Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I still believe....."

The Global Musings of an Educated Man......vol.116
A week ago, on 9/9/9 or maybe it was really an upside down 6/6/6, our young president gave what may turn out to be his most important speech in his young presidency, when he stood before Congress and pleaded for Universal Healthcare. It was as if once again, he was saying to himself, "I've saved the day, for the time being." Even Nancy Pelosi, whose bo-tox hasn't slowed her ability to speak, sure was fumbling over her own words announcing his introduction, and thank God Biden didn't have to open up his mouth. Whoa, that would've been our Kanye West moment. The Democrat majority in Congress though was very apparent, "but let me be clear," there is much work to be done. Maybe we need a tax on soda pop for our ever increasing nanny state to save the day. We can't get thin without a tax. That's common sense. But for now, the health insurance companies are the boogey man to fear and yet, the financial institutions that helped get us into the mess that we are currently in are continuing to do their own little song and dance and getting away from any actual reform at all. Oh how sweet it was, Lehman Brothers, where are you now? Our President continues to tip toe on the fence, causing our ever impatient media and ourselves to question, which side is he exactly on? What exactly does he want? Does he do this in homage to Lincoln who always kept people guessing? One thing is for sure, he can sure as hell give one heck of a speech. And come on, people, that's what got him elected. He's inspirational and charismatic. A true politician. Now he's trying to be the biggest community organizer the world has ever known, and good for him. We need one these days, we don't need twitter updates. But, what's to say that your employer won't drop health coverage if a public option is being offered? It would save a lot of money for businesses, and that in the end is the bottom line. Shareholders over employees, unless you want to risk your retirement again on your 401k that's up to you. "It's time to give every American the same opportunity we give ourselves", damn straight. That got a thumbs up endorsement from Mccain. But, instead of drug testing our athletes, lets start drug testing our elected officials. How about that? But where are the death panels? Won't all the senior citizens be considered expendable. We will all be required to have health insurance, just like car insurance. Sounds reasonable, no sending a man to the moon or anything like that. By the way, did you hear, we aren't going back to the moon. Too expensive. Too expensive??? They just print more money. That's all. Maybe we didn't go in the first place? I kid I kid.  "Significant details need to be ironed out," chuckle chuckle chuckle from the audience. Isn't that the truth. "I just want to hold them accountable." Yeah, no two page TARP application for those guys. The financial institutions sure got it right in the kisser, didn't they. Oh, wait, his whole cabinet is former Wall Street execs. That's right. Tim Geitner, you did one helluva job as Fed Chairman of New York. Good thing you kept it all in line when you were in charge. Now, you're Secretary of the Treasury, going to DisneyWorld next? Hank Paulsen former Treasury Sec. was former Head of Goldman Sachs, and who got a nice big bailout instead of Lehman Brothers, you guessed it, good old Goldman. Anyhow, everyone sitting on their hands during the speech was old and white. That's the party I want to belong to. Ha. But, hey Mr. President, what happened to getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan? What about shutting down Guantanamo? "Hey, my door is always open," if you have enough cash. Sorry, did I just say that. But Mr. President, please end the speech while going for the jugular, bring up Ted Kennedy, and talk about moral issues for social justice and "the character of our country," while our men and women continue to fight in wars we will never win. "I still believe.....", was it his best speech yet? I don't know, but you do have to give us hope, in order to cover up for the things that won't be taken care of. Not much has changed from 4 years ago has it? We just substituted a better speaker. That's all. Hey, did I say that? Sorry, got to take my meds, but hey, at least they're cheaper now.

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