Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Because you may not know.......

The Global Musings of an Educated Man...................vol.136
We can't afford to fund our schools, health care, social security, but we can do this???? What are we getting out of this?



·      US soldiers' deaths under Bush [2001-2008] in Afghanistan: 630[i]


·      US soldiers' deaths under Obama [2009-Oct. 2010] in Afghanistan: 693[ii]


·      Total US soldiers' deaths in Afghanistan: 1,323[iii]


·      Total US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan: 5,748[iv]


·      Total US contractor deaths from 09.01.01 through 09.30.10 30: 2,400[v]


·      Total US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan: 8,530[vi]


·      Total US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: 40,464[vii]


·      Total US contractors wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan: 44,152[viii]


·      Total US military suicides during 2001-2009: 1,985[ix]




·       Direct costs/month in Iraq: $12.5 billion[x]


·       Direct costs/month in Afghanistan $16 billion[xi]


·       Total direct cost, Iraq:  $737.5 billion[xii]


·       Total direct cost, Afghanistan: $354.4 billion[xiii]


·       Total projected direct and indirect costs, Iraq: $3 trillion+[xiv]


·       Total projected direct and indirect costs, Afghanistan: $1 trillion+[xv]



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