Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ssshhhh.....keep quiet and keep to yourself.

The Global Musings of an Educated Man........vol.131
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Last night I watched a film, via Netflix, Drag Me to Hell and I must say, I was thoroughly entertained. If not for the simple fact that it was a breath of fresh air amidst the stagnant horror films that have graced the cine-plexes in recent years. It was a 'B' horror film type that seemed to have come from the era of the 70's, but was made in present day by Sam Raimi, director of the SpiderMan franchise movies and the cult favorites The Evil Dead. I must say it's title may be very relevant to the times and what is currently happening in present day Greece. When was the last time you can remember, a country going through a fiscal crisis of this magnitude? Argentina in the late 90's early 00's? There is fear spreading like the supposed end all 'flu virus' that is going to awaken and bring the dead back to life and reek havoc on our simple yet privileged existence. Spain may be next they say, and then Portugal, and then Italy and then Ireland. The collapse of the European Union and their currency is at stake the pundits say. Or is it all a way to move us closer towards a one-world currency? Will it result in the United States being able to profit from Europe's mistakes or will it spread to China where fear of inflation is starting to spread like volcanic ash over the U.K?
We saw the NYPD and the FBI come together on Monday night to capture a Pakistani born militant who was intent on turning Times Square into what is normally found in parts of Jerusalem. Are we only steps away from suicide bombers boarding buses in the United States? Is Arizona correct in asking for identification from what are suspected to be illegal immigrants, or is it too eerily like Nazi Germany asking that Jews wear armbands for identification purposes? We seemed to be suffering from the all too dangerous fear of the other. Fear of the unknown.  Isolationism is spreading. We want to build a wall and lock the country down from all outsiders, from anyone who thinks or acts differently or looks different. The powers that be are going to be playing on those feelings to make profit and further their agenda, I guarantee you that. Oh, and we have nice oil slick growing down in the Gulf of Mexico.
Drag me to hell? Seems that's where were headed, doesn't it?

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