Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vol.199: Binge on the American Dream

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We Americans have seen everything imaginable. From the use of nuclear weapons, terrorist attacks on our homeland (maybe an inside job) to the inclusion of slavery into the birth of our nation. Whether it to believe in the sad reality and the results of the horrors of the modern world we have become binge consumers of the big screen; as a result our lifestyles have adapted to the televisions which raise our children and lure us into a sedated existence, unless of course what we are watching has some intelligent educational value or excellent writing. This election cycle has been no different. We have been entertained as we learned that the Democratic Party had rigged it's primaries in favor of what may turn out to be the Anti-Christ, and yet nothing happened. Ladies and gentlemen, the trail of bodies that the Clintons leave in their coincidental wake is astounding. The latest is Seth Rich, ie; see Vince Foster. Do the research. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3726250/Enemies-Hillary-Bill-say-27-year-old-murder-victim-Seth-Rich-suspected-leaking-DNC-emails-belongs-Clinton-Death-List-people-ties-couple-died-time.html     

Then there is the wavy haired, say it once and mean it, get criticized for it and deny it, lord of debt, the Donald. With his insinuation of violence toward his opponent becoming a new low, which seems to be a bar that he only seemingly lowers, week after week; but yet, nothing happens. The pundits spouse their prognostications and the news never changes. We have never seen or heard stranger things being uttered from candidates running for the highest office in the land. Ladies and gentlemen, once they are to become the President of the most powerful country in the world, we as a nation will have watched first hand truly, the making of a murderer. Drones that hover over foreign countries dropping laser guided bombs upon terrorists will one day find a home, miles above us, watching our every step that could be our last, with the push of a button. 

And then there is the man with the golden touch sitting over in the largest land mass with unlimited powers, unlimited natural resources and the look of a snake resting upon his face, Vladimir Putin. Whether it is getting appreciative gestures from Trump or being dragged out as the scapegoat for illegal hacks of uncovering illegal rigging of United States presidential democratic primaries, he plays the game like a Bond villain; the only thing missing is a fluffy white cat. 
"I see everything everywhere all the time."

Meanwhile women and children throughout the state of Florida and the island of Puerto Rico continue to be stung by the reluctance of our Congress to come back early from their summer vacations and actually do something of value for the suffering that they are under due to the media's latest catchphrase, Zika. 

Oh, but fear not ladies and gentlemen; we have the Olympics to care about. Never mind the hovels that make up Rio, let us bask in our first world ability to treat all of it as an extended holiday where we continually pat ourselves on the back. Just another distraction from the realities that if binged upon will only upset our fragile illusions as we choose instead to continue to live in a world of make believe, the American Dream. 

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