Friday, December 22, 2006

just once

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.....vol.7
"Killing in the name of" Rage Against the Machine
Once again I come to you from a local library where my chance to vent comes free of charge except for the price I pay in having my every keystroke traced by the federal government, with the help of my log-in user id.....but what is one going to do on such a minimum income.....purchase a new laptop and get wireless service? No way....that would cost money....and the temptations that would present know what I'm talking about. So, if for any reason, I ever disappear, vanish from scene without a trace....go talk to you know who....ask the Government whatever happened to your friend Jack?
As I sit here, I am thinking about the Abu Graib scandal and the Caligula like pornographic images seared into my brain. The ugly short haired possibly in-bred woman with a cigarette in her mouth, pointing with a smile on her man face towards Muslim genitalia...and hooded victims standing a top of wired batteries, tied to their fingertips. Makes me wonder, when are they going to be releasing a Sports Illustrated type calendar? A DVD behind the scenes making of sort of thing. In light of the horrific scene, afters months of extensive investigations, the powers that be, have found, that it is apparently the fault of only some late night MP's on duty, who thought it would be fun for a laugh to intimidate and threaten our prisoners of war, and in the mean time take some beautiful snapshots as well. Four superior officers, in charge of prison security operations inside Abu Graib, apparently had no responsibilities whatsoever, no punishment, Because, in today's Bush Administration led military justice, no one follows orders and there is no chain of command.
Alas, like the 9/11 commission's complete Tom Sawyer white wash cover-up of the facts , no one is at fault, because they were all at you can't punish them all.....except for the woman.....who caused Adam's downfall, the let's just leave the blame on her...we've been doing it since that snake presented a damn fine looking piece of fruit.


Just something everyone should know.....The neo-cons political strategy can be summed up in one sentence folks and here it is.......If you're against George W. Bush, then you're against God.

Sounds about right, doesn't it.

And lets all get down to Florida as soon as we can. Because low and behold, our current child of a President's little brother just passed a law allowing anyone who feels threatened, at any time or place to shoot the person or persons who is causing them to feel threatened.....NRA hallelujah!!! Shoot first, ask questions later.......shhh....what's that noise at the door, is it the wind, some reckless might be a burglar or some one playing a prank, better get the gun....or wait, there are some black men headed my way on the sidewalk, better pull the gun out, or wait I'm black and there are some white men headed my way, better pull the gun out.....or, that threatening person in their behemoth SUV just cut me off on the freeway, they are going to get it, right between the eyes.

Whatever happened to the Jesus that these right wing defenders of God so furvently believe there no New Testament anymore? I thought Florida was where the fight for right to life took place? Does anyone remember Terri Schiavo?

Mohatma, I am sincerely sorry.

And once again, a president promises more technological advances to ease the cost of gasoline prices. How many presidents is that now, every one we've had for the last thirty years....but so much does happen to advance technological breakthroughs and lessen our dependance on foreign oil.....sorry, my bad. Who runs the show?....Detroit and the Oil men. Guess how much money Exxon Mobil has been making in profit every minute, the first four months of this year......$60,000....every minute. Guess who's friends are all in the oil business....that's right G.W.  He's trying real hard to lessen our've got to believe's real hard work....catching terrorists.....Osama where are you? Come out come out wherever you are? Damn's just real hard work. Better tax the hell out of the middle class....someone has to pay for the beefed up military's fight on terror. Terror. Terror. Terror!! Scary stuff. Dick, can you leave the night light on for me?

And what about free Wi-Fi for every one in a urban dwelling. Sounds pretty nice don't it. But what exactly are the long term effects going to be? Or is it just a ploy to enforce one more step in a police state's way of global surveillance under the shroud of giving people what they want, or maybe another cause of cancer? Or maybe I just think too much? Or maybe everyone else doesn't think enough?


Questions questions questions...but here are some of my answers. Read Adbusters Magazine, just once. Watch the film JFK, just once. Visit just once. Watch the BBC news on PBS. Read more. Try to watch as little of the big 4 prime time television channels as possible...NBC, CBS, ABC, and especially FOX...yeah, were on to you Mr. Murdoch. Volunteer your time with a local charity, spend time with your children, and that doesn't mean setting them down in front of the the Bible, the Koran, study Buddhism, the Kabbalah, Hinduism, the Torah, any religion whatsoever, but just don't start a crusade and slaughter innocent people just because their religious viewpoints may be different then yours or the land they habitate is a good pipeline to Caspian Oil reserves....wait, were already doing that.....but it's's real hard work to be good, when it is so damn easy to be bad.  Until next time.....the revolution begins with a single scream.

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