Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vol.192: We Want the Pope, Gotta have that Pope

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Tears of Joy or Tears of Shame or Both?

     The United States has been witness to some pomp and circumstance in the past, but nothing like we've seen in the previous week. It was history in the making. It was Fonzi jumping the shark. It was the introduction of PacMan to the Atari 2600 and released upon the sprawling suburbia of early 80's America. It was the all of that, wrapped into the release of Star Wars in May of 1977. It was of course, the visit of his holiness, Pope Francis of the Holy See. Word is, according to his deep web Twitter account that his new album should be dropping in the weeks to come, and for the record from someone close to his holiness he has already negotiated a contract with Richard Branson to get his own, Led Zeppelin sized personal jet; we must admit, the man is a rock star. For many of us that have bore witness and past recollections of Popes from the previous era, never before has there been the common sense of this one that has seemed to openly embrace the times and the ever changing world in which he is living, and for that, we can all say, Amen to that.

     The same old song and dance continues at the United Nations where industrialized countries puff their cigars and demand peace at costs only they can pay, but instead would rather place upon someone else; there they sit, the climate change deniers continuing on with the shrugging of their shoulders and their exhaled pffts of disgust at the thought that they have anything to do with the rising of temperatures, the melting of ice caps and the continual destruction of our tiny little marble in the eternity of our Universe. All of this with Hurricane Joaquin heading it's way up the coast. Ignore that and be reminded with the fact that with Mars having water, we can all look forward to moving back to where we quite possibly have come from in the first place. What is so remarkable, is the fact that many of these climate change deniers have no problem believing, placing their faith in the altogether scientifically unproven existence of an all encompassing benevolent ruler of our entire being of space and time. Maybe the two sides should agree to disagree but at the same time laugh at the irony of it all?

     All of this continues as migrants and refugees from a destabilized Middle East stream into Europe, across the Mediterranean and over mountains of capitalism's selfish excess and inhospitable countries in search of a new life, food and enough shelter. The fear of terrorism, the overpopulation and austerity measures imposed on these European nations has their citizens unable to take the next steps and let these people in without the humiliation and taunts targeted at their tired and struggling backs as they carry family members in their arms, only to be tripped by immoral camera women.  Now with the great global chess play of Putin in Syria, it is about to get even messier. Europe will have to face some serious consequences. Wasn't this once the Holy Roman Empire of Christianity?

     He may have come and died for our sins if you believe in that sort of thing and which since that time have piled up in size like the national debt; the least we can do is act like he would have wanted us to. To love our neighbor, not fear them. To feed the hungry, not starve them for lack of employment or money, the color of their skin or the language they speak, and finally instead forgive the debts of those we have imposed debts upon; for we have more than enough in the world, we just have to look at ourselves in the mirror for a long time in order to realize that we are each responsible for making the world a truly wonderful Kingdom of God. Until then, are we going to continue putting up walls?

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