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The Best of The Global Outrage of an Educated (vols. 67-84)

I saw it on the television.


August 31st, 2008

Personally, I think they need to move New Orleans about 100 miles north. It's just a thought. And maybe move St. Paul 10 miles closer to Minneapolis, because nobody in the major media can tell the difference between the two anyway, and nobody from Minneapolis seems to venture over to our other city very much anyhow.

Fanaticism can be both Christian and Islamic. There can be no deviation from that. None. Remember, Guantamo is still open. We have places to put you people. Salt of the earth type people. But we must remain vigilant. We must remain on guard, because the terrorists will never stop. Ever. 


September 20th, 2008

It's nice to know that the average citizen doesn't have a safety net as neat and tidy as the Federal Government does for Wall Street big businesses. I know that if the federal government didn't step up to the plate and beg for more money to stave off another Depression we would all be going for each other's throats and looting and burning whatever cash we do have on hand, because we'd realize once and for all that not only is our country morally bankrupt but financially as well. 700 Billion dollars on top of the 10 billion that we are spending every month in Iraq. Who would want to be President of the United States? Look at what they are going to inherit. Ouch. But at least the President has been telling us that our Economy has been "fundamentally sound." Whew, that is a relief. I almost thought we may be in trouble here. I mean how much is our dollar really worth when all we do is print more and send more out into the marketplace when we know in our heart of hearts that we are never going to pay off our national debt. Never. Then again, if the world is going to end or whatever changes might occur by December 22, 2012, this is kind of leading us down that thorny path. Can't you just smell the roses?


October 4th, 2008

They did it. It is done. It's finished. Signed and sealed and hopefully it will deliver us from the brink of extinction. Although, I still plan to get eyeglasses as soon as possible, because when it all falls apart in the end and the players are left watching the house of cards that they've built come crashing down, it's not going to be easy to get saline solution and disinfectant for contact lenses when there is widespread looting and murder over fossil fuels at the gas pumps. What we've seen in the just the last 8 years is right on schedule with an end date of December 22, 2012. We've witnessed 9/11, War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, The Mortgage boom and bust and now the credit crisis. What they told us was $700 billion but will probably cost us $5-$10 trillion. Of course they are going to low-ball us. Why not? The average American is clueless anyhow. So, we now have Henry Paulson, who was once head of the investment firm, Goldman Sachs, to be the lone man in charge of pricing and buying the bad debt. The man who was partly in charge of creating those exotic mortgage backed securities known as collateralized debt obligations, is now going to be the one to help "bail" us out. That's right. We're all in jail, we're all enslaved and only a few of us know it. I have to believe that Goldman Sachs will be one of the first firms with their hands out to get "bail" out money. Just a hunch. It is the fox guarding the chicken coop.

"I will make them famous, you will know their names." John "The original Maverick" Mccain


October 11th, 2008

Has not this current economic crisis got you at least a little concerned? Problem, Reaction, Solution. That's how they operate. They create a problem, wait for the public's reaction and then wheel out the solution. That's how the Patriot Act got passed so quickly. How else would you get the American public to give up their civil liberties? Tell them that it's necessary in order to stop terrorism. We don't want "the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." Now they have a reason to wheel out their steps towards a one world currency. Create a problem that would affect the world's economies, wait for the public to react in a frenzy of panic and fear, and then say wait, we've got the solution right here; let's just have everyone back at zero and playing on the same level. Taa-daaa. You may be laughing to yourselves and saying "Scharber, he's crazy. He's paranoid. He's finally lost it."

We are being led down a slippery path towards socialism. The United States Government is taking control of our banks. We are handing over our "free" markets to the G-7. But then again, would you have expected anything less from these blood suckers. They are vampires that feed on the fear that they create. Only blood sucking vampires would say that it's crazy and utopian to dream of peace. We need to get a grip and get educated. People be ready. Get ready. Remember, December 22nd, 2012. And if I'm wrong and that day comes and goes without a sound or a hiccup, I will bother you no more, at least about 2012, I promise.


November 1st, 2008

Now, let me focus my attention on the recent ads against Al Franken. If I understand them correctly, Al Franken "humiliates minorities, believes child abuse to be a joke, writes pornography, demeans women and laughs at the disabled." The only thing they leave out is that "he drowns puppies in garbage cans filled with dirty water."
Wow. Good thing Norm Coleman went positive.
Maybe we all should have the knowledge like Michelle Bachmann that we "are right in our hearts", and "embrace Freedom and Liberty".
If you could get more generalized than that, let me know.
Which leads me finally to Barack Obama's Wednesday the 29th of October 2008, 30 minute propagandadvertisement on three major networks. How do you compete with that?
I mean, I'm voting for the man, but honestly, have not the powers that be and the unseen hands already placed the mantle upon his head?
And 4 years ago, nobody knew his name and he was a junior senator from Illinois that simply gave one of the best speeches at the 2004 Democratic Convention in Boston.
I just hope he delivers on what he has been promising, because if I remember correctly, George H. W. Bush, in 1988 said "No new taxes." And what did he do? Raise taxes.
No wonder William Jefferson Clinton is such a good friend of his.
Oh how we are fooled into believing that there is a difference between the two parties.
Freedom is a choice between the lesser of two evils once every 4 years. But then again, maybe I'm too cynical? 
Maybe we only have a little over three years left until a giant shift in cosmic consciousness comes along to change us for the better? Or worse? December 22, 2012.
I will state it again, that if I'm wrong I will be the first to admit it.
However, you'll have to admit that we are inching ever closer to a one world economy and a one world government would you not?
The Global Economic crisis is necessary for the tip toe to totalitarianism. We've already begun socializing our financial institutions. The next is Health Care.
They don't just let things happen without a reason. The ends justify their means. 9/11?? Bam. The Patriot Act. The War on Terror?? A War that will never end.
Just keep on keepin on, and trying to pay the bills.
"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."
So get out and vote. That's entertainment.


November 3rd, 2008

Historic times are we a part of. An historic election is only a day away. I hope that Obama is victorious, if for the only reason being that he would get us out of Iraq, but then who are we kidding. The money that we've been sending there will only be sent then to Afghanistan. It will never end.


November 4th, 2008

The Republican Party may have to do some soul searching after tonight. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity will be chomping at the bit. I think it's only fair. Eight years of W. We should get at least four from Obama.


November 15th, 2008

What we have in America today is the costliest enterprise that our country has ever been a part of, besides the on going, ever increasing balance of the price of war in IRAQ. What we've spent as a country, on the economic bailouts, is more than what we spent as a country during World War II, adjusted for inflation. And we've only been doing this for the last two months. Or have we??
We are teetering on the precipice. Well, that's what they've been telling us everyday and every night.
They've given a bailout for people to get back into their houses; but what good is that going to do when they don't have a job?
Gas prices are getting lower right now, so people can drive to jobs they don't have. I'm sorry, it's getting contagious out there.
Remember to get your flu shot.
Someone slap me.
Maybe we need a gigantic shift. A drastic change.
It was only 150 years ago that as a nation and a world we were leaving the Agricultural society (business and farming don't mix) and beginning the Industrial revolution (man and machine don't mix??).
Maybe now, we are going through the "birth pangs" the prophets had spoken of thousands of years ago.
People, the age of Aquariuous is about to begin and a new age will start.
For, without pain, there is no growth.
So lets not go jumping out of windows and declaring that the sky is falling just yet.
2012 is still some years away.
Or maybe that is all a part of what we are moving towards?
We as a people, use only 10% of our brains.
That's scientific fact, and you can't stop science, even Costanza knows that.
Maybe these drastic measures are pushing our subconscious to use more than the normal 10%.
Maybe we'll all be able to become the image that is God, in ourselves.
We were made in its image, and maybe finally, we will begin to start using it for the better of mankind.
For that, I am hopeful, and I keep my eyes on the horizon.

More is on the way, check your stockings.

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