Friday, January 23, 2009

RE: Please Mr. President....

How bout Obama's Latest Mr Scharber...........

Is this for real? "I won". What a smug, arrogant, little shit Obama is. (In addition to being a whacked out lefty, commie/Socialist)

Don't be partisan. Do it MY way and don't listen to Rush or anyone else that may have an opposing view point!! WHAT?
I am not believing this!! Oh, yeah. That's a great way to work together and build trust with other elected leaders during the first week.
Who is this bozo? We are so screwed!!

Subject: Please Mr. President....
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 21:44:45 -0600

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.....vol.104
Greetings everyone. I just got done using my commode with legs, priced at $37,000. Just kidding. I'm not John Thain and I haven't been handing out bonuses to my employees because I have no bonuses to give out and I have no employees...but I'm fed up with the Wall Street CEOs and their business as usual lifestyle of smug smiles and nice suits. I would like to see congressional hearings about what went wrong on Wall Street and have them drag up kicking and screaming those slimy slick scheisters in front of Congress and the American Public and explain to us, the American people, why they think they don't have to tell us what they're doing with our money. We've given them half of the TARP funds, at $350 billion dollars, that's $1100 for every American. We should know where our money is going and how it's being used to fixed the mess were in when were literally owners to companies we have no say in. All I hear is change is on the way, and that eventually the money will get back into the market through loans they are not wanting to hand out, but it seems to me that these banks are only using it as a last hurrah to give themselves and their fellow higher-up employees lavish bonuses and team building retreats to luxury spas while we the American public get bent over for another over the barrel, out back whipping. We are going to have a Treasury Secretary who can't even pay his taxes while he was working for the IMF. What the???!! But we yawn and watch American Idol. Is there anyway we can get justice other than watching Law & Order? What do we have to do to have these horrible excuses for human beings get their just desserts instead of desserts, while we get stale bread and salmonella from bad peanut butter? Is there anyone out there who can be the Robert F. Kennedy taking on the Mob? Bernie Madoff is on house arrest for swindling $50 billion from his maybe not so bright investors, but isn't it a crime more serious than selling dope? Is there anyone out there who has the guts to stand up and ask the hard questions to get the results, or are we all too scared to know the truth of the extent to their diabolical plans? Oh no, that would hurt the economy. We can't do that. What the???!! If you have been living under a rock, the economy is already hurting from a financial crisis created by financial firms that create nothing but simply move money from one place to the next and continue to do business as usual and go on with their mergers and acquisitions in order to better position themselves once the long neglected phrase of recession is over. Please, oh please Mr. President, grow the necessary (insert male genitalia here) to do what is right and what is necessary and hold these people's feet to the fire that is burning out of control before we are left with even less than what we've got left and do the right thing, please. Put childish things aside and grow up and grow a pair. What good is closing down a Guantanamo when the American people are living in a prison of debt and unemployment themselves. Please Mr. President, become the change you've talked so much about. Be more than a good idea. Be a man of action. That is my call to action for you. Now I'm off to one of my 11 Inaugural balls I have to attend. Gotta run.
Until next time, open arms and open minds.

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