Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are You Serious??

The Global Musings of an Educated Man..................vol.122
The following has been submitted to the theater group at Metro State University as monologue, in the hopes that they will present it on stage in April.

Somewhere between the birth of Man and knowing the Sun was King,

            To the time we thought the Earth was flat,

            The human being has begun to believe,

            That our own selves are the

            Center of the ever expanding everything.

            But I wonder,

            During the time of Buddha, Yahweh, Christ, Muhammed and Shakespeare,

            Did they ever need Viagra, Prozac or Paxil?


            I wish I could come to you and discuss the benefits of having cell phones attached to each and everyone's head, allowing more and more people to make calls while being stuck in traffic to and from their cubicle occupations for hours every week. Discussing what to make for dinner. Where to pick up the kids from at the mall, if they hadn't already been abducted and had their pictures placed upon cartons of milk while you eat your morning cereal before going off to deal with the pain you call your job or made to be the latest 24 hour tragedy to overtake the airwaves of our beloved cable news networks. I wish I could discuss the benefits of I-Pods and not having to communicate with strangers. To be able to download porn right to your cell phones, to attach those headphones and climb a stair-master instead of walking outside in your own safe neighborhood without the fear of being held up or raped at gunpoint.  I wish I could say that the oceans rising mean nothing to me. Social Security being there when I need it is not realistic. I wish I could come here without knowing that China owns our beloved country.  But I can't. I can't even smoke a joint to relax.

            WAR WAR WAR and more WAR. Protecting this country means blowing other ones up. Democracy is good. Democracy is great. Democracy works when people participate and don't allow their leaders to become dictators, because Fascism loves complacency. There is never ending war to maintain peace, so just go buy another i-pod, go buy another flat screen LCD HD TV and never mind the details.  When is the last time you saw an army of Buddhist Monks invade a country under the guise of spreading peace and freedom, or testing nuclear weapons? Those crazy monks sitting up there in their mountain enclave, what do they know? Don't have cable. Don't even own a television.

            You can still legally treat your son or daughter's Attention Deficit Disorder with medication that may or may not cause him or her to commit suicide, but you can't smoke a joint.

            Now get back in line. It's for your own safety.

            Do you hear me?

            Shut up and take the mark.

            There must be a common enemy for the United States war apparatus, in order to keep us all servile and numb. After World War II, we had to find someone, and look, our ally during the war Russia, now became our hated enemy.  We could now build and construct more weapons and feed the beast which has become our shadow government, the military industrial complex; Big Oil and Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics…etc, etc. After the fall of the Soviet Union, because you cannot have a Soviet Union when you are trying to get the world to the point where there will be no more countries, just free trade agreements, we had to create another enemy, and you probably guessed it, Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaida network.  Don't mention the fact that we used him, probably through the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, and now we are fighting him and his Saudi backed construction company worth millions; never-mind the fact that we need his country's oil so desperately that we may have even sold our souls for it. But you still can't smoke a joint.

            Never mind tricky Dick Cheney, and his Sesame Street Count like corner of his mouth grin, who is grinning from ear to ear now that the Supreme Court ruled that he doesn't have to reveal with whom he did meet in 2001 when he was doctoring up is infamous energy policy. A publicly elected official doesn't have to reveal with whom he or she meets, with what they discussed when they meet in private. Only citizens of America have to reveal what they do and with whom they do it in private under the guise of the Patriot Act. Equal in wrath is concealment. One should not mess with the federal government. Now shut up and pay your taxes. And yet,  you still can't smoke a joint.

            Dying men and women, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, suffering unimaginable pain, now find it, thanks to the omnipotent wisdom of the Supreme Court, the Alcohol Industry and more than likely, the Pharmaceutical Companies, they can be incarcerated for easing their pain with a funny smelling cigarette.         You can legally assist a loved one in his or her own suicide in the state of Oregon, but you can't smoke a joint.

            Now get back in line. It's for your own safety.

            Do you hear me?

            Shut up and take the mark.

            You can go to war and invade a sovereign country preemptively, one that you helped fund militarily to fight against Iran, all because you claim that they have weapons of mass destruction and you don't want the smoking gun in a the shape of a mushroom cloud. You can then continue on in your efforts for years, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, all in the name of collateral damage and the war on terror. You can set up prison camps on foreign soil, where you house "enemy combatants", for any period of time you see fit, all the while charging them with nothing, and never allowing them to speak to an attorney.  This all happens under the control of the "land of the free and the home of the brave", but you still, you still cannot smoke a joint.  

            You can be elected President after 8 years of war and economic boom and busts and promise to shut down Guantanamo and pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan and do nothing of the sort, but you can't smoke a joint. You can order a fight on Pay Per View at the price of $49.95, to watch two grown men beat each other into submission inside a steel caged octagon, but you can't smoke a joint. You can light fireworks in some states and die as a result of some freak accident in the spirit of our national holiday.  You can voluntarily join the military at the age of 18 and be sent to a foreign land where you are instructed and trained to kill the enemy. But you can't smoke a joint. As a member of Congress by the urging of the President you can pass a $787 billion dollar stimulus package, but legalizing marijuana, that would be crazy. You can drop nuclear bombs on Japan killing hundreds of thousands of people to end World War II, but you can't smoke a joint.  You can legally drink yourself to death, but you can't smoke a joint, because that would lead to other things.  What other things are they so afraid of? How much worse can it get?

            I would love to start a revolution of the mind, but I'm too busy trying to pay off my credit card debt.  The revolution will not be televised because Rupert Murdoch already owns the channel. It has to start in the small towns and on the internet and spread indiscriminately like cancer. The truth must live on despite the stem cell destruction of minds by ignorance and indifference. We must be educated, think radically and act locally because, no longer smoked, the joint is the place where you will be sent.


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