Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Vol. 158: Hurricane Sandy and Halloween

     With Halloween barrelling down upon us, it's the time of fear and talking to the dead, but let's not get side-tracked with mundane political ads. The super-storm that is Hurricane Sandy is causing death, destruction, flooding and power loss up and down the east-coast. As of Tuesday evening, 8.2 million people were without power. 50 million people are affected. 48 deaths have been attributed to Sandy's wrath. With it, the President has one more opportunity to act Presidential before the election and the Republican Mitt Romney's campaign team is either pulling their hair out or thanking their lucky stars for their backroom ties to electronic voting machines in Ohio. The scenario is this: in less than a week, a Mormon may be our new President. We've only had one Catholic president and they blew his brains out all over Dallas on a cold Friday afternoon in November. What will happen to a Mormon? The intrigue, the drama; it's like trying to get a non-Mormon snuck inside the tabernacle in Salt Lake City. Or is it? Will it even matter anyway? With only a month and a couple of weeks away from the great Cosmic Change that is December 21st, 2012, does any of this even matter?
And why did Barack Obama vote on October 25th; the earliest any President has ever voted during a Presidential election before? Did he or does he know something that we don't? Maybe Obama has a secret control of the weather? According to his detractors, he probably does, being a Kenyan. You know how that African voodoo works.  Or, maybe that's what he's been doing with all of those Drone attacks? Drone attacks you say? Yep. Drone attacks. From the desk of proud liberal Dennis Kucinich, a recent Washington Post article contains an unsettling confirmation of what many of us have feared for years; the United States is establishing state-sponsored murder as a permanent condition of foreign policy.
“Three hundred fifty drone strikes by the U.S. have killed as many as 3,378 people including as many as 885 civilians, including women and children. Our drone strikes create sympathy for our enemies among the populations we bomb. Numerous academic reports have detailed that our policies are counterproductive and lead to increased radicalization."
     On another intriguing note, did you know, that according to the New York Times, the Premier of China,  Wen Jiabao and his family have amassed assets totaling over 3 billion dollars during his reign. Now that's a job with some fringe benefits or should I say, "entitlements?"The Chinese government was so pleased with the story that they immediately closed online access to the New York Times. With the rising fumes of disgust growing ever present in China, the rattling roaring call for reforms is almost deafening. Great Cosmic Change!!! 2012?!

     I've heard the sound of the Apocalypse, and it's name is Phillip Phillips. I heard his song "Home" on the radio while driving with my lovely wife and the feeling of nauseaousness overtook me. How clear a rip-off of the Mumford sound, milking the cash-cow, there couldn't be. Phillip Phillips? Really? I'm Jack Jacks. Or Steve Steve's. Just another sign that maybe the end wouldn't be so bad. Phillip Phillips? Laughable, but then again, he'll make his money and move on. Or should I say, the record company. Remember James Blunt? Yep. And that's not because of short term memory loss.

     Just in time for Halloween, there's a serial killer highway-shooter in Detroit, who's been picking off people on I-96 for the last couple of weeks since October 16th. Maybe he should've aimed at the Detroit Tigers and saved them all a bunch of trouble. The Detroit Tigers just may have bene the Barack Obama of the World Series this year. A good run, but had too much hype to live up to. It was sad to see a professional baseball team get so thoroughly outplayed. It's like they were playing in Denver, during the first debate and they just stood there. Vacant and lifeless. But hell, that could be Congress.

     During the plague in Europe, the plague killed 1 in 3. Now 1 in 3 will get cancer. Coincidence? Or simply different symptoms.

     Ahhhh, Halloween. The history, the tradition, the return to more overt forms of capitalist paganism consuming overabundant amounts of candy and memories from blizzards of yesteryear are ringing the inner sanctum of my nostalgic mind. Which leads me to our current embrace of witches in the present days; it is pleasing and at the same time disturbing. Just ask anyone in Michelle Bachmann's district.

Terrorists are the only crazy ones?
     Because, historically, witches are the true counter-culture agents. They've been allegedly known to have extraordinary supernatural powers. They've come in the forms of the enchantress, the sorceress, the woman out of control. The bibilical Lillith with long red hair, practicing cannibalism and infanticide.What's not to love?  Minus the eating of children of course. Except for the red hair, "Is that you Michelle?" But seriously, witches strike up the power of suggestion, the power of the imagination. The power of belief. How else did the benign wise women of the pagan past turn into the malevolent figures of the evil Witch? Instead, they've become women with a lustful insatiable appetite for power. The Kardashians? Snooky? Hilary? How else do you explain it? During the "burning times" in Europe when the Inquisition was rounding up heretics, like Sean Hannity rounding up "great Americans," there were towns in Germany where there weren't any women left. Maybe Todd Akin and the rest of his GOP pals would love it? But then again, who would they legitimately rape? Each other? They already have that on their Saturday night agendas. Speaking of Saturdays, during one Saturday in the Middle Age in a town in Germany, 139 people were burned at the stake. Now I know, from where Dick Cheney's hatred hath spawned. So, maybe instead, we should all try to live the witches creed, "Do what thou wilt, but harm no one."

It's easier said than done.

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