Friday, December 22, 2006

some crazy stuff on the back of the dollar bill man

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol.6
"New car, caviar, sports car, daydream,
think I'll buy me a football team"  Money.....Floyd...from the album that should have come with a joint, Dark Side of the Moon.
Whew!, what a week. We had the coronation of a new Pope, Pope Benedict the XVI on April 19th, a little after 6pm Italian time.  The Pope who already looks as if he and KARE 11's Eric Perkins share the same lifestyle, the baggy eyes that kind of make you wonder what the hell does he do when he's not working?  
We had the release from an all too profit hungry General Electric, who have just in time to make some more green backs for Spring, the authentic DVD. That's right, you can purchase all of those cherished memories you had of John Paul II, from NBC for only $19.95.
We had the awful reminders of Oklahoma City, Columbine and seemingly no one mentioned Waco...poor Koresh...was it all for naught....storing guns and ammunition in your compound, which of course was your legal right, but not paying taxes....come on David, you knew better than that.  
I mean, money is what the government cares about....everyone knows that...cause you can file your taxes over the internet, but it is like pulling teeth trying to register to vote.
The conclusion, the government wants your money, not your opinion.
And of course we had 4/20. Insert bong here. Order pizza here. Light incense. Listen to Led Zeppelin. Drive a car 20 miles below the speed limit. As Peter Tosh said, "legalize it". It's being prescribed to treat MS, legally in alcohol being prescribed for anything? Cigarettes? Didn't think so.  Federal defecit, bye bye. 
Sorry, kind of relapsed there for a moment....but I do mean what I say. I'm not just blowing smoke......puns!
Okay, I'll begin with the Democrats, circling around Tom DeLay like sharks in a ocean full of chum markers, dangling bloody seal jerky and hearing them yip and howl like hyenas in the desert being prodded with sharp sticks that haven't been fed since we had an honest can't blame me for being an optimist....can you?  Although, the man does want federal judges to be held accountable, just not himself.  
And how quickly the major media and common citizens like ourselves are swept clear of the wreckage from the results of last November.
Does anyone remember a couple of guys named Kerry and Edwards?
From nowhere, they came to be Presidential and VP hopefuls and to nowhere did they go.
ADD anyone?
Makes me long for the song by Garth Brooks, "What she's doing now". And what the hell is Gary Condit doing these days? And will we ever find the person or persons or the Government responsible for the Anthrax scare that so conveniantly gave us the Patriot Act? 
I'm sorry, that's all coincidence isn't it.
Next up, for a blurb of some importance, Japan and China seem to be at it again...and no they are not fighting over who should take out the wacko Kim Jong Il.
I do love the hair.
This time it's over textbooks, and what is in fact being left out of them by the ministry of Japan. Its a good thing Native Americans don't have a problem with ours....and Columbus said come on over for dinner and smallpox.....ooops.
Also, we now have an Intelligence Director, to head up all 15, money sucking from tax payers, who don't list their overrall budgets on paper because it is a matter of National Security agencies...John Negroponte.
Does anyone else other than myself want to get a job with the Bush Administration? "Look, Negroponte, bang up job with the intelligence on pre-war Iraq, how about taking care of all of the intelligence that we have....great".  "Wolfie, bang up job with handling the invasion of Iraq, not enough troops, no problem, how about taking care of the World Bank? great".
You suck=you're promoted....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 
Then again, Negroponte was sworn in 98-2 on Thursday, which proves that idiocy doesn't play partisan politics.
But don't get me started on the two party system scam....try one party. One great big party of WASPS, blood sucking, baby shaking, tongue wagging, head scratching misfits, holding out their hands for more money from lobbyists lobbyists lobbyists. Government of the people, for the people, my ass. Only if you make enough money.
Lastly, I will be the first one to admit, I'm like Clarese Starling, I think I spelled that right, in Silence of the Lambs. Not only am I somewhat attracted to the horrors of the workings of the US Government (Hannibal Lector) and what I can possibly learn from them and about them, I am also repulsed at the same time.
For I believe, that the only way a revolution today will succeed, is to be what I am. A cancer...and spread from the inside out.
 Mr. Jack Scharber goes to who's with me?

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