Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The smokescreen is lifting

The Global Musings of an Educated Man........vol.143
     I hope everyone got a chance to see our fine, upstanding President scold the American public for doubting his judgment last Monday evening on national television. At least with the former President you knew what you were getting, but with this guy, he's horrifically seemed to have forgotten the many things that we were promised when he was elected. There has been little hope and no change at all. The campaign promises of shutting down Guantanamo, getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but instead we seem to be starting up the engines of what may turn out to be the vehicle for World War III.
     Meanwhile, people in our own country, go without food, without jobs, without healthcare. For once, other countries can step up and take the role of "watchdog of the world." We have pressing issues of our own here at home. But instead, we help out the rebels in Libya, some of which are being supported by Al-Qaeda in Libya, to overthrow an evil dictator who just years ago was our ally in the never ending War on Terror, but we never, haven't even brought it up, why we haven't helped the poor people of Sudan who have lost almost half a million of their own people over the last 10 years to their own civil war. What gives President Obama? And I thought you said we were broke? What happened to that? Instead we are going to be helping out in a "humanitarian" effort, not a "war", "let me be clear," without an exit strategy or end game? After all is said and done, Qaddaffi better not be allowed to go live in exile, but should instead be thrown into the Hague and stand trial for what he has been doing these lo-40 years. So, American people, instead were firing teachers here at home while we fire tomahawk missiles into Libya.
At least with George W.,
You knew what you were getting.  

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