Friday, December 22, 2006

"Johnny's got his own demons."

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man..........vol.43
"Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional." M. Kathleen Casey
"To look back upon one's past life with satisfaction is to live twice." Marcus Valerius Martial
A terrorist plot has been foiled in the UK and Pakistan. That is definitely good news to hear. The war on terror must be won on all fronts. The campaign of fear must never subside. We need our government's protection, now more than ever. They know what we need better than we do.  They are all knowing, all wise. Like our friend the Television. You can trust whatever they have to say. They would never lie to you. Ever. But don't worry that those 19 arrested in the newest terror plot have not even been charged with anything. Don't question that. The government knew exactly what they were planning to do, but cannot charge them with anything. Makes a whole lot of sense. They had an abnormally large amount of cell phones and no passports. They had some liquid ingredients for explosives, but no explosives, and someone made a cell phone call to someone in Pakistan stating that it was time to go. Maybe they were selling cell phones illegally, and maybe they were not expert travellers, and maybe that person was asking if it was time to fly to Pakistan for holiday, no one knows, except the major media jumped on this story so fast you would have assumed that they were going to blow up the 10 planes headed to the US from the UK in minutes. But, as you may already know by now, the UK has yet to charge anyone with anything yet. But, I would be foolish to not assume that they are guilty as hell and not innocent till proven guilty. Because the last thing I would want it the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. We know better than you. Be afraid people, be very afraid, all of the time.
Ladies and gentelmen, our neighbors to the south, those that are there legally, may be slip sliding away into a civil war of their own, something the Iraqi people are getting to know quite well. Left-leaning anti-American presdiential candidate, and friend of America's sworn enemy, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has his followers demanding a recount into what was Mexico's version our 2000 Presdiential election, but the judges controlled by the powers that be and Coca-Cola muscle man and current President Vincente Fox most likely, are doing whatever they can to not let that happen, because it would endanger the success of NAFTA, and big business cannot have that, thus angering the displaced masses of the unfortunately poor and uneducated that feel quite possibly, as if they are being robbed of their electoral process and natural born right. Isn't that right President Bush. We all have a right to be free. Just as long as you are not a brown skin muslim and you better be pro-capitalism. Hopefully, Mexico will not turn into a modern day Iraq, which is going so well these days, I would sure hate to have to cut and run on such an overwhelming success.
"Two little words that can make the difference: START NOW." Mary C. Crowley

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