Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can you believe these people?

The Global Outrage of an Educated Man.....vol.88
I have the golden ticket. I have the golden ticket, and I want to make some money off of it. There is no way I am handing it over without first receiving some cash down payment at least. These are hard times. Everyone needs every buck they can get.
I mean, there it is, an open seat in the senate and I can appoint anyone I see fit, and along with that, let's get rid of some of those creatures that slithered out from under the scum of the Earth on the editorial board at the Chicago Tribune while were at it.
Nice work. Corruption has no partisan ideology. The actions of the Governor of Illinois have once again made that abundantly clear. What makes these people tick? Who do these people think they are? Do they not have a moral compass? Is there no sense of right or wrong anymore? And how do people like this, get to where they are in the first place? Were they using the same tactics in the first place? Amazing. They promise a lot and give very little. The world we live in. Wow.
And does anybody realize that we are still in a War in Iraq? Weird.
Now, Mr. Obama, where is the break from the politics of the past and where is the act of real change and reaching across party lines? Everyone in your cabinet is step and fetch Democrats except for Mr. Gates, and maybe that is because were never going to be out of Iraq, or maybe I'm just crazy. I can live with it. Mr. Obama, where is the taxing of big oil and their huge revenues?
People, everyone gets their feet to the flame.
Sorry, I saw Milk on Saturday afternoon and I say flame on. It was only the second film I have seen in the theater, where, at the end of it, the audience applauded. The first being the classic The Usual Suspects. Gay is the new Black. Wow, how do gay black men do it? That's a hard one. No pun intended. Or wait, maybe a black lesbian. First you're female, and then you're black and on top of that, you're gay. Three strikes and you're out. Not in my book. Equal right for everyone. If you're not hurting anyone physically and not hurting yourself, then so be it.
Go Wanda Sykes!!  Sorry. Anyhow, Sean Penn just maybe Daniel Day Lewis's equal. Up next is Frost/Nixon and then Slumdog Millionaire. I love the winter Oscar season warm up and not to forget 7 Pounds and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Good films are on the way once again. "I drink your milkshake. I drink it up!!"
Does anyone know this? That during the Stock market crash of 1929, the stock market didn't regain it's highs of 1927 until 1954!!!! 1954!! I know that it is cyclical and that every generation looks back on the one before and thinks, yeah, but that was different, and these kids today?? What's with them and there crazy clothes and music? Is it all just a little bit of history repeating?
I hope that we can learn from our mistakes.
Lastly, you can better your life by learning to adopt and adapt to things you dream. What you have problems with, dream them and defeat them in your dreams and you will see the residual effects on your waking life. Call me crazy, I can live with it.
Until next time. Open arms and open minds.

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