Sunday, December 10, 2017

Vol. 205: The Purge and The Surge

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If Trump produced Movies

The sounds you are hearing are the ropes tightening and the chairs creaking as wobbly legs balance themselves under the dust of solitary light bulbs hanging in cramped cobweb filled basements. In some sort of quasi-sado-masochistic self immolation that has been stagnating throughout the recesses in the polished inner halls of power for generations, the veils are rapidly being lifted and the crusty finger shushing can no longer quell the purge that is taking place. The silence breakers are swelling in numbers and they have been sharpening their pitchforks for years.
Enough is Enough
Their justice has been swift and for some it is very much justified but for others it may be a little in the extreme, because no one should have to lose their career over an unwanted advance put forth in bad taste. 

The jokes were no longer funny.

In stark contrast is the meteoric rise and supernatural pull that Bitcoin and the underlying paradigm shifting technology of Blockchain is having upon the rest of the world. Traders, titans of industry and soothsayers of financial preservation cannot seem to wrap their degree wreathed heads around it. What began the year at $1k is now over $14k. Eventually the bubble will pop, but will we be left with the suds of luxury or a dirty bath water filled with graying filth? 

Both the purge and surge are causing many to scratch their heads. There are equal voices of protest and skulduggery being lampooned in the media and with men and women in positions of power discussing both the ridiculous nature of it all and also of it being a slow train coming that's time has finally arrived at the station of decent behavior. You can hear the old men muttering to themselves in disbelief as they may as well now coin the term "Bitchcoin." 

Are we as a country returning to the feminine mystique? Have over two thousand years of patriarchal religious hypnosis been torn asunder to once again be replaced by a subconscious desire to revisit the traditions of our past? Is mother Earth screaming out that she won't be silenced any longer? Has the Zeitgeist been brought forth by films such as Wonder Woman, television shows such as The Handmaid's Tale and The Crown and the world wide phenomenon that was The Hunger Games

Amazon Women run the World

What is as obvious as the cold weather upon us and the never ending wild fires in California, is the fact that as a sexually perverse wannabe tyrant sits throwing continuous tantrums in the Oval Office and an alleged pedophile might enter the Senate on Wednesday morning, there seems to be a digestive reflex for those in conflict with their moral blankets that their hypocrisy can no longer be covered. The lights of a thousand voices have been shining into their hovels of depravity and yet he continues to Tweet without repercussions unto himself. However, his uncanny nature of escaping any consequences may finally be reaching its' apex as the slow tapping of the drums of war in the form of Mueller's investigation rings true. We as a world of evolving spirits having a human experience would be wise to strip him of the nuclear football as soon as possible before he throws one last Hail- Mary in a war against North Korea as merely a tool of mass distraction. 
He is looking into everything

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Vol. 204: Tired Mottoes

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A recent dispatch from Theona Donther, who lives life on the front lines against the Tyrannical reach of the 1%. She has risked life and limb to get this to us, before it's too late.

The tip toe step while the dragons sleep in their corrupt corners of inequities and greed grows tiresome when it is fueled by prescription drugs that only require additional concoctions to balance the worn out equation. There is something amiss in our shining city on a hill. There are warning signs from Lady Liberty to stay away, we don't want any more of your huddled masses starving for a fresh start; we can barely give that to our own they say, and they preach it louder and louder with a manufactured megaphone each passing day. Meanwhile the gentrification goes on unabated while we segregate through backdoor legislation disguised as a modern day slave trader nation, but that can be said for any free-trader draped in neo-liberalism; pretty soon everyone will figure out that there is nothing free about free-trade. To knowingly make these arguments they will slander you with titles of socialist or un-American if you perceive that there could be more done to help those that need it the most and ironically, the clenched hands that grip their sweaty soiled dollar bills call themselves compassionate conservatives. Their tired mottoes are, "Do whatever you like when you have suffered fools for long enough, it is time to get big government out of your way, but there are limits to what you can do with your body and your mind."

Ladies and gentlemen, trust not in the belief that we are all created equal because you will not see it in our behaviors. So we trudge on through the chaos, the horrors of manufactured consent and drive ourselves crazy wrapped up in the notion that with only some inspired rhetoric from a never descending savior, all of our ills will be washed clean in the rivers of our spoils. Instead, the laundry must be dried in machines that can be promoted as energy efficient because no one has the time to let them hang from lines in the hot air we breathe. Grab your pitchforks, extend those fingers at your neighbors, if you see something-say something and trust in the Lord. The salvation that waits will wait a little while longer as we kick the cans of our better promises further down the road. The climate is warming along with our tempers. Discard the refuse hidden from the gaze of strangers and expose yourself to the skin of our conceit. We have disillusioned ourselves since time began that our better angels will comprehend all that we can hope to achieve. The ism's of humanity have run roughshod over the land and will continue until the wick no longer burns a light luminous enough for us to see ourselves in the shadows of dirt we've been living in. But all is not lost nor ever will be, because we are blessed as a species with the ability others do not have, and that is the greatest gift of all, we can make believe.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Vol. 203: Just a Little More

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The more things change it seems the more things stay the same. Each day we wake up to startling revelations from inside the White House. Each evening we are left shaking our heads in disbelief, asking ourselves, "How did we get here? How do we turn this thing around and do we even want to anymore?" 

As to everything else in life, there are no clear answers. There is only cause and effect and even then it now appears to be surreal. It is through this prism that chaos in the lack of common sense hurtles us onward through the void. Logic and decency left the station years ago. 

Remember When they put a Noose around Obama's neck???
We are left holding the bag, which should no longer be plastic, because we are becoming more responsible as our world becomes more reprehensible; but we won't let go of the plastic. It is our way of life. The debt that we continue to accrue is larger than ever before and we'll never pay it back, whether it is financially, environmentally or morally.  Don't you believe it for a second even when are politicians mention it. We are content to let the machine print more money. Let the empty gasoline can be kicked further on down the road. There is no turning back. There is no off-ramp, there are no U-turns, there is only forward and dear God, don't ever look back. History is where it should be, in the rear view mirror as we try to outrun the blast radius.  
The Republican Party Christmas Card????

We are the laughing stock of the world. We are maniacs toting guns everywhere we go, because we are everywhere, whether you like it or not. We as a nation overcome our fears by enforcing the threat of on-going violence upon others. Our giant, obese and oversized footprints are on every continent. We are incontinent. The stench of our refuse is overpowering as it grows larger, stretching the boundaries of our disgust as the vultures continue to circle overhead. We push leaders aside to get a better photo-op. We make the Pope look sad.
The Pope with the Anti-Christ and his brood

The post-traumatic stress of our ever present condition will not wear off for quite some time. There is no quiet room large enough to listen to our gut instincts'. There is no grief counseling available that can cure our entire country, especially when there are those that continue to embrace the madness with open arms while at the same time they wish to close our borders, in the name of security and fairness. Somebody please go tell the Native Americans.
He was Right

There are not enough pharmaceuticals to ease our worried minds, but don't let that stop them from trying. 
Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. 

We subscribe to the belief that superhero movies of the summer will save us. They will distract us until the next wave of radioactive disinformation hits us squarely in the face. At least in those imagined scenarios we know who will win when we know quite well in reality, we are far from ever receiving the laurels for our good behavior. There is no medal ceremony. Every day is a new communion. Every day we swallow a little bit more. 


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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vol. 202: LIFE as we Know It

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As we shuttle through space and time, we are confronted with the bleak horrors of reality; no more so than in our current state of futile politics. Each side rages against the other through the slipstream of a continuous news cycle, battling for importance in a world of diminishing relevance. Each one of us, dancing amidst soundbites and our decreasing attention spans. All of this as a space probe traveling millions of miles through the emptiness of space, through the dark void bringing back traces of life to an international space station, as we as a country have invited the all soul-destroying presence of his existence into our living rooms and finally, surreally into our White House.

Like a comet leaving a trail of Cheetos-dust in its' wake, his vile behavior has forced upon us earthlings the reckoning that we now confront. All of it as if torn directly from the pages of a Book of Revelation authored by a science-fiction writer.

In the film LIFE, the opening scene is an ambitious continuous shot detailing our surroundings of where we are to see the horror of the next hour and half unfold. Eerily, it's not unlike the next four years will become as we wait to see what demented theory he tweets at five in the morning from his seat atop his golden toilet, which many of us once called America. In the film, the blob is given the harmless name of Calvin by sweet little children, but when provoked and prodded by simple devices of the astronauts own creation, he is nothing like it seems, becoming bigger and deadlier with each passing moment. The slimy creature grows and morphs into an all-encompassing problem that the space crew has trouble handling; and so does our Donald, Cheetos-dust hair cut and all, unimaginably becoming smarter than we have given him credit for.

The hope of the international space station crew is to send the slimy creature out into the vastness of space where it can do no harm to the people of earth. It would be left to vanish in the desolate darkness forever and ever. Although the process of impeachment will be mentioned soon enough, sadly we do not have that option; we know that he won't go quietly and it will be far from easy, but smile to think of it, in space, no one could hear him screaming.

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Vol.201: The Puppet Dances and the World Winces

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The country has been micro dosed with the latest lab created psychedelic and we're all experiencing the mind altering effects of a not so great trip into the void. There is no fluorescent green cosmic snake to ride through the eternal ether, there is no door of perception to close on the monsters under the bed. Everything is surreal.

In order to cope, we pinch ourselves to make sure we aren't dreaming or suffering from opiate withdrawal. The dawn of a new era has begun and I can't stop shaking my head in disbelief. 
The truth is, as a result of the past election many of us will continue to walk in a daze of confusion and anger for many more months to come; that is if we are allowed to walk the war-zone streets of the carnage ravaged depraved cities we live in without being stopped and frisked for our national ID card? If the answers aren't acceptable to the questions posed, we may be put up against the wall, to live out the rest of our days in a CIA black site without hope of extradition or a fair trial.

We have a narcissistic child in the position of leader of the free world. Maybe if we remove the wind swept toupee there is a 666 etched into his scalp? The only cynical consolation if one can call it that at all to this horrible tragic nightmare is that there are people behind the spoiled brat pulling the strings that are actually in control. The puppet dances and the world winces. 

Alternative facts linger in the consciousness of America as we witness the birth pangs of a dictator. The Doomsday clock moved 2 minutes closer to midnight and there are 8 people on the planet that own as much wealth as half of the world. You Think I'm Kidding? 
The slow footsteps to oligarchy drudge through the winter of our discontent and the Superbowl is only days away. Ladies and gentlemen, God help us all.

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