Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Let me be clear....

The Global Musings of an Educated Man...............vol.121

Obama, Obama, man elected by the people on the promise of hope and change, you have seemingly turned into yet another puppet pulled by the strings of big business and the military industrial complex.  Let me be clear. 30thousand more troops into Afghanistan. 30thousands troops at a cost of one million dollars per U.S. Soldier per year and we are a country in crisis, a country in debt.  Let me be clear. Our federal deficit in 2010 will be 1.5 trillion. 1.5 trillion!!! Oh, and did I mention that China owns about 800 billion dollars of our debt, and we better make sure that they will still believe that we will pay them back. Remember how our prior President W. would continually trumpet 9/11, 9/11, 9/11, and the drumbeat for war would never cease. Even though you have inherited a great mess, you are continuing down the path of least resistance once again. More money for wars, weapons and occupation, just so long as you call it by some other name, fighting terror. Let me be clear. Yes, we as a country will never forget what happened on 9/11 but how about positively assessing what exactly are we going to get for being in Afghanistan and still in Iraq, and still holding people for as long as our government wants in a place called Guantanamo? Weren't you going to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan and shut down Guantanamo? Instead your largest campaign contributor Goldman Sachs has made out like a bandit and we are still waiting for the stimulus to take effect and turn this sinking ship we call America back to the land masses, the people that deserve better than empty promises. Let me be clear. Maybe I am too impatient, but I think when you set the bar so high during your campaign and on the historic day of your inauguration, you are going to get what you deserve, and that is criticism.


And now on to another black man in the spotlight, Tiger Woods, your world is crumbling down all around you. Will we ever see your magnetic smile and fist pump at a golf tournament again? I feel so very sorry for you, a billionaire athlete that has to pay the price of endorsements, poor poor billionaire.  You sure can read a green but you've been having a hard time reading the media's appetite for a juicy story. You must realize in America, we love to build things up, tear them down and hope they rise from the ashes like a Phoenix. Good luck Tiger, you're going to need it.

And folks, believe me when I say it, I truly don't own a white hood. Seriously I don't.

Until next time, Happy Holidays.


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