Saturday, January 9, 2010

At least it'll be warmer......

The Global Musings of an Educated Man...................vol.123

Happy New Year 2010…….good morning ladies and gentlemen I hope that all is well out there for you and yours, but can I ask you this, where are the flying cars?? I was sure as a kid that they would be here by now; then again, we can't even make it back to the moon. We'll never find Bin Laden. I will begin by stating that this is going to be filled with more random thoughts stretched forth from the ether and grabbed from the nether regions of my brain as it deals with this ever expanding vortex of a universe. You've been warned.

            The push for real climate change began in Copenhagen, Denmark in mid December where 192 countries were involved and nothing was finalized or agreed upon, except that Obama is a very busy man and can't be at everyplace all of the time, or can he? The "media elites" once thought he could catch bullets with his teeth and part the clouds to bring in more rays of hope to our recession dreary lives but that hasn't happened has it? But, then again, W left us with quite the mess didn't he? Or maybe it was Greenspan? Or maybe it was us? Oh, sorry, it's all Obama's fault.  Instead we have Democrats huddled behind closed doors now and shutting out C-Span as they "debate" far from the public's eyes and ears about what to do about the future of health care in America. More transparency, my…... proving my theory that both parties are just flip sides of the same coin, flipping us off!!   Did you see that Democratic Senator Chris Dodd from Connecticut has announced his retirement? Saving his face and his keester, because as a leading member of the finance committee supposedly put in charge to change things and regulate the financial industry so as we don't have a repeat of the bubble of the past, got out while the getting was good, because you can't take money from the Wall Street companies and then be expected as voted in by the voters in your district to change things anymore, without the chickens coming home to roost, cue Reverend Wright.

            As a meager low level part time team member within the produce department of a shall not be named department store franchise that spends more on it's marketing then on it's employees, think red and white with a bullseye, aimed at the consumer, sorry, guests, the lack of holiday spirit permeated the building and grocery aisles every day I was there. It was oppressive and stifling as the mist of anger and impatience was overwhelming at every turn down every check out lane. But I digress, it was Christmas, oh, sorry, the Holidays, They some time get you down, like "rainy days and Mondays", I don't want to offend any one out there. But here goes, this may really get some people going, and I'm just spit-balling here, I'm not saying that I believe it, but it's just the hamster in it's wheel in my brain, that maybe just maybe, the Bible was created to impose a One World Government, because think about it, if as in the book of Revelations states that we have to submit to a One World Government before the second coming of the man from Nazareth will arrive and save the day, and dealing with all of the rapture hoohah and putting up with the beast rising out of the holy sea (Anti-Christ), but what if, what if he never was here to begin with, the man from Nazareth, gasp…..I know it's just a thought, but what we would all be waiting for would never arrive, and we'd be stuck in a heavily securitized and monitored, full body scanners One World Government run by a fascist leader promising hope and change. I asked myself, why was there a push from Paganism (many Gods) hard to control the people many many years ago to a Monotheistic approach (easier to unite and control the people)??? Then again, Islam vs. Christianity, is it just to divide and conquer the masses?? Anyhow, just some random, blasphemous thoughts, better get my sunscreen ready, it's going to be a hot one in the after life, for all eternity, I kid I kid. Chew on that.

            Now get back in line, go to work, be thankful you have a job, shut up and take the mark. Happy New Year!!


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