Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vol: 157: Curiosity and Wisdom

We have them over a barrel, don't we?

Another week, another mass shooting. Another disgruntled ex-husband who's only answer to the losing state of his failed life is to end the lives of others with a gun. Welcome to the world we live in. What happened to just committing suicide? Why do all these losers have to take people with them? Sad. Sad. Sad.

Then there was the 4th and Final debate of the Presidential Election. Foreign Policy was the topic and we discovered from Mitt that "we can't kill our way out of this mess." That's wisdom; I think the Buddha said that.
Does anyone know where Mali is?

Obama has begun to sound like a man who's afraid of his opponent, even though he had the zinger, "the 1980's called, and they want their Foreign Policy back."  Maybe with the whole debacle of the Benghazi, Libya "terrorist attack" coming to light, I can't help scratching my head as to why the Obama administration wouldn't have labeled it a "terrorist attack" from the start. It makes absolutely no sense, unless there was somebody inside the embassy that they wanted dead? Then again, since when have politicians made any sense? With both of the candidates having the same tired answers and phrases from the previous debates, the tie goes to Syria. Or maybe Iran? Iran may have a shot. What with those crippling economic sanctions. Those tightening sanctions. Sexy tightening sanctions. That's how you win over friends. Why build a bomb? The crippling sanctions have made us see the light. Then again, nobody with the bomb has been bombed by the U.S. Why not build a bomb? Just saying.

 The 100 year old charter of the Federal Reserve is up in 2013. Not 2012. 2013. Coincidence? It's like they knew something was coming.

You'd trust this guy with your money right?
The European Central Bank will be overlooking all Euro zone banks. Whew. Now that we have that settled, we can rest knowing that nothing will cause further panic to grip the Euro zone. They have the European Central Bank to play watchdog. I have a scratching question and that is, what is the reason for the inevitable push towards a one-world-currency? Less people to bribe? Meanwhile, the Rothschild's grip tightens around the throat of Europe.

"I don't look like a pedophile, do I?"
First the Catholic Church, and now the Boy Scouts? It's sad, sick and twisted to think that we can't trust anyone with our young boys? What's next, the Girl Scouts running a prostitution ring? Now there's word that a long time host of a popular variety show on the BBC, The Jimmy Savile show, it's main star, Jimmy Savile was sexually abusing young boys and girls for years; boys and girls who were guests on the show?!? And for years, the BBC just covered it up. Disgusting. Repulsive. Criminal.
A news story with a coincidental tinge has just been announced a couple of days ago; scientists from Stanford have been running experiments with mice; performing dialysis by switching out the old blood with new younger mice blood into older mice, and surprise!! The mice live longer and their brains function at 20% increased capacity. Now we know why all of those milk-carton kids have vanished. Dick Cheney, were on to you. You and the rest of your buddies, blood sucking vampires. Myths come from somewhere, and there are truths hidden in fairy tales. They just don't appear out of thin-air.

Speaking of thin air, On October 20th, there were mass sightings of UFO's in Dallas, Texas and the U.K. Are we being prepped for December 21st?
Take a look for yourself. Maybe their just the Devil's way of leading us away from God? I don't know. But it is pretty weird.

OVNIS en Dallas Texas UFO Activity Downtown Dallas


Finally, when you think of the 1990's, musically, what certain songs come to mind? Does "Champagne Supernova" roam down your hallway? Does Kurt Cobain and his band mates riffs echo through? Is it Pearl Jam's "Black"? These are side bar research questions. Why may ask? Because the United States cinema viewing public is in drastic need of a new American Graffiti or Dazed and Confused. I am also curious to know which songs will most certainly be played at your funeral? If the world is going to be coming to an end shortly, we need to come up with a play list, fast.

We are finding ourselves in the Age of Aquarius and entering the 5th dimension of reality. Those who are prepared will find the transition cumbersome, but not too difficult as to be fruitless. Those stuck with the materialism of the 3rd dimension; well, you can already hear their subconscious screams of agony amongst their silent obedience to the herd mentality. Republicans and Democrats, Republicans and Democrats. Baaaahhhhhhh.

It's all going according to plan. Trust me.

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