Friday, December 22, 2006

The plane crash of humanity

Global Outrage of an Educated Man.......vol 10.
An original unfinished poem from Jack Scharber......
There is a wall being built in Gaza, and Pink Floyd
Is nowhere to be found.
Capitalism is sunflower skyscrapers opening up confrontational installations,
Global charcoal oil empires and naked corporations.
The international storage community
Has become mashed potato neighborhoods of retired inspiration.
In the clear blue sky,
You can see the plane crash of humanity.
Four score, white is the color
Of noticeable mistakes.
A rodeo boulevard orchestra of alternative landscapes.
We are the plastic paparazzi of an affordable Hollywood.
We are chanting, "Death to the Carbohydrate!"
We employ FOX TV babysitters.
We want the mayonnaise porcelain of
Honey turned lavender colored skin, and are now running
To the coddled summertimes of
Beach stampedes.
We pay four dollars a gallon for our SUV's.
Suburbia has become dry families with chandelier appetites,
Seafood mistresses, indian cowgirls and caviar cowboys,
Squatting to release mustard dijon shit.
We have a President from Texas.
We are skeptical spirits with happier gas,
Stand in line community surgeries.
We are the sheep shearing satire of lettuce cold audiences,
Artificially intelligent interactive chemistry.
We are the physically fit and mentally challenged.
We are perfect for a global slave trave.
All of the 65 inch flat screen HD-TV's, cellular picture phones, reality TV shows
Will not be able to put Man-kind back together again.
The next President of the United States of America
Will be the Anti-Christ, cause
God is a Communist.

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