Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vol. 173: Run On

Ladies and gentlemen, Theona Donther back from the front lines in Brazil and Turkey. I'm still splashing huge amounts of water in my eyes to get the tear gas out and soothing rubber bullet caused bruises with massive amounts of painkillers, so bare with me, it's been a wild ride.

Let me begin with a not so reassuring gesture by the President of the United States of Surveillance, in which he said that the NSA program is overseen by Congress and the Intelligence Community; which is an oxymoron in and of itself; those are two words that shouldn't or aren't likely to be paired together in the same sentence, ever; intelligence and Congress? According to our ever-evolving dictator of a President of the United States of Surveillance, there is nothing to fear; there are "unprecedented series of measures.........checks and balances.......and let's quadruple check it," requirements in place in the surveillance program. Yep, nothing to worry about; we just want to ask you some questions. Please, there is nothing to fear. There is no reason to get upset. Just come with us immediately, and no one gets hurt.
The man of the hour, Edward Snowden has bounced from Hawaii to Hong Kong to Russia and possibly on his way to Ecuador via Cuba, but Vladimir Putin is not letting him go, just yet. What does Mr. Snowden know? Is he giving it to any one? What are the implications for diplomatic ties? The plot thickens and one thing remains clear...................................................................................

"They only have this one picture of me?!"

Run Mr. Snowden run!

China now has the world's fastest supercomputer and they love to hack, so lookout Silicon Valley, because the Asian-Tiger is still mighty hungry, if they can see their way through all of the pollution.

Then there is the question of security and freedom; where do you put the NSA? How do you balance the two? It is a slippery slope when living with an older Bigger Brother.

There are checkpoints for drunk driving and most agree that's okay, but that is the tip-toe to future checkpoints for anything. Hell, let us stop Green Bay Packer fans on the way back to Wisconsin after a game at the Metrodome? I have to imagine you could generate some tax-revenue there, wouldn't you agree? But that would make too much sense, and there's nothing common about common sense, is there?


Hopefully Coming to a Town Near You
Protests are raging throughout Brazil and that is much to my liking, despite the tear gas and rubber bullets. It's encouraging to see more people waking up to the fact that the tiny minority that holds the keys to power do not have their best interests at heart; they only have their bottom line, profits for themselves and their shareholders, nothing more. These protests are being sparked and fueled by the lack of spending on social services on the part of the government throughout Brazil. What the major media is saying that triggered these massive rounds of protests is the hike in bus fare throughout the country of 10% that started in Sao Paolo and spread like a zombie Apocalypse.  There is a significant lack in spending on health care and education, and instead, ever-increasingly greater portions of spending are being placed upon the readiness for the country's upcoming participation as host to the world's largest sporting events; the World Cup of Futball and the Olympic Summer Games. As if you didn't already know the Illuminati brothers and sisters were behind this; I guarantee each and everyone of you still able to read this blog without being bound or gagged, and if you're into that sort of thing, it's your prerogative; prostitutes and drugs from throughout the world will be shipped in preparation for the orgiastic duration, for hedonism knows no bounds. It will be Carnival but with bullets, bombs, booty and blood lust. You can already hear the maracas in the distance, the snorting of cocaine and the banging of drums drowning out the cries for help.

All of this slides nicely into the fact that the G-8 Summit was happening in Northern Ireland last week, where once again, outside of the U.S., President Obama was still very well received; they haven't had their phones tapped yet. The word on every one's tongue was Syria. What to do in Syria?  What do we do about Syria? According to President Obama and much of the world's media, "people are being slaughtered." According to mysteriously documented evidence from the U.N and other nefarious organizations, President Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people and this will not stand.  These are words not used unless something is on the verge of happening that will escalate the spread of war, and the drums continue to pound. All participating countries except Russia believe that the Assad regime must leave. Is the world going to use Syria as a means to implementing a more broadening war in the Middle-East; is the U.S. going to use the Edward Snowden case as another justification for cutting diplomatic ties with Russia? Stay tuned to find out.

The simple fact ladies and gentlemen, is that it has been a long time since a cathartic World War. Gog and Magog people. Book of Revelation. Get ready because it's going to get messy.

News that Iran has a new, relatively moderate President in Hassan Rouhani is hopeful. Also is the shocking fact that he was heckled during a press conference; a sign that the times are changing or they're putting up a good front in Tehran; the Revolutionary Guard must have had the day off. According to President Obama it is clear, "the Iranian people want to move in a different direction." If it only were that simple it would also be happening here in the United States of Surveillance in the shape of rising median incomes.

Mr. President, do you hear the common people of the United States wanting to move in a different direction?  Oh wait, it's not an election year. Don't bother.

Finally, on a somber note. RIP James Gandolfini (aka Tony Soprano), and author and Minnesota native, Vince Flynn. RIP.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep fighting against tyranny; keep watching for signs of the inevitable; stay educated, remain vigilant and never give up, and please do whatever you can to keep prospering in the new global economy.

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