Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"We need oversight"

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man...............vol. 74
Hope everyone got a chance to use their economic stimulus check when they had the chance. Can you hear the knocking at your front door, yep that's right, now the government wants it back so it can bail out the "too big to fail" companies on Wall Street and also to put a stop to the 10,000 foreclosures that are happening every day. The US Government wants every dime we can spare so it can set up another regulatory body creating a system that with each passing day looks more and more like a form of socialism. That's right, the US Government swallowed up AIG, Fannie Mae and her brother Freddie Mac, and Bear Stearns, to the lump sum of $700 billion dollars. Coming to roughly, $2300 per tax payer. Thanks again for that economic stimulus check. That was sure a good idea. All we will have to do is fire up the printing press and get some more dollars into the market, or else people will actually realize that the dollar isn't worth much anymore. It has to backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. How much faith and credit do we have anymore? I ask you that.
Oh, and it's a good thing for John Mccain that Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinijead supports Obama. That should get Mccain some more votes from the bible belt. Didn't Bin Laden release a tape endorsing John Kerry before the 2004 election? Kind of sounds familiar doesn't it. Deja vu all over again.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

On the Road again.....

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.........vol.73
Lipstick on a pig. How about that? Lipstick on a pig is today's catchphrase. I was at the State Fair this year and I didn't notice any booth that was offering that kind of deal. I was too heavily focused on finding the freak show down in the Midway or was I sipping on my nice tall glass of Stella Artois at the time? I forget. Where is that booth? It may have been out by the Minneapolis International Airport and nearby Sen. Larry Craig's favorite bathroom stall. Can't you just hear the foot tapping? To the beat of a different drummer. No pun intended. Seriously, no offense. Getting off track once again. My apologies. This kind of stuff comes around once in a lifetime. Maybe the mud of the pigs' is America, and listen how we squeal.
Thanks a lot for those economic stimulus checks. Oh, what's this now? You want them back to bailout companies that are "too big to fail". It's nice to know that average citizen doesn't have a safety net as neat and tidy as the Federal Government does for Wall Street big businesses. I know that if the federal government didn't step up to the plate and beg for more money to stave off another Depression we would all be going for each other's throats and looting and burning whatever cash we do have on hand, because we'd realize once and for all that not only is our country morally bankrupt but financially as well. How else can anyone explain "Hole in the Wall?'". 700 Billion dollars on top of the 10 billion that we are spending every month in Iraq. Who would want to be President of the United States? Look what they are going to inherit. Ouch. But at least the President has been telling us that our Economy has been "fundamentally sound." Whew, that is a relief. I almost thought we may be in trouble here. I mean how much is our dollar really worth when all we do is print more and send more out into the marketplace when we know in our heart of hearts that we are never going to pay off our national debt. Never. Then again, if the world is going to end or whatever changes might occur by December 22, 2012, this is kind of leading us down that thorny path. Can't you just smell the roses? You know what you need for nice flowers to grow? Bull. Yep, you guessed it. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the filth.

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Friday, September 12, 2008


Attn: Lucky Winner,
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