Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blame it on Obama?

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.............vol.124

A rude awakening was awakened by the hour of the morning and the silence of the White House was brought down with a scream, "My God! what has happened in the land of Kennedy?!!" For yes, how ironic is the fates and twists of the almighty to tease us with carrots and kick us with sticks in the presence of universal healthcare no more are we, downtrodden are the masses of Democrats distancing themselves like lepers to Roman soldiers, we have no cross to bear any longer just a bad economy, and the Vikings are they getting stronger?  For the old lion's seat to go to a Republican is like Saturday Night Live not being funny. Which is the truth, no longer worth the ordeal to watch on a Saturday night when found on the couch and nothing else on because you have no cable and your Netflix has yet to arrive, a book will be stretched forth or maybe a rinsing of the mouth. We've had earthquakes and aftershock s and the Haitians are running mad, and can you blame them. Just ask the victims of Katrina if we are going to help them. And maybe just maybe, now is not the time for a health care debate, for we have no more money, just a larger pile of made up dollars that never seem to go anywhere that is needed, i.e.; Main Street. But I bid you all a fond hello and see you scratching your heads, but I will warn you now, that I have been reading Finnegans Wake and there in lies the answer. Until next time, the aftershocks will be reverberating, so go safely to your warm beds.

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