Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Morning Sun Rise.........vol.151

Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, a match made in the slashed funding, cutting jobs, reducing people to the bare minimum political atmosphere of a no-holds-barred contest for the heart and soul of the American people, or maybe just the Tea-Party. One who’s made his career in the private-equity sector where profit losing companies are bought and restructured in order for their business model’s to turn around and become more productive (damn, that sounds a lot like what America needs) and then there’s the other guy, obviously a man who’d been tapped and embraced years ago from the men behind the curtain in Bohemian Grove (Koch brothers) to say and do whatever they will tell him to do.

People don’t need health care or a safe retirement. These are all entitlements according to these hunchbacked steely eyed long clawed weasels. They want to convince you that you don’t deserve the social security money that you’ve had deducted from your paychecks for your whole life. According to these bloodsuckers, you shouldn’t be entitled to any of it.  So, for Vice President, the Republican Party has Rep. Ryan, who looks like the geekier version of the choir teacher on Fox’s hit television show for the LGBT crowd, Glee.
Ironically, that’s the channel owned by the fear mongering and hate spewing homophobic Rupert Murdoch; who would have thought that he would embrace such dirty programming, but then again, none of those guys watch that stuff; they’re too busy making deals to increase their profit margins and keeping the middle class believing that what they have they should hold on to with all of their might, or else, the socialist pigs will come screaming through their neighborhoods with bloody machetes and shopping carts filled with welfare checks and repossess their wealth and send it over to Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, Syria or whichever country or enemy of the week they want us all to be afraid of, so we don’t focus on what is often times the most deadly enemy of them all; the lack of awareness.

          So, back to the big Saturday morning headlines, the Republican ticket has central casting for the role of President to be played by a Mormon with nice hair and a weasel looking guy for Vice President who wants to kick your grandmother out on to the street so they can keep funding the endless-mindless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and on Drugs. There has only been one Catholic President in the United States and they blew his brains out in Dallas. What are the chances that a Mormon is going to be sitting in the White House come next January; probably about the same as a Scientologist making any sense; but I digress.

On another note, remember last year, they were supposed to cut defense spending by 100 billion for this year. They agreed to it last November as a result of the debt ceiling debacle, and now they want to go back on that too, because, wait, they’ve got military contracts in their districts and they have to be concerned with getting re-elected, not with actually doing things that matter for the American people like repairing bridges, repairing streets, siphoning off of foreign oil, finding renewable sources of energy, taking semi-automatic weapons off the streets and creating jobs (insert Tom Emmer’s voice here). Instead these spineless excuses for public servants vote, what is it now, 33, 34, 35, 36 times, I’ve lost count….to repeal Obama-care when even if it did pass in the Senate, the President isn’t going to sign it anyway. So here’s a crazy idea, quit wasting our time and actually do something, because people are slowly waking up and were not very happy, at least not until we’ve had our morning coffee.