Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Begin again........

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol.94
2009 is here and as year's go, it shouldn't be any worse than 2008. 2+9 equals 11, and 11 means new beginnings. 9/11 equals, 9+1+1=11, that's why it happened when it did. They planned it that way. The twin towers, two big erect 1's, fall down, the end of an era and the beginning of another. Call me crazy, I can live with it.
"The great philosophic institutions of the past must rise again, for these alone can rend the veil which divides the world of causes from that of effects. Only the Mysteries-those sacred Colleges of Wisdom-can reveal to struggling humanity that greater and more glorious universe which is the true home of the spiritual being called man. Modern philosophy has failed in that it has come to regard thinking as simply an intellectual process. Materialistic thought is as hopeless a code of life as commercialism itself. The power to think true is the savior of humanity. The mythological and historical Redeemers of every age were all personifications of that power. He who has a little more rationality than his neighbor is a little better than his neighbor. He who functions on a higher plane of rationality than the rest of the world is termed the greatest thinker. He who functions on a lower plane is regarded as a barbarian. Thus comparative rational development is the true gauge of the individual's evolutionary status." 
The Secret Teachings of ALL AGES    Manly P. Hall (1928)
And I'm telling you, there is something fishy about the government's need to push everyone into digital television. They are giving us money to go and buy converter boxes. They want us to go out and buy more stuff that we don't need. They don't even do this type of thing to encourage people to get registered to vote. I'm just saying. Call me crazy, I can live with it.
Until next time, open arms and open minds.

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