Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Say you want a revolution......"

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.....vol.141
           From Tunisia to Egypt, Bahrain to Yemen, and from Tehran to Madison, Wisconsin?!?!, there are protests, there are groups forming, some of them growing into micro-revolutions demanding that old dictators of the past be replaced with something other than the same ol' same ol', and fast. The lower and middle class majorities are no longer going to put up with the "status quo" that says to "shut up and get back in line," or its timeless mantra "because of all of the foreigners" that this is happening, because there always is an inherent need for someone or something to blame for our own mistakes, our own reckless greed. Liberal Media Elites??? People are using technology harnessing the power of social networks, Facebook status updates and 140 character Tweets to help keep the momentum going in their favor. The powers that "be" are huddling in small cramped sweaty darkened offices, facing the flickering flames of their eternal control of the power grab fading in the winds of change. The Saudi Royal Family is getting nervous and rightfully so. People are becoming motivated to participate in the act in the manner of empowered citizens, demanding more from their elected officials than just security from an unseen villain and a bid to host the next World Cup. People, women and children, young and old are demanding that their "just" and "elected" rulers start to begin to show positive results after 30 years of monarchic rule while they were tasting the sweet seduction of unlimited U.S. money and military influence, while the United States at home in her own discomfort and realization that we are no longer going to be the "big enchilada", we are now bankrupt, and the fairness of it all is that the passing of the debt down to the states, the states to the counties, the counties down to the cities and finally down to the taxpayers who will end up footing the bill in the act of seeing some "essential" government programs cut, spending to be slashed, teachers to be fired and schools to be closed, but yet our health insurance premiums continue to increase at a pace that is similar to the tuition for a years worth of higher education and we are being told that we need to shell out more money to build a football stadium so that we can all enjoy 2 hours of commercials with our 1 hour of actual game every week??? Priorities are being pitted against desires, and the desires always seem to win out because after all, we are all savage primal beings by nature.

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