Friday, December 22, 2006

Can I get a witness?

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol.11

 "All history moves toward one great goal, the manifestation of God." Ulysses, James Joyce

Let me begin by stating how nice it was to get a response from one of my many subscribers....albeit, trying to make me look like some kind of conspiracy theory nutter.....but I don't mind.  I am what I am. I will say this, and that is, it is nice to get some forward thinking out of some of you....come one, come all. Please, don't let me be the only one spouting the hot air. We have Congress and our Governor, "Mr. Pencil head Chris Collinsworth look-a-like" to do that.
As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have been running a little behind on my current events and slacking like so many of my fellow generation X'ers and I offer no apologies. Only a warning. This may be quite long due to the sensory overload, so it may take each and everyone of you, twice the reading, but hopefully twice the enjoyment. So, here goes.
First, the Newsweek article stating that the US interrogators desecrated the Quran in the May 9th issue was a mistake, not all truth. Which in turn, resulted in numerous riots throughout the Arab world and some deaths. Oops! sorry for the riots.....our bad.....and then good ol' Rummy stating that it was entirely Newsweek's fault for the riots......or maybe he forgot, our military might have something to do with it, but then again, was it okay for 19 Muslim Arabs, with a passing knowledge of how to fly and no knowledge whatsoever on how to land a plane, crash 4 of them and cause thousands of deaths, orchestrated possibly by Dick Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and the rest of the Illuminati, half reptile blood sucking elite that is running and orchestrating an ever so present and not so tough to see push for a One World Government cashless society. That's okay.
But don't touch that holy book....that's where we draw the line.  Wake up people!!
Biometrics in the form of retinal scans, finger scans, will help get rid of the cash and will make it safe for each and every consumer, because then you won't have to share any of your information, no one can steal your identity.....which, if you haven't noticed is the fear that is being spoon fed by the media to our ever getting dumber public that laps it up like milk in a saucer for nice gentle playful kitty cats.  That's great, put everything into a central database, for our safety, perfect. Then some 18year old hacker living in Belgium, in his parents basement comes along, or worse, our own government eliminates all traces of your bank account. You wake up to have zilch, nada, zip, nothing. Get ready. Cause it's already here. A Cub, in Blaine, no less....where Anoka County's Technologically adept are embracing the finger scan like Sunday afternoon Nascar.
We will finally be the World that is financially and morally bankrupt. Excellent. Anyone need a loan?
Secondly, people, get ready, get the oil pipelines up and active in Iran, cause were coming, before they start selling the black gold, Texas tea in Euros, which could mean bye bye can guarantee it, and I mean soon. The US spread of Democracy is coming. The Middle East will be nothing more than a shopping mall in a dozen years.....mosques and shrines and temple mounts will be replaced with The Gap, Banana Republic, Starbucks, Monsanto, Shell Oil and General Motors, Coke and Pepsi....Mickey Mouse's face on the wailing wall. But, is that a bad thing? I mean look at those savages.....they don't have the nice toys that we do. How uncivilized.

Thirdly, with every major American Airline looming toward bankruptcy, how long till the Federal Government owns and controls the skies? I mean, they already are gearing up for Space.
Fourth, I will admit to a guilty pleasure to which I succumbed not too long ago. The Miss Universe Pageant.  Give me Latvia, Mexico, a Bud Light and a Clove cigarrette. Did anyone else notice that Miss USA was the heaviest by far? Coincidence, I think not.
Fifth, Indiana Pacers star forward Reggie Miller's last game where he shot the lights out, had me dreaming of a time when players had class, dignity, respect and gave it their all, despite the lure of higher contracts and more endorsements.....see Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn, Larry Bird, Hakeem the Dream.....hello free agency.....cause you have to feed your family right?
Sixth, go out and purchase, if you like the smell of burning leaves, the sight of crows on a fence and the feel of a cold beverage sliding down your throat, two CD's by...Ray Lamontagne and Rachel Yamagata....good stuff indeed.
Seventh, what a nice sight it was, to see France's NO vote to the EU Constitution which in turn derailed the Illuminati's effort for possibly the inevitable One World Government. Let's hold on to our country's sovereignty for a little while longer shall we. Oui Oui.
Eighth, the grim sight of Nightline's Memorial Day reading of the dead US service men and women since last year, in Iraq and Afghanistan.....1,000 and counting, brave men and women. God Bless.
Ninth, Deep Throat is just a classic porno movie now.
Tenth, which I will end with, because I can hardly stomach it...and which will be an upcoming poem, stand up comedy act from yours truly. Dying men and women, suffering unimaginable pain, now find it, thanks to the omnipotent wisdom if the Supreme Court, the Alcohol Industry and more than likely the Pharmaceutical Companies, will now be incarcerated for easing their pain with a funny smelling cigarrette. No longer smoked, the joint is where they will be sent.

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