Saturday, March 19, 2011

I hope we can chalk it up to March Madness?

The Global Musings of an Educated Man......vol.142
Everywhere you look the turmoil is spreading like a terminal cancer. The tentacles of it's reach are grabbing whatever it can get its hands on and it doesn't appear to be letting go anytime soon folks. From the historically mammoth Earthquake in Japan that resulted in a massive Tsunami that has breached the supposedly indestructible walls of their nuclear facility in northern Fukoshima, the devastation has no bounds. Men, women and children, the destruction that mother nature can impose has no bias. One only has to turn on the nightly news to see catastrophe and panic, riots and revolutions, the loss of life and the loss of electricity with sprinkles of radiation on top, making everyone with a pulse a little bit more nervous than usual these days.
Then there is the quelled revolution revolt in what once was our sworn enemy turned ally in the war on terror back to sworn enemy, the one and only, Libya and it's out of control despot who could give Charile Sheen a run for his money on outright lunacy. Winning!!?? No matter how you spell his last name, the man has style, but he has no sense of reality or maybe he's just an evil genius who happens to be insane. Anyway you slice it, the price of oil is going to increase.
There is also Bahrain, run by a Sunni minority, supported by fellow Sunnis in the Saudi Royal Family, who are trying to put the kibosh on their own domestic strife, which is very upsetting to the Shia majority and the nearby middle eastern rabble rouser, the Shia government of Iran and their "members only" jacket wearing president. We could be watching what may turn out to be the beginnings of World War III or the coming four horsemen of the apocalypse. So grab your socks and hose and pull, this could get messy, for everybody. 2012??
One final piece of disturbing truth is, last week the U.S. government released information pertaining to it's TARP plan, listing those financial institutions who received large amounts of tax-payer funded bailout money. The winner was, get this, Citigroup with an astounding 476 billion!!! That's right, almost half a trillion dollars in bailout money was needed, and I bet you heard very little of this information didn't you, and instead, were told by Republicans dripping with new found power, that Unions are responsible for the deficit we see currently in our state's and federal governments. Which leads me to ask, when was the last time you saw a Union, private or public, needing a bailout??

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