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"Because something is happening here, but you don't know what it is, do you, Mister Jones?" Dylan

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.....vol.99
Thank you Mr. Mahan for enlightening me to the idea that my outrage is probably overdue, due to the fact that we will no longer have W. to kick around and maybe Norm Coleman too. Plus outrage was getting a little tired. Loud shouting will get nothing done, only irritate those who disagree. So, from now on, the outrage has turned to musings.
Today I would like to give an excerpt from a speech Ron Paul gave to the House of Representatives back on September 19th, 1984. My regret is not having found out sooner, despite the "media filter" about knowing more about this brave, wise and honourable man and what he stands for. How the major parties and the major media have pushed him to the side as a crack-pot is nothing short of sad, but not suprising. History has shown that prophets are on the fringe.
    "Some have said my approach is not practical, but most concede, "At least he's consistent." Since I first came here in 1976, the number of lobbyists has doubled and the national debt has tripled-$550 billion to $1.59 trillion-to me a most impractical trend. Business cycles, unemployment, inflation, high interest rates, and trade wars are the real impracticalities brought about by the unwise political and economic policies. I've been impressed ove the years by those who concede to me the consistency of my views, yet evidently reject them in favor of inconsistent views. Who, I might ask, is served by the politicians of inconsistency-the special interests or the general welfare?
    "The petty partisan squabbles that are today more numerous and more heated serve no useful function. The rhetoric now becoming personal is not designed to solve problems, nor does it show a correct perception of our country's problems. All are motivated by good intentions, but that cannot suffice. The narrow partisan squabbles are a natural consequence of an intellectual bankruptcy, whereby correct solutions are not offered for our economic problems. The "good intentions" prompts those involved to "do something". It seems that narrow partisanship on the House floor contributes nothing to the solutions of today's problems.
     "We have strict drug laws written by those who generously use the drug alcohol. Our laws drive up the price of drugs a thousandfold, to the delight of the dealers, the pushers, and terrorist nations around the world who all reap huge illegal profits. Crimes are committed to finance the outrageous prices, and drug usage never goes down. Enforcement costs soar, and it's success remains "mysteriously" elusive. The whole system creates an underground crime world worth billions of dollars; and addicts must then entice others to join, getting new customers to finance their habits-forever compounding a social problem epidemic in proportion. Any new suggestions for changing our drug laws-that is liberalizing them-is seen as political suicide by the hypocritical politicians and a society legally hooked on alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, aspirin and valium.
     "I have trouble believing that the foreign policy of the past 70 years has served the best interests of the United States. The policy of international intervention has been followed during this time, regardless of the party in power. The traditional American policy of strategic independence and neutrality based on strength has been replaced by an international policy of sacrifices, policy that has give us nearly a century of war. The last two wars were fought without formal declaration and without the goal of victory in mind. There are many specific examples to show how irrational this interventionist policy is.
    "We condemn the use of poison gas by Iraq at the same time we aid Iraq, along with the Soviets, in preventing an Iranian victory, forgetting that Iraq started the war. Inconsistently, the administration pressures Congress to manufacture new nerve gas so we have something with which to go to the Soviets and draw up some unworkable treaty regarding war gases. We allocate low-interest loans through the Export-Import Bank to build a pipeline for Iraq, giving huge profits to Shultz' Bechtel Corp., while hurting our domestic oil producers.
    "There are 42 wars now going on in the world, and it's reported we're involved in many of them--on both sides. We have troops in a total of 121 countries. National security is used as justification for all this activity, but rarely is it directly involved.
    "Campaigns are won on promising tax cuts; some are given but are quickly canceled out by numerous tax increases associated with accelerated federal spending.
    "Archconservatives champion tobacco subsidies, which are criticized by archconservatives who champion milk subsidies. Government then spends millions of dollars to regulate the tobacco industry and points out the hazards of smoking.
    "We pay for bridges and harbors throughout the world and neglect our own. If we feel compulsion to spend and waste money, it would make more sense at least to waste it at home. We build highways around the world, raise gasoline taxes here, and routinely dodge potholes on our own highways.
    "Why do we cut funding for day care centers and Head Start programs before cutting aid to the Communists, Socialists, and international bankers?"
These comments are excerpts from the speech. There will be more to come, and hopefully more from Ron Paul in the future. If the world doesn't end on 2012, and if Obama hasn't pulled off his mask hiding his Socialist tendencies, then I say we need to start a grass roots campaign right now, just in case, to get Ron Paul in the White House, or at least to continue spreading his message. Paul Wellstone must have love the guy. Until next time, open arms and open minds.

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