Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vol.191: Citizens United: An American Definition of Oxymoron

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     There is a giant pig stretched out across the American landscape that encompasses all within, from sea to shining sea. The Supreme Court having given birth to its round taut pink fat ballooned body after having created it through its genetic corporate act of manipulated reproduction, it now lays languid in the dog days of summer as one by one her children of Moloch come to suck from her teats to feed their morally malnourished bodies. Never before have we seen so many, so early in the campaign season writhing in the mud. Yet they continue to grovel and fight among themselves for the best position while high above, their mutated dragon like offspring floats with the currents of the ever changing wind through his billion dollar comb-over, laughing and bullying along the way as he spews dissension and whatever will grab the headlines for that particular day. Even the anointed one has been seen finding her place within the grovel that are her current counterparts, sucking from each well fought for teat for the campaign sustaining fluids that are the lifeblood of their ever developing macabre like circus. Reports say that record numbers are being siphoned off each quarter; stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, because we still have a long way to go.

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