Monday, March 18, 2013

Vol. 168: By definition, we're all a bit Crazy

"Things are not as bad as they seem."
     Good morning, good afternoon and bonsoir ladies and gentlemen. To all of those stuck in traffic, or to those in line at the local Starbucks, or to those avoiding eye-contact with fellow elevator or bus riding passengers, I wish you all the best in the new ever changing global economy. Thelonius Ronscpiacy and Theona Dontherh are both on assignment, therefore I will put aside any further pleasantries and begin.
     Sons and daughters of Belial, there are signs and omens looming all around us; plagues of locusts swarming from out of Egypt descend into Israel as those in charge calmly state, "There is nothing to see here. Nothing to see. Please go about your business."
     On the 13th of March in the year 2013, black smoke first signaled no Pope, and then white smoke from the water-bong within the Sistine Chapel started the party for the 115 wise cardinals assembled at the Vatican to elect the first ever Latin American potentate; an Argentinian with ties to dictator death squads (he'll fit right in) financed by the adherents to University of Chicago's hierophant of capitalism, Milton Friedman; Jorge Bergoglio, is now to be forever known as Pope Francis.

"Do you think they'll care about my past?"
     Here is a staggering fact, the number of people in the U.S. working today is the lowest it has been in the last thirty years, and you cannot easily lay the blame on only one of the political parties, but instead have to place it on both, or most importantly, upon ourselves, because we continue to elect these blood sucking vultures, or do little or nothing with our attention deficit spanned minds to hold them accountable. Squirrel!
     As a result, companies are making do with less, thus increasing their profit margins, which in turn makes their shareholders faces light up with hedonistic smiles of self congratulation as the gap of equality grows ever larger. However, in contrast to and despite this fact, the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the economically developed world. So, not only do those companies get taxed over seas, but if that tax rate is lower than what is currently in the United States, those companies are to make up that difference in payment back to the IRS. Does this make any sense at all? Maybe, we instead should close some loopholes and reform the tax code; then again, I'm only a conspiracy theorist; a drone may flying be over my house at the moment. I have to be careful these days, especially under the charismatically sneaky and possibly sinister presidency of Barack Obama. Which brings me to the question, will he visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem during his visit to Israel on March 20th? Wouldn't the Palestinians just love that?
     Back to the job market, employees as a result of the effects of the paradigm shifts in workplace behavior, have become more productive, but just not happier. Turn on the television and enjoy the commercials of pharmaceuticals for proof of that. Like days counting since there's been a OSHA violation, leads me to wonder, how much longer until we have the next mass shooting in the United States? When will one occur in a hospital? It's bound to happen, just look at the course we've been on.

"I'll make some calls and see if we can't get some Laker Girls over here." "Yes, that would be very nice. Of course we can't feed them or anything."
     Nothing can stop North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un from behaving like a small child in a crowded toy store that has been told he wouldn't be getting the newest Transformer. Apparently, "U.S. diplomat of Basketball" Dennis Rodman can't solve global relations. What a shame, but then again, at least someone is giving it a shot, no pun intended. Look out South Korea and Japan, there's a psycho killer on the loose.
"How much longer do you think I have until I die in a single car accident on a dirt road?"
     Italian comedian Beppe Grillo, has thrown a monkey wrench into the gears of the machine that was the Italian General Election. How long until he ends up dead in a canal somewhere? He's so crazy, he wants to reject and eliminate all existing political parties, impose a referendum on a all international treaties, including NATO membership, eliminate all free trade agreements and remove Italy from the Euro. Simply put, he's a dead man. Berlusconi and his Illuminati brethren will not let that stand.
Sadly, it's not the cost of the government that has made us poor, but the cost of money, created out of thin air by private central banks; see the Federal Reserve. Interest on debt that has been produced by private central banks and then loaned to governments around the world. Rothschilds, I tip my hat; well played, very well played.
     Can there someday be an election in Africa that goes without protest or doubt? Can there someday be an election that doesn't end in violence and riots? Then again, what would you expect with a population not sedated, drowning in the profitable sewage of pharmaceuticals. You can hardly blame them, can you?
Throw on some skinny jeans and a flannel shirt and put him on a bike, whoa, he's in Nordeast, Minneapolis.
Word is coming out of Aurora, Colorado that the judge handling the trial of mass shooter James Holmes is wanting "truth serum" to be used on the defendant. Why? They are stating that it would help to infer whether or not he will be able to use "insanity" as a defense. But don't we already know that? This conspiracy addled mind wonders, did he have an accomplice that he's not confessing to? Call me crazy, but why else administer "truth serum?"  

     On a final note, if one ever has the chance, I highly recommend, sweet and sticky Glaze donut pancakes at the often times and well deserved extremely busy ambiance of the Good Day Cafe in Golden Valley. Two words, de-lish. It's as if mini-donuts just in from the State Fair were fried up in a skillet and served on a large plate. There is no need for syrup at all; and coming from a lover of johnnycakes, that means a lot. So, find the time and fill up a plate, because you're gonna need all the nourishment you can get, before we storm the gates. Are you getting ready?

                              "Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men."
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