Thursday, January 28, 2010

Article II, Section 3

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..........vol.125
It was a historic night. The crowd was assembled. The usual suspects were there with their blue and red ties, ready to applaud at a moments notice and the others were to sit on their hands and make tired faces for the t.v. cameras. Obama, the chosen one, who was going to rebuild the country from the ashes like a phoenix rising into the sun, pleaded his case to the public that more time needs to be given. We have to be patient.
I was wondering how many times he would say "let me be clear", but it didn't happen. Instead he rolled into a populist message, like Presidents of the past, promising things that seem unattainable.
Two parties, both flip sides of the same coin working together? Good luck. But still I have hope.
"Change has not come fast enough" he stated and to our impatient public I can agree, for who has time to wait around these days for anything. We need things done now, and fast. As if we somehow know the end may be near.
He was supposed to part the Missisippi or free us from bondage or come down from a mountain top declaring that Yehovah had shown him the way, but instead he's just another politician, who can give really good speeches. The common enemy in the land of Obamica are "big banks" too big to fail but definitely in need of our handouts. "I thought I'd get an applause on that"....his demeanor was the most candid of any State of the Union that I have witnessed in my young life, and Slick Willy was pretty damn good if you can recall, that's Bill Clinton to you folks in the cheap seats. I was glad that there wasn't any mention of any "Axis of Evil" lurking in the aisles or telling us to buy up ducktape to ward against a bio-attack.
"I do not allow 2nd place for the United States of America" got everyone riled up and fully aroused.....the drums were sounding, que the porn music as their tongues wagged......but then he went on and on and started to loose me, but forever the optimist, Obama got me believing in him once again. In the end it was another great speech from one of the best speakers we have had as President......but actions speak louder than words and I, like the rest of this country, am waiting for something to be done in the cesspool that is our nations capital. But I do believe that our tomorrows can be better than our yesterdays.
On a sidenote and I may ruffle some feathers, but here goes, if you're anti-gay, why wouldn't you want gay men and women to serve in the military. With any luck they'd be taking a bullet for the country they loved and the enemy would simply be doing something that you wanted to do yourself in the first place. Do ask don't tell? By all means go right ahead, Afghanistan and Iraq are thata way.
I'm just saying. It's no big deal.

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