Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vol. 159: The Mornings After

     Wipe the sleep from your eyes and the realisation that you may have woken up, next to someone you wish you hadn't. I of course am speaking of the results from Election night. The Ohio States of America election gave us the results some of us longed for. For others, the results from last Tuesday's election may be causing nightmares. There may be many more sleepless nights to come. In the end, it took an election to tell us that we don't really have too popular of a President.  Somewhere, George W. Bush is grinning like a son of a...............

     Who would've thought Obama would win because of the economy? Or was it Hurricane Sandy? Or was it the lack of a genuine Romney? Or was it all that "legitimate rape" going around. There isn't much Bird Flu this year. How do you explain it?  It almost felt like 2004 all over again. Flip the parties over and replace John Kerry with Mitt Romney and it was as if there wasn't an actual opponent. Just a cardboard cutout that looked Presidential. His arms moved, he smiled and he walked around. What happened? Que the song "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen. 
     Then again, Obama must have stronger blood-ties to the British Royal family than Mitt Romney. They don't get to these positions based on good public speaking. George W. Bush and Mark Dayton could tell you that.  The GOP leaders must be scratching their tired bald greying heads and asking themselves, "How did we not win this thing? Somebody, anybody, put a pillow over Chris Christie's head?! How did we let that Fred Flintstone of a Governor give a bear-hug to Obama?! And that close to the election?!? Can you believe four more years of an African-American telling us what to do?!"
To those angry at the results, you have another four years of trying everything possible to get nothing done, and to those grinning from ear to ear, the Obama re-election won't mean a thing if Congress continues its path of worthlessness. But hey, at least we have someone to drive the car off the Fiscal Cliff. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

     I actually thought there was the slimmest of chances that the election could have been postponed due to the State of Emergency that became Perfect Storm Sandy. They had to postpone/cancel the NYC Marathon after what would've been a public relations nightmare. Now the poor, angry, and often times caricatured rude people of New York and New Jersey have to deal with a Nor'easter, and that's not a bunch of drunks on a pedal pub either.

     But, instead, we woke up on Wednesday morning to the beautiful chance of marijuana finally being legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington; but, that's of course before the Federal Government steps in, and what may have to result in a case reaching corrupt steps of the Supreme Court; ie., Citizens United. So, here we go again. The lawyers will be the ones getting richer, but thank God, the "hanging-chad," didn't rear his ugly head.  Fortunately, the never ending tour of campaign season has come to an end and so we get a brief respite of one and half years, until the next one starts all-over again. You hear that Koch brothers, start saving your money. You may actually get to buy the next one.

     So, ladies and gentlemen, on a final note, the Revolution is coming. Mark it on your calendars and start preparing your bomb shelters. On November 13th, 2012 the continuing birth pangs are going to become more noticeable. There is definitely something stirring in the air, and no, it's not the sweet smelling air coming in from Colorado and Washington; we couldn't be so lucky. The upheaval, the riots, the turbulence of tumult is twisting and tightening its grip faster than the United States heading towards the Fiscal Cliff. Or faster than my little man Kanaan coming towards you in Northern Wisconsin. We've been warned. Everything that's happening is happening all over again.

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