Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have been short on words lately...........

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.................vol.120
For that, I do apologize. I am sorry for leaving you wanting more than has been given, and for that I thank you as well. It shows that "you love me, you really really love me", must reference Sally Field oscars' acceptance speech.
So, without further ado, I will get right down to the meat and bone of things.........the health care reform issue. The issue that needs more discussion and repercussions. I am for Universal Health Care, and anyone that truly knows me would say, duh....but I would like the government to pay for all of it, like they do in France or Canada. And once again my friends would say, duh. Socialist Scharber. If the Government can bailout the banks, with our taxpayer money than they can give me free health care. If they can spend $11-12 billion dollars a month, a month, in a war the Soviet Union couldn't and we will never win in Afghanistan, then they can give me free health care. And we all know what happened to the Soviet Union, kaput. Like the fall of the Berlin wall that Obama was too busy to attend the anniversary ceremony of, because he had to visit the dead and dying on Veteran's Day. Which was appropriate I think. But what do I know? Seriously, I don't even have cable. But, I think the time for Universal Health Care and Health Care Reform should wait until at least we have gotten out of the economic storm we are currently and probably will be in for the next 5 years at least. I do not think now is the time to spend another Trillion dollars over the next 10 years when we as a nation need to seriously tighten our belts like a fat man at Old Country Buffet we have gone way too far in our appetites for material items. But I may be right in the realization that it is already too late and the train has left the station, and deeper in debt we as a nation will be. Because, one day, and the day will come when China will no longer buy our debts from us because they will have begun to think that "Hey, I don't think the United States is ever going to pay us back". But then again, what do I know? I don't even have cable, or an Ipod. 
So, we as a nation need to find a way to get more money into the coffers of our state government's around the country, and here is an idea, one that I've bet you've heard from me before, LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!! TAX IT. Like alcohol sales to help us out of the Great Depression, let's do the sane thing, the rational thing, the logical thing and all admit to ourselves that the War on Drugs doesn't work. Why should we have to pay 30k a year to keep a drug user or dealer in jail, when the Pharmaceutical companies get to ring the bell on the NYSE? I mean, no one has ever committed suicide from Prozac, or driven their car while they were sleeping using Ambien?? Just kidding, they have. But Eli Lilly and Phizer, they are multinational Pharmaceutical companies and they are run by old white men who believe in Eugenics, so, let them keep on dumbing and numbing us down. Okay, well anyway, Just down the street from our house in Northeast Minneapolis, an entrapenuer opened up a glass works shop next to the local bodega, and it's name, Twenty past 4. Oh, my heart goes pitter patter in the thought that they may have gotten ahead of the curve and the day will soon come when a Friday night rolls around, no pun intended, from a week long tiresome at work trapped in a cubicle, despite all our rage, we are still just rats in a cage, thanks Billy Corgan, and I'll be able to stroll over to the bodega and purchase a joint or some buds, and then stop next door and purchase a device to smoke it in, and begin strolling and rolling home, pun intended, to listen to some music, maybe some classic Pink Floyd or some new stuff from Radiohead or just some Jazz on 88.5fm or as Kinger would say, "play some OASIS, something with Liam singing it", and put in a pizza, and just relax. Not hurt anyone, just expand the mind a bit and relax. Get out a notebook and see what kind of crazy ideas come out of the synapses in my brain. Knowing that hey, they treat chemo patients with this stuff. They treat MS sufferers with this stuff. They treat AIDS patients with this stuff. They treat arthritis pain with this stuff. They treat 8 years of a Bush Administration with this stuff....sorry I just couldn't resist. Never heard that said for beer before, except for the Bush Administration comment, that would be NA beer. But then again, what do I know?? I don't even have cable, or a flat screen LCD HD TV, que Col. Kurtz 'Apocolypse Now', "the horror, the horror".
Chew on that, and by the way, Troy and Minn, thanks for the push.
Now get back in line for your H1N1 shot, take the mark and shut up. Everything is going to be just fine.

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