Sunday, June 21, 2009

"A green plastic watering can...for a fake Chinese rubber plant...."

The Global Musings of an Educated Man........vol.113
I will begin this entry from the days of the summer of 1994. It is off the beaten path and having little to do if anything at all with Father's Day, but I am overwhelmed with nostalgia and music and the fact that I have had these notes for some time now and it has been rather elongated in the terms of linear space and time since I posted anything new . What I am trying to get at, to quote former Eagle, Don Henley is "the heart of the matter", the times of days of old and the soundtrack that went along with it when we were young and naive and had never heard of anything like 9/11 or Columbine of I-Pods. I return again to  particularly the sonic sound burst of music from Radiohead.
Pablo Honey- beginning with the opening track, there is no hint at what's to come for this band from Oxford. No one would think that in 3 to 4 short years a band that was putting out the song "You", would create the seminal works of The Bends, Ok Computer and Kid A. But that thought is quickly discarded along with the notion that Oasis is the better band, I know, coming from me, back then would have been blasphemy, but get a grip, people change, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better, after getting to their second track on the album, "Creep". A song any boy in his late teens and early twenties can relate to. Unless of course you've never kissed a girl or dumped your would be girlfriend on the curb outside of Barnes and Noble in Blaine and caught her completely off guard. I apologise for that Kim.
There were hints by the end of Pablo Honey of what was to come, but nothing of the sort of what I firmly believe may be the best album of the 90's, The Bends. The memories of the 1st Avenue concert in the early summer of 1995 or was it 96'? It's difficult to remember, being the haze and all.  Passing the one hitter back and forth and round and round inside Hambone's little red Civic between Fernando, Jeff, Hambone and myself, as we cruised down 94East to the parking lot that straddled 394 and provided many pre game moments, while we followed Minn and Hoium in Wang's little blue Ford Ranger, fresh from works bomb spills on the dashboard. By the way, does anyone know where the tape is? Trailer people. Ha ha ha.
Running across the highway to the concert as fast as young male inebriated individuals can run. Good times. The image of Hambone throwing up into a garbage can inside 1st Avenue, as it being I believe, the first time that he participated in, to coin a phrase from TT boy the "hippie lettuce". Then again it's better than doing it in line while outside of 1st Avenue.  You know who you are.
It is watching Jeff Olson, now a father of three, wow, that blows my mind, play the air guitar to the Statue of Liberty riff on the "The bends", or myself, discussing the hidden meaning of the breast implant theory to "Fake Plastic Trees" with Fernando and Karla, sitting in my blue Plymouth Sundance outside the fenced in tennis court off of University Avenue in Fridley on an ordinary afternoon sometime in the mid 90's. Ahhh, to be young again. To be continued.............. 
Happy Father's Day.


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