Friday, December 22, 2006

"The chimes of freedom crashing"

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.......vol.35  
Good afternoon felllow revolutionaries of the mind. I don't have much time, so I will begin.
Things are heating up in Iran. Hot damn. It's about to become another good ol' Mid-East BBq. Pass the hookah. Iran now has until March to comply with the UN Security Council or else we are going to be headed down the slippery slope towards a possible military strike against their nuclear program, which then just may start World War III. Because you have to know, China and Russia who have the most to lose if we do place economic sanctions upon Iran or strike militarily against them, will not sit back and watch quietly....and Iran, if you don't already know, is the 2nd largest developer of Oil for OPEC. That's right, gas prices will be on the rise once again this summer and as of last Monday, February 6th, Russia began warning against threatening Iran over its nuclear program. Things are heating up indeed. Pass the A-1. 
Love is a fire that burns away everything and then is gone.
Like a sad song.
Where nothing but the smoke remains.
Now onto the crowning achievement of Capitalism. The Superbowl. Where commercials for Disneyworld and Jessica Simpson slinging Pizza-Hut pizza are sandwiched between ads for Diet Pepsi's new ad campaign of "brown and bubbly", forcing me to ask the question, are they peddling diarrhea? I sat comfortably reclined, watching as a 65 year old Mick Jagger pranced around the stage talking about satisfaction, I then again asked myself, has it all come to this? Is this what our forefather's had in mind when they founded this great country? Finding myself bored with the excess that has become our nation's passion, and thinking re-runs of "24" on WGN are better than this, I changed the channel. People, I honestly don't think I will be watching another Superbowl, because I find it all the same. One extremely long commercial. Did somebody say that there was a football game being played?
The one word that can define America's system of Capitalism is "more."
"Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall." Oliver Goldsmith
Now onto the funny pages. Or the not so funny pages. All depending on your point of view or religious preference. Something has come along that has begun to test the faith and common sense of all that view and react to it. A cartoon. Yes, that's right, a cartoon in extremely bad taste that features the prophet Muhammed with a Nuclear bomb wrapped up in his turban, has ignited a furious firestorm throughout the muslim world, resulting in violence and injuries and mob styled rampages against anything Danish or western for that matter. I for one am a firm believer in free speech and that one may be able to say pretty much anything that one may want except maybe "fire" in a crowded theater, began asking myself, if your faith is that strong, than how can a "cartoon" so deeply trouble it? I know I know I know, it was in bad taste, the cartoon that is, but so is violence in the reaction to it. I don't ever recall seeing the Jewish community storm the embassies around the Arab world when cartoons are depicting them as hooknoosed hobgoblins of greed and destruction. Oh, that's right, they have to stay in their little countries and nooks and cranies that will accept them. Because honestly, I don't think there is that much of a Jewish population in Saudi Arabia, but I may be wrong.  But people, it's a cartoon. That's all. We have to know, that with freedom of speech, some people may be offended. That is the balance. It isn't all roses.
Jesus Christ in a handbag, whip out your Jesus Christ.
It'll save your soul.
Only $21.95, with no money down.
Call now and whip out your Jesus Christ.
"The whole of humanity human family. This planet is our only home." His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Finally, the NSA Surveillance hearings. How fun it was to see our little toady of an Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales squirm and wriggle as he was trying to comment on why the Bush Administration didn't go to the FISA (Federal Information Surveillance Act) court for approval, when they so strongly believed they were right. So, if they so firmly believed they were right with their "illegal" wiretapps, it would surely be a slam dunk with FISA. One would think right? As Gonzales stated, "Once we received the authorization to use military force, we thought we could just go ahead and wiretapp" anyone we would care to.....but it has only and always been....."narrow in scope" and "narrowly tailored." This coming from the same people that have the power to hold anyone they consider an enemy combatant, for as long as they want, without charging them with anything, in a prison gulag in a foreign country, while listening to your phone calls, go to war on false pretenses and torture you as how they see fit for as long as they choose. These are the people that you shoud trust? This is Freedom. Sounds an awful lot like a Fascist Dictatorship to me. But as the real commander in chief, Dick Cheney states, "it's the new normalcy." So, If that's normal, I definitely want to be labeled a radical. Hello Nazi Germany...goodbye to the Constitution. Think about it.
Now get back in line, because it's for your own safety.
Do you hear me?
Now shut up and take the mark.
You've been warned.

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