Friday, July 12, 2013

Vol. 174: You Can Count on That: Part I

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Thelonius Ronscpiacy is here, back once again to fight the global bloodsuckers where they live and breathe; more commonly these days on the Internet and in the nether regions of the digital ether. Back once again to confront the abominations of harlots at the gates to their pearly white McMansions.  My friend and cohort in exposing the hypocrisy and slime of the globally nefarious, Theona Donther, is on assignment in the Caribbean. She will be back when she is ready and able. She is still having some difficulty getting over the bruises and tear gas, but with the help of large amounts of Red Stripe, jerk chicken and fat spliffs, she will remain ever vigilant; you can count on that.

The story that continues to sweep the cobwebs from the globe is that of trail-blazing turncoat Edward Snowden; the once upon a time contract employee of security firm Booz Allen (sounds like a fraternity house), who leaked vital information pertaining to the NSA's global surveillance program that involved the wiretapping all incoming and outgoing phone calls within the United States and tracked web traffic as well; data mining.

First of all, I would like to state that this reporter is in support of stopping terrorist attacks and other violent acts within the legal framework of our Constitution and the inherent Rights of Man; however, I still believe in radical ideas like privacy; so, that doesn't mean that Big Brother should be able to look through every one's mail or track what he or she is watching every second of every hour of every day. Those are powers a Dictator would employ; a fascist Dictator!!!

Meanwhile, Mr. Snowden is in limbo (even Dante would be amused) in a Moscow airport trying to figure out which country will be willing to grant him political asylum. As a result of his apparently intended actions, the young man will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, because the United States of Surveillance never quits, you can count on that.

All the while Vladimir Putin is biting his lower lip in a Mr. Burns'esque caricature (we need more topless photos of Putin)

going over his motives and scenarios for possibly keeping him under wraps; because the longer he stays in Russia, the more power Putin has in the situation.

Which leads to the questions, does the organization that was formerly the KGB have him? Whom has he been speaking to? What exactly does he know, and how long until his dead, burnt fried chicken to the crisp bodily remains are found in a train derailment full of oil?

The consequences of his actions, in the same scenario as Bradley Manning, are that the international relations have been harmed within the public relations machinery that are the United States of Surveillance propaganda antennae and they are scrambling to put all of the pieces back together again; you can count on that.

All of this has possibly been masterminded by a James Bond type villainous character depending on which side you are on, Julian Assange, the leader of WikiLeaks. He's been bankrolling the movements of Snowden around the chessboard with the help of his fellow hackers throughout the world. It has become a cloak and dagger game of cat and mouse. The stakes are life or death for Mr. Snowden, or life in Guantanamo, depending on the route the secret organizations within the United States of Surveillance decide to take. We may never truly know.

Venezuela has offered sanctuary to Mr. Snowden, as well as Nicaragua; as it seems any Latin American country that has reason to hold a grudge against the United States, which means all of them, due to our country's failed policies of the War on Drugs and NAFTA; as well as their being exhausted by the rhetoric or hostilities or those who no longer want to continue to feel pushed around by the most popular junior high bully on the planet, i.e., the United States of Surveillance.

Protests in Bolivia have sprung up demanding that they remove the U.S. Embassy due to the allegation that Snowden was on a plane headed to Bolivia that the United States of Surveillance and their allies had grounded in Austria. Never mind the fact that the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales was on the plane. Stay tuned, because the story keeps getting weirder.

As of just minutes ago, after a couple of weeks in Russia more than likely in the hands of their intelligence apparatus, Mr. Snowden wants asylum in Russia. Wow. Stay tuned.

(Illuminati symbolism?)

Meanwhile, the situation on the rubble, crumbling decaying city streets in Egypt continues to deteriorate at an accelerating pace. The mess of former democratically elected President Morsi, in large part due to his support from The Muslim Brotherhood is rapidly devolving into an all-out civil war.  Was it a military coup sponsored by the CIA? Clashes between ousted President Morsi's supporters and their secularized opposition have the death toll rising with each hurled rock and canister of tear gas. Meanwhile, the United States of Surveillance cannot call it what it is, a Military Coup, because then it wouldn't be able to continue to give humanitarian aid to Egypt. Those rules the United States of Surveillance will follow, but stopping the wiretapping and tracking of web traffic of the whole world is something they cannot abide by??!!!

All of this leads to the question, is the United States of Surveillance using all of this chaos as a means to further destabilize the region so that oil prices will further escalate and the powers that be can instigate a WW3 scenario dragging all of the major players into the mess; those players being Israel, Russia, Iran, China, Germany, France and England? Syria is waving their arms, don't forget about us. Throw another log onto the fire.

A massive world war would give them impetus for implementing a one-world government, you can count on that.

Finally, to wrap up this edition of Outrage, I would like to introduce you to the song of the summer of 2013, if you haven't already been hypnotized by its' simplistic beauty...............16 year old New Zealander, Lorde's "Royals."

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