Friday, December 22, 2006

Hypocrite, yes I am. But at least I'm honest.

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol.37
"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength." Sigmund Freud
I come to you, ladies and gentlemen, from the hallowed halls and nurtured sanctuary of one of the last vestiges where our tax payer dollars are still being put to good use. I come to you from a public library once again, fighting for the deaf and dumb. Fighting for the ones who can't fight for themselves. I come to you because I care. I come to you with my head held high and my spirit lifted to the cause that we all may, one day see a world filled with reason and love, not war for oil. I come to you again, in our struggle to find peace and happiness in a world where cartoons can kill and threaten the very fabric of a religion. Where a faith so strong can be shaken by black ink on white pages. I come to you, where you're own President, a war-time president, claims that it is good National Security policy, to sell the security of 6 major U.S. Ports over to a company owned and operated by the United Arab Emirates.  A country, where two of the supposed 19 hijackers on 9/11 emanated from. Our same President, that said, if you "house terrorists or help them" you are a terrorist. I guess that when it comes to business, some things are better left forgotten and swept under the rug in order to get things done.  Kind of like the good people at Enron. I come to you in a world where a bird flu pandemic may be just around the corner, spreading like Paris Hilton at a Sundance Film Festival after party. I come to you today where civil war may be breaking out in Iraq like acne on a twelve year old after finding out that the another 8th grader in his or her class has just found out the rumour of the crush he or she has had on him or her for the past two and a half years has escaped the inner confines of a person most trusted to keep that secret has been let out like white collar criminals serving minimal sentences for siphoning off retirement pensions of those who truly need it.
I come to you today with a gut feeling that you all may be growing tired of my ranting and raving.  I have no qualms whatsoever about any of it, and can fully understand that feeling, if necessary, and hold no resentment.
I wish I could come to you more often each week, with a smile on my face and with news that is good. With the ever increasing knowledge that the technological  progress we are making as a society has been beyond anything we could have possibly imagined and will hold no ill effects. But, that's not me. That's not how I operate and I just have to accept that fact  and you must as well, and embrace those qualities that mark me different from so many others....but in the nightly news, so much more alike.  Then again, you may just wish to stop reading what I send you and you have every right to do so.
"Calling occupants of interplanetary craft."
I wish I could come to you each week and discuss the benefits of having cell phones attached to each and everyone's head, allowing more and more people to make calls while being stuck in traffic to and from their occupations for hours every week. Discussing what to make for dinner. Where to pick up the kids from at the mall, if they hadn't already have been abducted and had their pictures placed upon a carton of milk while you eat your morning cereal before you off to that dealt with pain you call a job or made to be the latest 24 hour tragedy to overtake the airwaves of our cable news networks.
I wish I could discuss the benefits of I-pods and not having to communicate with other people. To be able to download porn right to your cell phone, to attach those head phones and climb that stairmaster instead of being able to walk outside in your own neighborhood without the fear of being held up at gunpoint or maybe we just want to go to a crowded place to work out, to show each and everyone, that yes, we do care about our bodies and maybe would you like to get some dinner sometime, because I'm not happy with my situation at husband or my wife just doesn't understand me. I can see your eyes rolling. I know. I know. That's just me.
I wish I could come here each week and say, damn, society is pretty damn good. I don't think it can get any better than what we have right now. The oceans rising mean nothing to me. Social Security being gone when I need it most, doesn't bother me. I'll just invest in the stock market for my retirement. Because, markets never fluctuate. There can't be any harm in risking your retirement in the private sector can there? Green house gases don't bother my peace of mind.

I come here knowing that China one day will own our United States doesn't worry me in the least. I have no problem living with my ADD addled children. I just can't fill my head with enough $5 cafe lattes to stop my hands from shaking and sometimes when I'm in a crowd I long for a Columbine moment and that the screaming will just go away and that there will be enough prescription medicines for the ways that I feel, and will they leave me alone and move to the front of the line, shut up and pay their bills, move to the other lane, use their blinker, stop tailing me so closely, keep the noise down, turn up the heat, open a window, mow their lawn and for the love of all that is holy, stop making excuses and turn the channel.

Take a breath. Slow down. Relax.

Sorry sir.

Yes, I will get back to work, not a problem.


Just between you and me. I would love to start a revolution, but I just don't have the time. I have to pay off my credit card debt because as you know, the bills won't pay themselves.

Ciao. Adios. Goodbye.

Try to figure that one out.

In some small way, I'm trying.

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