trips made in the basement maybe? Light the incense. Speaking of which, only in America, the land of no common-sense, only corporations; in the state of Washington can you now possess up to an oz. of pot if you are over the age of 21. But, you can't grow it, or buy it, so it has to fall from the Heavens like Manna to the Israelites; call it Mannijuana?
          7. Did the Royals murder another person who got in the way of their royal bloodline? The U.K. nurse caring for Princess Kate, who answered the prank phone call from two Australian D.J's, was found dead from an apparent suicide just days later. It is sad and tragic......and of course someone has to be to blame for all of this, but it's not the D.J's. How about blaming the media with their incessant coverage of all things Royal Family? Just a thought, hell blame me, Thelonius Ronscpiacy. The more you dig into the nefarious dealings of the people in power, the scarier it all becomes. I feel like David Ferrie in  Oliver Stone's magnum opus, JFK.
8. The cost of shipping two stuffed animals and two children's books, making sure that they are to be received by Christmas day, thanks to the good profitable people at UPS, $60?!!! UPS is going strong, the United States Postal Service is going bankrupt, because unlike UPS, the United States Postal Service isn't butt-raping their customers.
          9. After having just finished reading a brilliant book, Life of Pi, and recently having seen the genius of a film by filmmaker Ang Lee, I have found that the central theme throughout both works of art, is that there are basically two ways to view one's life. One can either choose to see things as having both meaning and a deeper purpose, or one can simply choose to see things as mere chance coincidence. In the end, each one of us gets opportunities, throughout our lives' to choose which way we will live our lives. Now, if only we could find a better way out of traffic jams due to winter storms of wet snow coating highways with a layer of ice filled chaos and extremely slow driving. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and long live Festivus. Here's to hoping we make it through the end of the world cosmic changes of the Mayan calendar, and the looming fiscal cliff.
Just a little more live Europe for you. Joey Tempest and the boys still bring it.
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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Vol.161: Red Light, Green Light

Did your Thanksgiving Dinner guests look like these people? Add some skinny jeans and some bicycles, and you can see them all at Grumpy's in Nordeast.
     Greetings from Thelonius Ronscpiacy,

     A couple of weeks ago, I watched the film Red Lights. It was a major studio release this past summer that didn't get too many favorable reviews, which starred the once incomparable Robert Deniro as the character Simon Silver, a medium of extraordinary powers. The exact opposite of the Robert Deniro who in recent years hasn't been in a decent film since Casino in the mid 90's. Like all artists I suppose, they have their peak years and then they have their valleys where they just receive paychecks. The film's subject matter was what may be considered to be on the fringe of science and skepticism, sort of like denying that there is something drastically wrong with climate change, ie; Arctic Ice melt the size of the U.S in the past year. The film dealt with seances and mediums and the dismissal of miracles. What Sigourney Weaver's character in the film called "discordant notes." The "red lights" are the little oddities, the slight and singular differences we experience in our lives and rarely take notice of or for that matter, most of the time, take for granted.
     I start with this because I believe we experience the phenomenon all of the time and maybe it's my job to bring those things to light. To drag them kicking and screaming out from the dusty cobwebbed corners of the recesses of our collective subconscious and expose them for what they really are, subjects, topics, moments worth further investigation; ie; the Fiscal Cliff that looms over the shoulder of the madness of Black Friday. The Gaza ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, hoping that it will last longer than a Kim Kardashian marriage, even though the military exercises for Israel seemed to be nothing more than preparing for the inevitable between themselves and Iran. Egypt has a new Pharaoh in town, and his name is Morsy; not the emo-British crooner, although to some in the Muslim world, that may be worse. As result, the Tahrir Square is looking once again like a riotous diplomatic version of New Years New York's Time Square, minus Ryan Seacrest, the alcohol and corporate sponsors. Then there is Susan Rice, the U.S Ambassador to the U.N who was shockingly mislead by intelligence given to her by the CIA; I know, can you believe it? The CIA playing mind games, or maybe Petraeus's hands were tied at the time while Paula Broadwell read to him Fifty Shades of Grey?  Did you know, that the White House's pick to replace Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State, Susan Rice, has millions invested in Canadian energy companies, companies that would gain handsomely if the XL Keystone Pipeline is built, and would only be built if whomever was Secretary of State at that time signed off on it? Once again, I'm not making this up. How convenient it would be for Ms. Rice. Then again, it's all just coincidence. Right? Or is it?
     Another sign that we may be living in the last moments of human civilization and from what I would gather has biblical scholars the world over, scratching their heads and readying their panic-rooms and bomb shelters, is the fact that on 11/28/12 in front of the U.N, Palestinians made a bid for a status upgrade to become a recognized state. They don't recognize the state of Israel, but they want to be recognized? If only to bring crimes of humanity against their Jewish neighbors. Oh, the middle-east, such a peaceful vacation destination. I'm surprised Disney hasn't opened a theme-park there. Think of the tourism.
     God definitely has a sick sense of humor. Three major religions have the exact same city as their gateway to the divine, and no, it's not Las Vegas. It's all just coincidence. These are just some of the recent "red lights" worth investigating. 
     Then there are the four legs of the table that are holding the brittle financial world a float, before the table-cloth is magically pulled out from under our enormously packed American sized plates, according to many Economists, which is just another name for "paid guessers," are Housing, Europe, China and Oil Prices. Which leads me to ask, what is the next big race? We've had the Space Race, the Arms Race, the Amazing Race, but what's next? The Face Race? A mad run for all things cosmetic surgery related, or are we already there? See magazine stand at nearest check-out aisle. But, I digress.
"I'm Sexy and I know it." Now that's Gangnam Style!
     Our ever expanding global economy brought yet another glad tiding of its promise in the horrible and terrible tragic results of a massive garment factory fire in Bangladesh in recent weeks. The fire killed more than a 100 meagerly paid workers who had no way of escape, being that there wasn't a proper fire exit readily available for them. Instead, many chose to jump out of windows to their death while others were burnt alive; all so companies can mass produce clothing brought to you by Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs......ironically they all went up in a "puff" of smoke. I'm not making this up. How much coverage did this horrible event gather in the U.S media? Oh, that's right, why bring the truth of our futile efforts at happiness through a consumer oriented society to light when we are in the midst of our Moloch inducing Holiday season. Just feed the beast more children. Appease its appetite with the young and uneducated. The world takes to the streets in protest of draconian austerity measures, the U.S takes to the malls to go shopping.
     How dumb and uniformed is the North Korean regime these days? They bought the gag brought about by The Onion that Kim Jong-Un is the World's Sexiest Man.  

    On another note, we are only years away from being driven automatically by self-driving vehicles. Google has already driven over 300k miles in a self-driving vehicle with the help of 3-D cameras and GPS satellites. Think of it, no more sober-cabs. No more worries about how you're going to get home from the office holiday party. Nope, those days are over. Instead, your boss and upper management will find more time and more work for you to do on your daily commute into and away from the office each day. More time to text, to check email and work on spreadsheets. Awwwww, the American Dream. Or if you are being chased by the goons of the military industrial complex on a dream vacation trip to Mars, you may experience the annoying blow-back of technological advances in your face. So, in closing, when you do see "red lights" and the little light in your head goes off, enjoy it, observe it and take it all in. Find the deeper meaning in these little blips on your radar as you find yourself so easily distracted, confused and annoyed. These and hopefully this blog and its' moments unlike the film Red Lights, are worth reading and watching. So, do yourself a favor and save your time, save yourself.


Thelonius Ronscpiacy

Dear Outrage,

Democratic compassion = the amount of people that get stuff.  We’ve reached the proverbial tipping point.  More people getting a handout than aren’t means America will continue to vote in democrats until our demise.

Just look at California, they have billions and billions of debt and they vote in a liberal super majority.  This will be very instructive for us to see, however the liberals will be blinded by blaming everyone but themselves.


Double T of the GOP

Thank you for your time, patience and consideration.

A little more Arnold before you go. Enjoy.

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