Monday, December 29, 2008

Would you want me teaching your children?

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man......vol.93
     Just in time for the New Year and just after the end of Chanukah, the ever present idiocy of Israel's foreign policy actions is cemented once again by their bombing of the Gaza Strip in their hopes to rid themselves of the terrorist organization Hamas. If it were only that simple. When will the powers that be realize that this act of violence, mindnumbingly expansive compared to Hamas's mosquito like missiles fired in Israeli settlements, will act to only further the Arabs of the Middle East hatred toward Israel and continue to throw gasoline onto the fire that has been burning there since 1947, when the Zionist movement decided to move in and kick out 750,000 Palestinians who had been living there since the diaspora had been dispersed to all parts of the globe. What would any one expect would happen? Thanks for kicking us out. We love people who foreclose on us because they believe to have a divine right. Were going to be great neighbors from here on out. Peace be unto you.
     I scratch my head at actions like these. Innocent Palestinian and Israeli citizens hurt, maimed and killed as collateral damage because of two neighbors unable to agree on who has the better God. Allah or Jehovah? They both preach tenets of peace but are never so slow to not pick up weapons of war. Whether it be rocks from the street slung shot against tanks or Apache Helicopters firing missiles on mosques or compounds, when will it ever stop?
     It is amazing that 2000 years ago, the St. John of Patmos would write the book of Revelation and would predict the end to come at the town of Megiddo, just outside of Jerusalem, and for this area of the world, because of it's embrace of three major religions would still remain relevant to this day. Is it all just a means to separate us from each other? Why did God have to pick that part of the World for Yahweh to be feared, Jesus to die and be resurrected and Muhammad to ascend to heaven? Is there a shadow group of elites since the dawn of time, that has only continued to propagate these "myths" or "facts" so that they will continue to have a means to divide and conquer the masses? Or maybe I simply think too much?
Until next time, open arms and open minds.

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