Saturday, May 9, 2009

"When you think that you've lost find, you could always lose a little more." Dylan

The Global Musings of an Educated Man.........vol.112
Man oh man, even the panic created by the media who are trying to save their precious newspapers and their Swine Flu cannot stop the rally on Wall Street. But then again, when has logic and common sense ever been hand in hand with Wall Street? With the speed of everything "quickening", will the pace of the upswing be as fast as the collapse of October 08'? Will it rebound off the wall like a billiard ball off the green felt and will more and more people being seeing green by the end of the year instead of red? Only time will tell. Oh, and will Brett Favre be a Viking? And wouldn't it be ironic, that the only way the Vikings win a Super-Bowl would be with an ex-Green Bay Packer quarterback. Or, will Bud Grant think he's a moose and shoot him?
Was the global economic collapse coordinated with the intent of starting over with a clean slate in place throughout the world, to impose the rules of the Chicago School of Economics main theory of "laissez-faire" fostered by Nobel Prize winner economist Milton Friedman?
"that Chile under Chicago School rule was offering a glimpse of the future of the global economy, a pattern that would repeat again and again, from Russia to South Africa to Argentina: an urban bubble of frenetic speculation and dubious accounting fueling super profits and frantic consumerism, ringed by the ghostly factories and rotting infrastructure of a development past; roughly half the population excluded from the economy altogether; out-of-control corruption and cronyism; decimation of nationally owned small and medium-sized businesses; a huge transfer of wealth from public to private hands, followed by a huge transfer of private debts into public hands." Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (2007)
Can we say "Bail-out"?? Eerily clairvoyant.

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